Lider-class destroyer

The Lider class, also referred to it as Shkval class, Russian designation Project 23560 Lider, (Russian: Лидер, 'Lider' meaning "Leader"), is a combined stealth nuclear-powered guided missile destroyer and guided missile cruiser, under consideration for the Russian Navy. The detailed design phase began in 2016–2017, with construction expected to commence after 2020.[2]

Mock Leader class destroyer on «Army 2015» 1
A model of the project 23560 destroyer at the «ARMY-2015» military-technical forum.
Class overview
Name: Lider class

Severnaya Verf, Saint Petersburg[1]

Designed by Severnoye Design Bureau, Krylov State Research Center
Operators:  Russian Navy
Preceded by:
Built: 2023-[2]
General characteristics
Type: Guided missile destroyer/cruiser
Displacement: 18,000 tons[2]
Length: 200 m (656 ft 2 in)
Beam: 20 m (65 ft 7 in)
Draught: 6.6 m (21 ft 8 in)
Propulsion: 2 shaft COGAG, 4 2x D090 6.7 MW and 2x DT59 16.7 gas turbines, 120,000 hp 89.456 MW
Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h)
Range: 12,100 mi
  • Anti-ship and cruise missiles (64 3S14 universal cells):
  • Air defense missiles:
    • S-500 air defense system (56 cells)
    • Redut medium-range air defense system (16 cells)
    • 3 × Pantsir-M SAM/gun systems
  • Artillery:
    • 1 × 1 × A-192M Armat 130-mm naval gun
  • Anti-submarine warfare:
    • 2 × 6 × Paket-NK dual use anti-torpedo/anti-submarine torpedoes
Aircraft carried: 2 × helicopters
Aviation facilities: Stern hangar
Notes: Hangar for up to 2 medium-lift helicopters


Preliminary project approval was given in 2013 and technical documentation was expected to start in 2017. Earlier, media reports suggested the lead vessel could be laid down in 2018 or 2019.[3][1]

Twelve ships are planned in total for the Russia's Northern Fleet and Pacific Fleet; at the very least, Navy needs one ship for long-range cruising, one for operating near the home shore, one for training, and one for repair.[4]

A May 2017 reports indicated, the Lider-class destroyer had been dropped from the Russia's State Armament Programme for 2018–2027 due to the financing reductions.[5][6] However, in June 2017, United Shipbuilding Corporation announced the Russian Defense Ministry had approved the preliminary design of the Lider class destroyer.[7]

As of June 2018, Severnoye Design Bureau continues in work on the future destroyer with technical design to follow soon.[8] It is believed, the construction of the lead vessel could begin as soon as 2023.[2]


"The Lider will be a universal ship, triple-hatted as a destroyer, large ASW ship and guided missile cruiser while being smaller than Project 1144 ships and carrying far more weaponry," according to Valeriy Polovinki, advisor to the director general of the Krylov State Research Center that worked out the destroyer’s preliminary design, as reported in The Defence Talk. "It is meant to replace the Sovremennyy-class destroyers, the main anti-surface warships of the Russian Navy, as well as the Slava-class cruisers and the Udaloy class anti-submarine destroyers."[3]

The Lider class will have extensive food storage and stores, to give them an independent cruising capability of 90 days.[3] The ships will be about 200 metres (656 ft 2 in) long with a beam of 20 metres (65 ft 7 in), and a maximum speed of 32 knots (59 km/h). The vessels are estimated to displace up to 17,500 tons.[3] A flight deck and hangars will accommodate two Kamov Ka-27 or Ka-32 helicopters.

Weapon systems

The Liders' weapon systems are expected to include:[3][9]

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Future of the Russian Navy

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, the Russian Navy struggled to adjust Cold War force structures while suffering severely with insufficient maintenance and a lack of funding. However, improvements in the Russian economy over the last decade have seen a significant rise in defence expenditure and an increase in the numbers of ships under construction with a focus on blue-water vessels.An extensive rearmament program was implemented since 2011, with the Russian Defence Ministry expected to procure 100 warships by 2020. The purchase of 20 submarines, 35 corvettes and 15 frigates is planned. The nature of the other 30 ships is as yet unknown. The Black Sea Fleet will receive 18 new surface ships and submarines, including Kilo-class submarine, Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates, and Ivan Gren-class landing ship. There are also plans to lay down Project 21631 small missile boats and Steregushchiy class corvettes. This state arms program also provided funds for the purchase of two Mistral class assault ships. Furthermore, older vessels such as the Kirov class battlecruisers reportedly would also undergo overhauls and modernisation to bring them back into active service after spending over a decade laid up in reserve.

In early 2013 it was reported that the navy was to receive 54 new warships of various classes and 24 submarines by 2020.

List of ships of Russia by project number

The list of ships of Russia by project number includes all Russian ships by assigned project numbers. Ship descriptions are Russian assigned classifications when known. (The Russian term "проект" can be translated either as the cognate "project" or as "design".)

Project 1: Leningrad-class destroyer (Series I)

Project 2: Uragan-class guard ship (Series I & III)

Project 3: Fugas-class minesweeper (Series I)

Project 4: Uragan-class guard ship (Series II)

Project 5: Toplivo-1 class water lighter

Project 6: Dekabrist-class submarine

Project 7: Gnevny-class destroyer

Project 7U: Soobrazitelny-class destroyer

Project 9: S-class diesel attack submarine

Project 19: NKVD large guard ship, cancelled

Project 20: Tashkent-class destroyer leader

Project 21: Study for 35,500-ton Nelson class-style battleship

Project 22: Heavy cruiser design cancelled 1939

Project 23: Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleship

Project 24: post-World War II battleship design

Project 25: Study for 30,900-ton battleship

Project 26: Kirov-class light cruiser

Project 29 Yastreb-class guard ship

Project 29K Yastreb-class guard ship (completed after World War II)

Project 30: Ognevoy-class destroyer

Project 30K: Ognevoy-class destroyer (completed after World War II)

Project 30bis: Skoryy-class destroyer

Project 33: Conversion of Kirov-class cruiser Voroshilov to missile cruiser

Project 34: Modernization of Skoryy-class destroyers

Project 35: Mirka-class large patrol ship

Project 35M: Mirka II-class large patrol ship

Project 38: Leningrad-class destroyer (Series II)

Project 39: Uragan-class guard ship (Series IV)

Project 40: Destroyer design cancelled 1944

Project 41: Neustrashimy-class destroyer

Project 42: Kola-class large patrol ship

Project 43: NKVD guard ship

Project 45: Opytny-class experimental destroyer

Project 47: 4500-ton destroyer design

Project 48: Kiev-class destroyer leader

Project 50: Riga-class large patrol ship

Project 52: Purga-class large guard ship

Project 53: Fugas-class minesweeper (Series II)

Project 53U: Fugas-class minesweeper (Series III)

Project 56 Spokoinyy: Kotlin-class destroyer

Project 56A: Modified Kotlin-class large anti-submarine ship

Project 56EM: Kildin-class destroyer (prototype)

Project 56M: Kildin-class destroyer

Project 56U: Modernised Kildin-class destroyer

Project 57 Gremjashny: Kanin-class guided missile destroyer (prototype)

Project 57bis: Kanin-class guided missile destroyer

Project 57AM/PLO: Kanin-class ASW destroyer

Project 58: Fugas-class minesweeper (Series IV)

Project 58: Kynda-class missile cruiser

Project 59: T-250-class minesweeper

Project 60: Coastal minesweeper design

Project 61: Kashin-class destroyer

Project 61M: Modified Kashin-class large anti-submarine ship

Project 66: heavy cruiser design

Project 68: Chapayev-class light cruiser

Project 68bis: Sverdlov-class light cruiser

Project 69: Kronshtadt-class battlecruiser

Project 70E: Modified Sverdlov-class light cruiser

Project 71: Small aircraft carrier design cancelled 1940

Project 82: Stalingrad-class battlecruiser battlecruiser

Project 83: Ex-German heavy cruiser Lützow

Project 96: M-class submarine (Series VI, VI-bis & XII)

Project 96M: M-class submarine (Series XV, completed after World War II)

Project 97: Dobrynya Nikitich-class icebreaker

Project 97AP/2: Improved Dobrynya class icebreaker

Project 97P: Ivan Susanin-class icebreaker and border patrol ship

Project 106: Vydra-class landing craft

Project 122: Kronshtadt-class patrol boat

Project 122A: medium floating dry dock

Project 123: Komsomolets-class, motor torpedo boat

Project 130: Bereza-class deperming vessel

Project 133 Antares: Muravey-class border patrol boat

Project 133.1M: Parchim III-class small anti-submarine ship

Project 133.2: Parchim II-class small anti-submarine ship

Project 141: kashtan-class mooring buoy tender

Project 145: Sura-class mooring/buoy tender

Project 159: Petya-class frigate

Project 160: Altay-class tanker

Project 183: P-6-class torpedo boat

Project 183T: P-8-class torpedo boat

Project 183TK: P-10-class torpedo boat

Project 183R: Komar-class fast missile boat

Project 204: Poti-class anti-submarine corvette

Project 205M Tsunami: Osa-class fast missile boat

Project 205P Tarantul: Stenka-class border patrol boat

Project 206 Shtorm: Shershen-class torpedo boat

Project 206E: Mol-class torpedo boat (export version of Shershen class)

Project 206M: Turya-class torpedo boat

Project 206MR Vikhr: Matka-class missile boat

Project 253L MT: MT class minesweeper

Project 254: T43-class seagoing minesweeper

Project 257: Vanya-class coastal minesweeper

Project 258: T43-class minesweeper radar picket conversion

Project 258M: Upgrading of radars on Project 258 ships

Project 264: T58-class minesweeper radar picket conversion

Project 265: Sasha class minesweeper

Project 266 Rubin: Yurka-class seagoing minesweeper

Project 266M Akvamarin: Natya-class seagoing minesweeper

Project 266DB Akvamarin 2: Natya II-class seagoing minesweeper

Project 300: Oskol I-class floating workshop

Project 301T: Oskol II-class floating workshop

Project 303: Modified Oskol-class floating workshop

Project 304: Amur-class floating workshop

Project 304M: Amur II class repair ship with passenger facilities

Project 305: Tomba-class electric power station

Project 310 Batur: Don-class submarine support ship

Project 323: Lama-class floating missile technician base

Project 323B: Improved Lama class ballistic missile transport

Project 357: Libau-class despatch vessel

Project 376U: Yaroslavets class training launch

Project 394B: Primor'ye-class intelligence collection ship

Project 411B: Dry cargo lighter

Project 431: Cargo lighter

Project 437N: Khobi-class small tanker

Project 503M: Alpinist-class small intelligence ship

Project 513M: Modified T-43-class environmental monitoring ship

Project 527M: Prut-class rescue ship

Project 530 Karpaty: Nepa-class submarine salvage vessel

Project 536: Pioner Moskvy-class underwater research support ship

Project 537: Elbrus-class rescue ship

Project 550: Amguema-class polar logistics ship

Project 561: Voda-class water tanker

Project 563: Goryn-class seagoing tug

Project 563S: Goryn-class rescue tug

Project 577: Uda-class military tanker

Project 593: Volgograd trials tender

Project 611: Zulu-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 611AV : Zulu-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 613: Whiskey-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 615: Quebec-class coastal attack submarine

Project 627 Kit: November-class nuclear-powered attack submarine (prototype)

Project 627A: November-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 628: Golf I-class diesel-electric strategic missile submarine

Project 629M: Golf II-class diesel-electric strategic missile submarine

Project 633: Romeo-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 636 Varshavyanka: Improved Kilo-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 640: Whiskey Canvas Bag-class radar picket submarine

Project 640T: Whiskey Canvas Bag-class communications submarine

Project 640U: Whiskey Twin Cylinder class missile submarine (prototype)

Project 641: Foxtrot-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 641B Som: Tango-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 644: Whiskey Twin Cylinder-class missile submarine

Project 645 November-class nuclear-powered attack submarine with liquid metal reactor

Project 651: Juliett-class diesel-electric cruise missile submarine

Project 655: Whiskey Long Bin-class diesel-electric cruise missile submarine

Project 658: Hotel I-class nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

Project 658M: Hotel II-class nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

Project 659: Echo I-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine

Project 659T: Echo I-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 661 Anchar: Papa-class nuclear-powered guided missile submarine

Project 664: Projected nuclear-powered amphibious assault submarine-minelayer.

Project 665: Whiskey-class diesel electric submarine

Project 667A Navaga: Yankee-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine

Project 667AM Navaga-M: Yankee II-class ballistic missile submarine

Project 667AU Nalim: Yankee I & II class missile upgrade

Project 667AT Grusha: Yankee Notch-class attack submarine conversion

Project 667M Andromeda: Yankee Sidecar-class cruise missile submarine conversion

Project 667B Murena: Delta I-class nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

Project 667BD Murena-M: Delta II-class nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

Project 667BDR Kalmar: Delta III-class nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

Project 667BDRM Delfin: Delta IV-class nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

Project 670A Skat: Charlie I-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine

Project 670M Chayka: Charlie II-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine

Project 671 Yersh: Victor I-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 671RT Semga : Victor II-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 671RTM Shchuka: Victor III-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 675: Echo II-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine

Project 677: Lada: Sankt Petersburg-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 685: Plavnik: Mike-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 690: Kefal: Bravo-class diesel-electric submarine

Project 699: Upgraded Vanya-class minesweeper

Project 701: Hotel III-class nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

Project 705 Lira: Alfa-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 712: Sliva-class rescue tug

Project 717: Projected nuclear-powered amphibious assault submarine (1970)

Project 730: Roslavl-class seagoing tug

Project 733: Okhtenskiy-class seagoing tug

Project 733S: Goliat-class Rescue tug developed from Okhtenskiy class seagoing tug, hence S suffix added to the project number (S = Spastel'niy)

Project 740: Yunnyy Partizan-class freighter

Project 745: Sorum class seagoing tug

Project 748: Projected nuclear-powered amphibious assault submarine

Project 770: Polnocny A-class small landing ship

Project 771: Polnocny B-class small landing ship

Project 772U: Bryza class training cutter

Project 773: Polnocny C-class medium landing ship

Project 773U: Polnocny D-class medium landing ship

Project 775: Ropucha I-class large landing ship

Project 775M: Ropucha II-class large landing ship

Project 776: Modified Polnocny C-class amphibious assault command ship

Project 782: meidum floating dry dock

Project 823: medium floating dry dock

Project 850: Nikolay Zubov-class expeditionary oceanographic vessel

Project 860 Azimut: Samara-class hydrographic survey ship

Project 861: Moma-class hydrographic survey ship

Project 861M: Moma-class small intelligence ship

Project 862: Yug-class expeditionary oceanographic vessel

Project 862.1: Yug-class medium intelligence ship

Project 862.2: Improved Yug-class intelligence ship

Project 864: Vishnya-class large intelligence ship

Project 865 Pyranja: Losos-class midget submarine

Project 870: Kamenka-class hydrographic survey ship

Project 871: Biya-class hydrographic survey ship

Project 872: Finik-class munition ship

Project 873: Sibiryakov-class expeditionary oceanographic vessel

Project 877 Paltus: Kilo-class diesel-electric attack submarine

Project 885 Yasen: Severodvinsk-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 887: Smolnyy-class training ship

Project 935: Borei-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (prototype)

Project 940 Lenok: India-class diesel-electric rescue submarine

Project 941 Akula: Typhoon-class nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

Project 945A Barrakuda: Sierra I-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 945B Kondor: Sierra II-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 949 Granit: Oscar I-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine

Project 949A Antei: Oscar II-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine

Project 955: Borei-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine

Project 955A: Borei II-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine

Project 956 Sarych: Sovremenny-class destroyer

Project 956A Sarych: Improved Sovremenny-class destroyer

Project 959 Oko: proposed further T58-class minesweeper radar picket conversion with improved radar

Project 962: proposed radar picket ship based on the Kara-class cruiser

Project 971 Bars: Akula-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 971U Shchuka B: Akula II-class nuclear-powered attack submarine

Project 977.0 Akson: Yankee Pod-class nuclear-powered submarine sonar testbed conversion

Project 978.0: Yankee Stretch-class nuclear-powered small submarine support submarine

Project 996: proposed Sovremennyy-class destroyer radar picket conversion

Project 1041.0: Svetlyak-class fast patrol boat

Project 1041.1: Svetlyak-class Kh-35 missile boat

Project 1041.2: Svetlyak-class gunboat (export version)

Project 1075: Lida-class minesweeper

Project 1083.1: Paltus-class special purpose submarine

Project 1112: Klazma-class cable ship

Project 1123 Kondor: Moskva-class anti-submarine cruiser

Project 1124K Albatros: Grisha IV-class small anti-submarine ship

Project 1124M Albatros: Grisha III-class small anti-submarine ship

Project 1124P Albatros: Grisha II-class small anti-submarine ship

Project 1124.4 Albatros: Grisha V-class small anti-submarine ship

Project 1134 Berkut: Kresta I-class missile cruiser

Project 1134A Berkut A: Kresta II-class large anti-submarine ship

Project 1134B Berkut B: Kara-class large anti-submarine ship

Project 1135 Burevestnik: Krivak I / Bditel'nyy-class large patrol ship

Project 1135M Burevestnik M: Krivak II / Bessmennyy-class large patrol ship

Project 1135.1 Nerey: Krivak III / Menzhinskiy-class border patrol ship

Project 1135.2 Burevestnik: Modernized Krivak I / Legkiy-class large patrol ship

Project 1135.5 Nerey: Krivak III-class border patrol ship

Project 1135.6 Grigorovich: Admiral_Grigorovich-class large patrol ship

Project 1141.1 Sokol: Aleksandr Kunakhovich small anti-submarine ship

Project 1143 Krechet: Kiev-class aircraft-carrying cruiser

Project 1143.5 Orel: Kuznetsov-class heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser

Project 1143.7 : Ulyanovsk-class heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser

Project 1144.2 Orlan: Kirov-class nuclear-powered missile cruiser

Project 1145.1 Sokol: Mukha small anti-submarine ship

Project 1151.0: Belyanka-class transport

Project 1154.0 Yastreb: Neustrashimyy-class frigate

Project 1153 OREL: projected nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (1976)

Project 1155 Fregat: Udaloy I-class large anti-submarine ship

Project 1155.1 Fregat: Udaloy II / Admiral Chabanenko-class large anti-submarine ship

Project 1157.0: Sadko-class Seagoing armament transport

Project 1159: Koni-class frigate

Project 1160 Oryel: projected nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (1969)

Project 1164 Atlant: Slava-class missile cruiser

Project 1166.1: Gepard-class small anti-submarine ship

Project 1171 Tapir: Alligator-class large landing ship

Project 1171.1: Ivan Gren-class landing ship

Project 1172: Emba-class cable ship

Project 1174: Ivan Rogov-class large landing ship

Project 1175: Biryusa-class cable ship

Project 1176 Akula: Ondatra-class landing craft

Project 1177.0 Serna: Serna-class landing craft

Project 1178: Kherson proposed Kiev-type amphibious assault ship

Project 1190: Khasan-class river monitor

Project 1204: Shmel'-class river monitor

Project 1205 Skat: Gus-class landing craft (hovercraft)

Project 1206 Kalmar: Lebed-class landing craft (hovercraft)

Project 1206.1 Murena: Tsaplya-class landing craft (hovercraft)

Project 1206.1E: export version Type 1206.1 without artillery rocket launchers.

Project 1206T: Pelikan class minelayer, mine laying version of Project 1206

Project 1208 Slepen': Yaz-class river patrol boat

Project 1209 Omar: Utenok-class landing craft (hovercraft)

Project 12210: fuel lighter

Project 1232.1 Dzheyran: Aist-class small landing ship (hovercraft)

Project 1232.2 Zubr: Zubr-class small landing ship (hovercraft)

Project 1234 Ovod: Nanuchka I-class small missile ship

Project 1234.1: Nanuchka III / Burun-class small missile ship

Project 1234.2: Nanuchka IV / Nakat-class small missile ship

Project 1236: Potok (Seman')-class torpedo trials ship Torpedo trials ship

Project 1239 Sivuch: Dergach / Bora class small missile ship

Project 1240 Uragan: Sarancha-class fast missile boat

Project 1241 Molniya: Tarantul I-class missile boat

Project 1241PE: Modified Pauk-class border patrol ship

Project 1241.1RZ Molniya M: Tarantul III-class missile boat

Project 1241.2 Molniya: Tarantul II-class missile boat

Project 1241.2 Molniya 2: Pauk-class small anti-submarine ship

Project 1241.2P Molniya 2: Pauk I-class border patrol ship

Project 1248 Moskit: Vosh-class river patrol boat

Project 1248.1: Vosh class riverine patrol boat without mine laying rails.

Project 1249: Piyavka-class border patrol ship

Project 1258: Yevgenya-class harbor minesweeper

Project 1259 Malakhit: Olya-class minesweeper

Project 1265 Yakhont: Sonya-class base minesweeper

Project 1266.0: Gorya-class seagoing minesweeper

Project 1270.0: Alexandrit-class minesweeper

Project 1274: Improved Klasz'ma class cable layer with mine laying capability

Project 1330: fisheries protection boat

Project 13560: medium floating dry dock

Project 1360: Chika class presidential yacht

Project 1388M: Razvedchik class flag officer's yacht

Project 1415.1: Tanya class workboat

Project 1431.0: Mirazh-class border patrol boat

Project 1452: Ingul-class rescue tug

Project 1453: Ingul-class rescue tug

Project 1454: Sorum Mod-class experimental craft

Project 14670: officers' yacht

Project 1481: Bis-class Riverine fuel lighter

Project 15010: fuel lighter

Project 1541: Luza-class missile fuel tanker

Project 1545: Baskunchak-class tanker water tanker

Project 1549: Manych-class water tanker

Project 1559B: Boris Chilikin-class military tanker

Project 1593: Boris Chilikin-class military tanker

Project 1595: Neon Antonov-class freighter

Project 16570: Khoper-class salvage tug

Project 16900A: Kanin-class cargo lighter

Project 1710 Makrel: Beluga-class experimental submarine

Project 1760: Medium floating dry dock

Project 1780: Shilka class medium floating dry dock

Project 1783A: Vala-class special wastes tanker

Project 1791: Amga-class transport

Project 1799: Pelym-class deperming vessel

Project 1799A: Improved Pelym class deperming vessel

Project 1806: Onega-class hydroacoustic monitoring ship and physical fields measuring vessel

Project 1823: Muna-class military transport

Project 1824: Muna-class military transport

Project 1826: Lira / Balzam-class large intelligence ship

Project 1828: Yuriy Ivanov-class large intelligence ship

Project 1840: Lima-class experimental submarine

Project 1851: Paltus (Nelma) class special op submarine

Project 1859: Berezina replenishment ship. Holm lists as Project 1833. Single vessel, Berezina, operated in the Black Sea Fleet from 1978 (acceptance into fleet service) to 2002. Scrapped in Turkey in late 2002.

Project 1886 Ugra-class submarine tender

Project 1893: Katun I-class firefighting ship

Project 1908: Akademik Sergei Korolev telemetry tracking and control ship

Project 1909: Kosmonavt Yuri Gagarin telemetry tracking and control ship

Project 1910 Kashalot: Uniform-class special purpose submarine

Project 1914.1: Marshal Nedelin-class range instrumentation ship

Project 1917: Kosmonaut Vladimir Komarov telemetry tracking and control ship

Project 1918: Vytegrales-class transport

Project 1941 Titan: Kapusta-class command ship

Project 1993: Katun II-class firefighting ship, also known as Ikar class

Project 2012.0 Sargan: Sarov-class submarine

Project 2020: Malina-class nuclear fuel transport ship

Project 2038.0: Steregushchy-class corvette

Project 2038.2 Tigr: Steregushchy-class corvette (export version)

Project 2038.5: Gremyashchiy-class corvette

Project 2038.6: Derzky-class corvette

Project 20910: Chilim class air cushioned vehicle

Project 21270: flag officer's yacht

Project 2163.0: Buyan-class corvette

Project 2163.1: Buyan-class missile corvette

Project 2163.2: Tornado, export version of Buyan

Project 2182.0: Dyugon-class landing craft

Project 2190.0: Project 21900 icebreaker

Project 2195.6: Proposed multi-purpose destroyer

Project 2198.0: Grachonok-class counter saboteur ship

Project 2212.0: Purga-class icebreaker

Project 2216.0: Vasily Bykov-class large patrol ship

Project 2235.0 Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate

Project 2246.0: Rubin-class border patrol vessel

Project 2280.0: Karakurt-class corvette

Project 2313.0: Academician Pashin-class military tanker

Project 2356.0: Lider-class destroyer

Project 2356.0E Shkval: Lider-class destroyer (export version)

Project 11711E: Cayman : amphibious assault ship

Project 11430E: Lamantin : nuclear-powered heavy aircraft carrier

Project A-202: Roslavl-class seagoing tug

Project B-92: Neftegaz-class tug

Project B-93: Akademik Fersman-class geophysical research ship

Project B-99: Iva / Vikhr-class rescue tug

Project B-320/320 II: Ob'-class floating hospital

P-800 Oniks

The P-800 Oniks (Russian: П-800 Оникс; English: Onyx), also known in export markets as Yakhont (Russian: Яхонт; English: ruby), is a Soviet / Russian supersonic anti-ship cruise missile developed by NPO Mashinostroyeniya as a ramjet version of P-80 Zubr. Its GRAU designation is 3M55, the air launched Kh-61 variant also exists. The missile has the NATO reporting codename SS-N-26 "Strobile". Development officially started in 1983, and in the 1990s the anti-ship missile was tested on the Project 1234.7 ship. In 2002 the missile passed the whole range of trials and was commissioned. It is reportedly a replacement of the P-270 Moskit, but possibly also of the P-700 Granit. The P-800 was used as the basis for the joint Russian-Indian supersonic missile BrahMos.

S-500 missile system

The S-500 Prometey (Russian: C-500 Прометей, lit. 'Prometheus'), also known as 55R6M "Triumfator-M", is a Russian surface-to-air missile/anti-ballistic missile system intended to replace the A-135 missile system currently in use, and supplement the S-400. The S-500 is under development by the Almaz-Antey Air Defence Concern. Initially planned to be in production by 2014, it is currently targeting 2020 for deployment. With its characteristics, it will be very similar to the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system.

Soviet and Russian ship classes after 1945
Aircraft carriers
P / M / T boats
Amphibious ships
Spy ships
Air-cushioned crafts
Patrol icebreakers
Other vessels


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