Leonardo Fioravanti (engineer)

Leonardo Fioravanti (born 1938) is an Italian automobile designer and CEO of Fioravanti Srl.


Fioravanti studied mechanical engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, specializing in aerodynamics and car body design. He worked twenty-four years with Pininfarina, joining as a stylist in 1964, aged 26, and eventually becoming Managing Director and General Manager of Pininfarina's research arm, Pininfarina Studi & Ricerche for 18 years.

He then joined Ferrari as a Deputy General Manager, and in 1989 moved to Fiat's Centro Stilo as Director of Design.[1]

In 1991 he left Fiat and joined Fioravanti Srl which evolved from an architecture studio to a design studio. His two sons, Matteo, an architect, and Luca, an attorney, have also worked with him at Fioravanti Srl. Fioravanti developed a number of prototype and concept cars, often displayed under his own name. In 2012 he was appointed by the Chinese automobile company BAIC Group as a design consultant.[2]

In 2009 Leonardo Fioravanti was elected Chairman of ANFIA Car Coachbuilders Group for a 3-year mandate from 2009 to 2011.[3]

Octane magazine awarded Fioravanti the International Historic Motor Award Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.[4]

Cars designed by Fioravanti

During his time with Pininfarina, Fioravanti designed several Ferraris:

Ferrari Daytona 1972ish
Ferrari 365GTB, popularly known as the Daytona

Fioravanti has designed many concept cars including:


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Fioravanti (surname)

Fioravanti is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Aristotile Fioravanti (c.1415 or 1420 – c.1486), Italian architect and engineer

Damiano Fioravanti (born 1996), Italian racing driver

Danilo Fioravanti (1913–1997), Italian gymnast

Domenico Fioravanti (born 1977), Italian Olympic swimmer

Giulio Fioravanti (1922–1999), Italian operatic baritone

Giuseppe Fioravanti (1790s – c.1850), Italian operatic bass, son of Valentino Fioravanti

Leonardo Fioravanti (doctor) (1518–1588), Italian doctor

Leonardo Fioravanti (engineer) (born 1938), Italian car designer

Luigi Fioravanti (born 1981), Italian-American professional mixed martial artist

Marcos Christino Fioravanti (1775–1862), Italian surgeon

Valentino Fioravanti (1764–1837), Italian opera composer, father of Giuseppe Fioravanti

Valerio Fioravanti (born 1958), Italian terrorist

Vincenzo Fioravanti (1799–1877), Italian opera composerFioravanti Family. A noble family from Pistoia and Florence.

Leonardo Fioravanti

Leonardo Fioravanti may refer to:

Leonardo Fioravanti (doctor) (1518–1588), Italian doctor

Leonardo Fioravanti (engineer) (born 1938), Italian car designer and engineer

Leonardo Fioravanti (surfer) (born 1997), Italian surfer


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