List of Canadian musicians

This is a list of Canadian musicians. Only notable individuals appear here; bands are listed at List of bands from Canada.


























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Aldo Nova

Aldo Nova (born Aldo Caporuscio on November 13, 1956) is a Canadian guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Nova initially gained fame with his self-titled debut album Aldo Nova in 1982 which climbed to Billboard's number 8 position, and its accompanying single, "Fantasy", which climbed to number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Atlas Strategic

Atlas Strategic was an indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Chris Thompson (Canadian musician)

Chris Thompson (born July 4, 1971) is a Canadian musician who has performed in a variety of Maritime bands, including Eric's Trip, The Memories Attack, Orange Glass, and his solo project Moon Socket. Although Thompson was born in Ottawa, his family moved to Moncton, New Brunswick when he was five years old. Thompson began Moon Socket before Eric's Trip had broken up.Thompson contributed to former Eric's Trip bandmate Julie Doiron's 2007 album Woke Myself Up.


Constantines is an indie rock band from Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


Contrived is a Canadian indie rock band based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Montreal, Quebec. The band consists of Mike Bigelow, Loel Campbell, Mike MacNeill, Tim D'Eon and Jon Samuel. They are signed to Hand Drawn Dracula. Four of the five members are in the Juno Award-winning band Wintersleep, and two are in Juno and Polaris-nominated Holy Fuck. They have released three full-length albums and one EP.

Evening Hymns

Evening Hymns is a Canadian indie folk rock band, whose core member is singer and songwriter Jonas Bonnetta. The remainder of the band consists of a rotating collective of musicians, including members of Ohbijou, The Wooden Sky, The Burning Hell, The D'Urbervilles and Forest City Lovers.

Galaxie (band)

Galaxie is a francophone indie garage rock band formed in 2002 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Formerly known as Galaxie 500, they should not be confused with the American alternative rock band Galaxie 500.

Immaculate Machine

Immaculate Machine was a Canadian indie pop band from Victoria, British Columbia, active from 2003 to 2011.The band's name is taken from the lyrics of "One-Trick Pony" from the album One-Trick Pony by Paul Simon.

KC Accidental

KC Accidental were a Canadian post-rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band released two albums of mostly instrumental music. It later evolved into Broken Social Scene.

Kerry Chater

Kerry Michael Chater is a Canadian musician and songwriter. He is best known as a member of Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, but he has been a successful Nashville songwriter for many years.

Ladyhawk (band)

Ladyhawk is a Canadian indie rock band based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The band released three albums and an EP, and toured across Canada several times.

Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust is a Canadian indie rock band formed in 2007 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The band is a side project of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, both members of Black Mountain.

List of bands from Canada

This is a list of bands from Canada. Only bands appear here; individual musicians are listed at list of Canadian musicians.

The Dears

The Dears are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec. The band is led by the husband-and-wife duo of singer-guitarist Murray Lightburn and keyboardist Natalia Yanchak.

The Evaporators

The Evaporators is a Canadian garage rock band formed in 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nardwuar, its founding member, is also known for interviewing musicians and celebrities. As of 2007, the band consists of vocalist/keyboardist Nardwuar the Human Serviette, guitarist David Carswell, bassist John Collins, and drummer Scott Livingstone.

The Luyas

The Luyas are a Canadian indie rock band formed in 2006 from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Stampeders

The Stampeders are a Canadian rock trio, consisting of Rich Dodson (guitar, vocals), Ronnie King (bass, vocals), and Kim Berly (drums, vocals).

The Zolas

The Zolas are a Canadian indie rock band based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They are signed to Light Organ Records. The core of the band is duo Zachary Gray (vocals/guitar) and Tom Dobrzanski (piano), with other musicians supporting them live and on record.

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