A lightbox is a translucent surface illuminated from behind, used for situations where a shape laid upon the surface needs to be seen with high contrast.[1]

Table lumineuse
Small lightbox opened to reveal workings


US Navy 060410-N-7293M-014 Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Mary A. Rhudy and Lt. Junius Dural discuss a patient's X-rays in the Emergency Room
Wall mounted lightbox for inspecting medical X-rays
MK Portland Street cheap motel
Lightbox used in outdoor advertising
DIY Lightbox
Lightbox designed to produce images with diffuse lighting from all angles
Louisa lawson suffragette light box memorial greenway
Lightbox used as a Memorial Plaque

Several varieties exist, depending on their purpose:

  • Various backlit viewing devices:
    • A container with several lightbulbs and a pane of frosted glass on the top. It is used by photography professionals viewing transparent films, such as slides. This device was originally used to sort photographic plates with ease. When laid flat, it may be called a light table. Generally, a lightbox uses light similar to daylight (5,000–6,000 kelvins (K)) and has uniform light strength on the glass pane.
    • In the form of vertical panels, they can also be found mounted on the walls of hospitals and medical offices to review X-ray images.
    • In the science field, lightboxes are often used for looking at bacterial growth and allow better visualization for PCR plates.
    • A lighted display panel used for advertising purposes. The panel can be illuminated by fluorescent light bulbs or LED lighting strips. The efficiency of light boxes improved dramatically after the introduction of LED technology. The user inserts a graphic, which can be changed easily. Some light boxes are designed especially for outdoor purposes so they are more weatherproof.
  • The fabric reflectors that attach to studio lighting via a connector to create soft lighting by diffusing the strobe flash are called "light boxes". They generally come in various rectangle or octagon shapes. Interior reflectors can be white, silver or gold to alter the temperature of light. Baffling inserts are also available.
  • A variation of this is a box, with one open end, made of diffusing material, to allow the photographing of a sample object with no shadows. It is also called light tent or photo cube.[2]
  • A folder used on stock photography to allow a user to organize digital photos. Photos can be assigned to a viewable lightbox folder by subject, for later convenience, or used to compile unrelated photos for a specific project layout. Lightboxes also allow graphic designers to show clients options for a project in one simple uncluttered folder.[3]
  • The card-reader near the door in a hotel room, used as the main electric switch

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Canada's Top Ten

Canada's Top Ten is an annual honour, compiled and released by the Toronto International Film Festival to identify and promote the year's best Canadian films. The list was first introduced in 2001 as an initiative to help publicize Canadian films.The list is determined by tabulating votes from film festival programmers and film critics across Canada. Films must have premiered, either in general theatrical release or on the film festival circuit, within the calendar year; however, films do not have to have been screened specifically at TIFF to be eligible.

Originally, only a single list of 10 films was released. Although both short and feature films were eligible, the list was dominated primarily by feature films. Accordingly, in 2007 TIFF expanded the program, instituting separate Top Ten lists for feature films and short films.In most years the listed films were screened as a Canada's Top Ten minifestival, held in January of the following year. Prior to 2010, the films were screened at the Art Gallery of Ontario's Cinematheque Ontario theatre; following the opening of the TIFF Bell Lightbox in 2010, the festival was staged at that venue thereafter.

For the 2018 list, TIFF discontinued the January festival, instead introducing a new model in which each film will receive its own standalone theatrical run at the Lightbox in 2019.

Chris Letchford

Chris Letchford (born October 7, 1984, in Houston, Texas) is an American guitarist. He is the lead guitarist in the progressive metal band Scale the Summit. His technical ability has been recognized in magazines such as Guitar World, Revolver, and All Metal Resource.

Film Reference Library

The Film Reference Library (FRL) is Canada’s film research collection located on the 4th floor of TIFF Bell Lightbox, a cultural centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The library is a free resource for students, filmmakers, scholars, and journalists. The library is affiliated to International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), to promote Canadian and global film scholarship by collecting, preserving, and providing access to a comprehensive collection of film prints, and film-related reference resources including books, periodicals, scripts, research files, movies, press kits.

Fred Lonberg-Holm

Fred Lonberg-Holm (born 1 October 1962 in Delaware) is an American cellist based in Chicago. He relocated from New York City to Chicago in 1995.

Lonberg-Holm is most identified with playing free improvisation and free jazz. He is also a composer of concert works. As a session musician and arranger, he is credited on many rock, pop, and country records.

Incognito Entertainment

Incognito Entertainment (originally Incog Inc.) was an American video game development company founded in May 1999 and is the developer of titles such as Twisted Metal and Warhawk. The team was formed by former employees of SingleTrac, it was based in Salt Lake City and was part of Santa Monica Studio. The company was run by President and principal founder Scott Campbell, with longtime SingleTrac/Incog collaborator David Jaffe occasionally working as Producer or Designer at SCEA for the team's productions.

As of 2009, Incognito is considered defunct as most of its team members have already left the company forming mainly Eat Sleep Play and LightBox Interactive.

Inside Out Film and Video Festival

Inside Out is a non-profit registered charity that is dedicated to challenging attitudes and changing lives through the medium of queer cinema. The organization supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) audiences and filmmakers of all ages, races and abilities through the promotion, production and exhibition of LGBT film. The most high-profile presentations are the annual Toronto LGBT Film Festival and Ottawa LGBT Film Festival, which collectively draw over 35 000 patrons a year. Inside Out also maintains a year-round presence with special events, community initiatives, school programs and a bi-monthly screening series at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

The organization's current executive director is Andria Wilson.

A sister festival was launched in Ottawa in 2007, known as the Inside Out Ottawa LGBT Film Festival. was a website, Android app, and photo blogging platform that allowed users to post images, text, links, and more to their personal photo blog.

Lightbox (JavaScript)

Lightbox is a JavaScript library that displays images and videos by filling the screen, and dimming out the rest of the web page.The original JavaScript library was written by Lokesh Dhakar. The term Lightbox may also refer to other similar JavaScript libraries. The technique gained widespread popularity due to its simple and elegant style.

The original Lightbox library used two JavaScript libraries, Prototype Javascript Framework and, for its animations and positioning. In April 2012, the plugin was rewritten for jQuery. The open-source nature of Lightbox encouraged developers to modify and fork the code, resulting in plugins such as Colorbox, Magnific Popup, Slimbox or Thickbox.

Lightbox scripts are dependent upon a browser's JavaScript support,. Many Lightbox scripts use unobtrusive JavaScript. Browsers that do not load the script for whatever reason can instead simply load the image as a separate page load, losing the Lightbox effect but still retaining the ability to display the image.

Lightbox (New Zealand)

Lightbox is a New Zealand subscription video on demand (SVOD) service offering a selection of television shows over a range of devices. The service is owned by Spark New Zealand, a New Zealand-wide communications service provider. Kym Niblock is the managing director of Lightbox.Lightbox has also partnered with Coliseum Sports Media to deliver a subscription-based sports streaming service called Lightbox Sport. Lightbox Sport will include golf, English Premier League football and French Top 14 rugby.In New Zealand Lightbox faces competition from SVOD services Quickflix, Netflix and Neon.

Modal window

In user interface design for computer applications, a modal window is a graphical control element subordinate to an application's main window. It creates a mode that disables the main window but keeps it visible, with the modal window as a child window in front of it. Users must interact with the modal window before they can return to the parent application. This avoids interrupting the workflow on the main window. Modal windows are sometimes called heavy windows or modal dialogs because they often display a dialog box.

User interfaces typically use modal windows to command user awareness and to display emergency states, though interaction designers argue they are ineffective for that use. Modal windows are prone to mode errors.On the Web, they often show images in detail, such as those implemented by Lightbox library, or are used for hover ads.The opposite of modal is modeless. Modeless windows don't block the main window, so the user can switch their focus between them, treating them as palette windows.

Point of sale display

A point-of-sale display (POS display) is a specialized form of sales promotion that is found near, on, or next to a checkout counter (the "point of sale"). They are intended to draw the customers' attention to products, which may be new products, or on special offer, and are also used to promote special events, e.g. seasonal or holiday-time sales. POS displays can include free standing display units (FSDU), shelf edging, dummy packs, strut cards, standees, hanging signs, counter display units (CDU), display packs, endcaps, display stands, mobiles, posters, and banners. POS can also refer to systems used to record transactions between the customer and the commerce.

Sand animation

Sand animation is the manipulation of sand to create animation. In performance art an artist creates a series of images using sand, a process which is achieved by applying sand to a surface and then rendering images by drawing lines and figures in the sand with one's hands. A sand animation performer will often use the aid of an overhead projector or lightbox (similar to one used by photographers to view translucent films). To make an animated film, sand is moved on a backlit or frontlit piece of glass to create each frame.

Starhawk (2012 video game)

Starhawk is a third-person shooter video game released for the PlayStation 3 on May 8, 2012 in North America, May 10, 2012 in Japan and May 11, 2012 in Europe and Australia. It is the spiritual successor to 2007's Warhawk.

TIFF Bell Lightbox

TIFF Bell Lightbox is a cultural centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located in the first five floors of the Bell Lightbox and Festival Tower on the north west corner of King Street and John Street. It is the headquarters for the Toronto International Film Festival.

TIFF Cinematheque

TIFF Cinematheque (formerly Cinematheque Ontario) is a year-round programme of the Toronto International Film Festival devoted to the presentation, understanding and appreciation of Canadian and international cinema through carefully curated programming. It features acclaimed director’s retrospectives, national and regional spotlights, experimental and avant-garde cinema, exclusive engagements of classic films, including many new and rare archival prints. It was established in 1990 after TIFF (then known as TIFFG) assumed management the Canadian Film Institute from Gerald Pratley. The Cinematheque screenings were originally shown in Jackman Hall at the Art Gallery of Ontario, before moving to the Bell Lightbox in the fall of 2010.

The Lightbox

The Lightbox is a public gallery and museum located in Woking, Surrey, in the South East of England. Three galleries host a range of exhibitions, changing regularly and it has a free museum of local history - 'Woking's Story'. It was opened on 14 September 2007.

Time (magazine)

Time is an American weekly news magazine and news website published in New York City. It was founded in 1923 and originally run by Henry Luce. A European edition (Time Europe, formerly known as Time Atlantic) is published in London and also covers the Middle East, Africa, and, since 2003, Latin America. An Asian edition (Time Asia) is based in Hong Kong. The South Pacific edition, which covers Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, is based in Sydney. In December 2008, Time discontinued publishing a Canadian advertiser edition.Time has the world's largest circulation for a weekly news magazine. The print edition has a readership of 26 million, 20 million of whom are based in the United States. In mid-2012, its circulation was over three million, which had lowered to two million by late 2017.Richard Stengel was the managing editor from May 2006 to October 2013, when he joined the U.S. State Department. Nancy Gibbs was the managing editor from September 2013 until September 2017. She was succeeded by Edward Felsenthal, who had been Time's digital editor.

Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF, often stylized as tiff) is one of the largest publicly attended film festivals in the world, attracting over 480,000 people annually. Since its founding in 1976, TIFF has grown to become a permanent destination for film culture operating out of the TIFF Bell Lightbox, located in downtown Toronto.

Year-round, the TIFF Bell Lightbox offers screenings, lectures, discussions, festivals, workshops, industry support, and the chance to meet filmmakers from Canada and around the world. TIFF Bell Lightbox is located on the north west corner of King Street and John Street in downtown Toronto.

In 2016, 397 films from 83 countries were screened at 28 screens in downtown Toronto venues, welcoming an estimated 480,000 attendees, over 5,000 of whom were industry professionals. TIFF starts the Thursday night after Labour Day (the first Monday in September in Canada) and lasts for eleven days.

Founded in 1976, TIFF is now one of the largest and most prestigious events of its kind in the world. In 1998, Variety magazine acknowledged that TIFF "is second only to Cannes in terms of high-profile pics, stars, and market activity". In 2007, Time noted that TIFF had "grown from its place as the most influential fall film festival to the most influential film festival, period". This is partially the result of the festival's ability and reputation for generating "Oscar buzz".The festival's People's Choice Award—which is based on audience balloting—has emerged as an indicator of success during awards season, especially at the Academy Awards. Past recipients of this award include Oscar-winning films, such as: Life Is Beautiful, American Beauty, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Slumdog Millionaire, The King's Speech, 12 Years a Slave, The Imitation Game, Room, La La Land, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

The festival's current executive director and co-head is Joana Vicente. The festival's artistic director and co-head is Cameron Bailey.


Woking ( WOH-king) is a large town in northwest Surrey, England. It is at the southwestern edge of the Greater London Urban Area and is a part of the London commuter belt, with frequent trains and a journey time of approximately 24 minutes to Waterloo station. Woking is 23 miles (37 km) southwest of Charing Cross in central London. Woking town itself, excluding its narrowly contiguous Built-up Area which extends from West End to West Byfleet, has a population of 62,796, and the UK Government has recorded its Built Up Area as 5% more populous than its Borough with 105,367 residents in 2011, the highest in the county.

Woking has returned Conservative majorities at national elections since its seat was created in 1950, reflecting its modern growth, with Jonathan Lord re-elected as its Member of Parliament in the 2017 General Election

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