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This is a list of Canadians, people who are identified with Canada through residential, legal, historical, or cultural means, grouped by their area of notability.




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Monarchs and Canadian Royal Family

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  • Doug Henning (1947–2000) – credited with reviving the magic show in North America
  • Leon Mandrake (1911–1993) – Mandrake the Great; and his sons Lon and Ron, born in 1948 and 1949, respectively
  • Darcy Oake (born 1987) – illusionist, born in Winnipeg, finalist on Britain's Got Talent
  • James Randi (born 1928) – magician, writer, skeptical investigator of paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims, founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation
  • Dai Vernon (1894–1992) – magician, known as "the man who fooled Houdini"


Provincial premiers

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First Nations leaders

Aatsista-Mahkan, taken by Edward Curtis

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Arab Canadians

Arab Canadians (French: les Canadiens Arabes) come from all of the countries of the Arab world. According to the 2016 Census there were 948,330 Canadians who claimed Arab ancestry. According to the 2011 Census there were 661,750 Canadians who claimed full or partial ancestry from an Arabic-speaking country. The large majority of the Canadians of Arab origin population live in either Ontario or Quebec. Not all Canadians from the Arab world are Arabs, there are also communities of Armenians, Assyrians, Copts, Kurds, Turcomans, Berbers, and those who espouse a Phoenician or Aramean heritage (see Phoenicianism and Arameanism).

Barbadian Canadians

Barbadian Canadian or Bajan Canadian, refers to Canadian citizens of Barbadian descent or Barbados-born people who resides in Canada. According to the 2016 Census 37,780 Canadians claimed full or partial Barbadian ancestry. Barbadian Canadians have the highest median income, and the lowest incidence of poverty among Black Canadian groups. Barbadians first start migrating to Nova Scotia in the early 1900s settling largely in the neighbourhood of Whitney Pier in Sydney. In Cape Breton, they established chapters of the United Negro Improvement Association, and the African Orthodox Church. As of 2016, over 70% of the Bajan population in Canada resides in Ontario.

Ethnic origins of people in Canada

Given here are the ethnic origins of Canadian residents (citizens, landed immigrants, and non-citizen temporary residents) as recorded by them on their 2016 census form. The relevant census question asked for "the ethnic or cultural origins" of the respondent's ancestors and not the respondents themselves.

As data were collected by self-declaration, labels may not necessarily describe the true ancestry of respondents. Also note that many respondents acknowledged multiple ancestries. These people were added to the "multiple origin" total for each origin listed. These include responses as varied as a respondent who listed eight different origins and a respondent who answered "French Canadian" (leading to him/her being counted once for "French" and once for "Canadian"). As with all self-reported data, understanding of the question may have varied from respondent to respondent.

French-speaking Quebecer

French-speaking Quebecers or Quebeckers (French: Québécois) are francophone residents of the province of Quebec in Canada.

According to the 2006 Census, 72% of residents of Greater Montreal speak French natively; outside the Montreal census metropolitan area, this figure is 95%. Major francophone universities include Université Laval, Université de Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke and the Université du Québec system.

Iranian Canadians

Iranian Canadians or Persian Canadians are citizens of Canada whose national background is traced from Iran or are people possessing Iranian and Canadian dual citizenship. From the 2016 Canadian census, the main communities can be found in Southern Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. The vast majority, however, live in the northern suburbs of Toronto such as Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, and Thornhill, and in the municipalities of Vancouver such as: North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. As of 2016 a total of 97,110 Iranians reside in the Greater Toronto Area, 46,255 in the Greater Vancouver Area, 23,410 in the Greater Montreal Area, and the remainder are spread out in the other major cities in Canada based on the 2016 Canadian Census. These numbers represent the people who stated "Iranian" as their (or one of their) ethnic origin in the census survey.

List of Canadians in Champ Car

This is a list of Canadians who have raced in American Championship Car Racing.

Ross Bentley

Bert Brooks

Claude Bourbonnais

Billy Bourque

Buddie Boys

Jack Buxton

John Cannon

Patrick Carpentier

Ed Crombie

Howard Dauphin

John Duff

George Eaton

Norm Ellefson

George Fejer

Billy Foster

Scott Goodyear

Allen Heath

Ludwig Heimrath

Ludwig Heimrath, Jr.

Pete Henderson

Cliff Hucul

John Jones

Ed Kostenuk

L.A. Lariviere

Harry MacDonald

Bon MacDougall

Joe Mazzucco

Arthur Miller

Greg Moore

Andrew Ranger

Eldon Rasmussen

Hal Robson

Ray Shadbolt

Alex Tagliani

Paul Tracy

Ira Vail

Michael Valiante

Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve Sr.

Frank Weiss

List of Canadians in NASCAR

This is a list of Canadians who have raced in at least one NASCAR national series event.

List of Canadians in the National Basketball Association

This is a list of basketball players from Canada who have played in the NBA.

List of Canadians of Asian ancestry

This is a list of Canadians of Asian ancestry. Asian Canadians comprise the largest visible minority in Canada, at 11% of the Canadian population.

List of Canadians of Hungarian descent

This is a list of notable Canadians of Hungarian descent:

Karoly Bezdek - Mathemacian

Kati Agócs – composer

Attila Buday – Olympic canoer

Tamas Buday Jr. – Olympic canoer

Tom Wappel, Canadian liberal politician (1988-2008), staunch Social conservative

Eve Adams, Canadian liberal politician (2011-2015),

Julius T. Csotonyi – paleoartist and illustrator

Joseph Imre - historian and political scientist

George Jonas – writer, poet, and journalist

Robert Lantos – film producer

Attila Richard Lukacs – artist

Attila Mikloshazy – former Jesuit bishop

Alanis Morissette – singer, actress, and musician

Austin Pasztor - American football player

George Sipos – writer

Shannon Szabados – ice hockey, goaltender for the Canadian national hockey team

Aaron Voros – former professional ice hockey player

List of Canadians of Polish descent

This is a partial list of notable Canadians of full or partial Polish ancestral or national descent.

List of English Canadians

The number of Canadians who are of English descent is largely unknowable given the propensity of many Canadians to use the term "English Canadian" or "English-Canadian" to mean anglophone Canadian.

List of Italian Canadians

This is a list of notable Italian Canadians who have been established in Canada. This list takes into account the entire Canadian population, which consists of Canadian citizens (by birth and by naturalization), landed immigrants and non-permanent residents and their families living with them in Canada as per the census.

List of Korean Canadians

This is a list of notable Korean Canadians, including both Canadian citizens and residents.

List of Métis people

This is a partial list of Canadians who are of Métis descent.

List of people from Canada

This is an index of various lists of people of Canadian municipalities.

Norwegian Canadians

Norwegian Canadians refer to Canadian citizens who identify themselves as being of full or partial Norwegian ancestry, or people who emigrated from Norway and reside in Canada.

Norwegians are one of the largest European ethnic groups in the country and have contributed greatly to its culture, especially in Western Canada. There are approximately 1.2 million Canadians of Scandinavian descent living in Canada, representing around 3.9% of Canada’s population. According to the Canada 2011 Census there were 452,705 Canadians who claimed Norwegian ancestry, having an increase compared to those 432,515 in the 2006 Census. Significant Norwegian immigration took place from the mid-1880s to 1930.

List of people from Canada (by province or territory)

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