Lenox Memorial High School (Massachusetts)

Lenox Memorial High School is a public high school located in Lenox, Massachusetts. The school was founded in 1803 and serves students in grades nine through twelve. Since 1966 it has shared a campus with the town’s middle school. The schools are officially known as Lenox Memorial Middle and High School.

Lenox Memorial High School
197 East Street

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Coordinates42°21′07.49″N 73°15′31.86″W / 42.3520806°N 73.2588500°W
Open enrollment[1]
School districtLenox Public Schools
SuperintendentKimberly Merrick
PrincipalMichael Knybel
Enrollment455 (2016-17)[2]
Color(s)Maroon & Gold         
Athletics conferenceBerkshire County League
Team nameMillionaires
RivalLee High School
AccreditationNew England Association of Schools and Colleges[3]
PublicationCacophony & Murmur (9th grade literary magazine)
NewspaperLenox Dispatch


The first school master arrived in Lenox in 1770. Lenox Memorial High School has its origins in the founding of Lenox Academy in 1803. Acquiring a reputation for excellence, the Academy drew students from throughout the region and beyond. Already serving as the town's secondary school, the Academy officially became its public high school in 1866.[5][6] Lenox responded to its growing student population with the construction of the 1908 school building which served as the high school until 1966. In that year a new campus was opened on the eastern edge of the town that co-located the high school and middle school.

Lenox High School, Lenox MA
Lenox High School, 1908 building


The school‘s academic departments include English, Math, Science & Technology, Social Studies, World Languages, Health & Wellness, Drama, Art and Music. There are Special Education and Guidance services and a library and wood shop. Vocational education is not offered. However, a tuition agreement with the Pittsfield Public Schools allows Lenox students to enroll as full-time students in the vocational programs at either Pittsfield High School or Taconic High School.

By meeting eligibility requirements, students are able to enroll in free college courses at Berkshire Community College. An independent study option is available too.[7]

Student life

In spite of the school’s small size, numerous after school clubs and activities are available.


There are three publications, including a newspaper,[8] yearbook and literary magazine.[9]

  • Lenox Dispatch, newspaper
  • Xonel, yearbook
  • Cacophony & Murmur, 9th grade literary magazine

clubs & activities

Many clubs and activities are offered and often are initiated and sustained through student interest.[10][11] Included among them are:

  • Band
  • Theatre
  • Improv
  • Quiz Team
  • Chess
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Gender Alliance
  • Mock Trial
  • Investment
  • French Film
  • Math
  • Robotics
  • Student Voices for Empowerment
  • Evergreen


Lenox sports teams are known as the Millionaires in recognition of the town’s prominence as a summer colony for some of the country’s wealthiest families during the Gilded Age of the late 1800s. However, many students have expressed dismay with the "Millionaires" moniker, arguing that it promotes an elitist and revisionist version of the town's history. Numerous efforts to change the sports' teams name have been unsuccessful. The school’s colors are maroon and gold. The school competes in the Berkshire County League. The school’s chief rival are the Wildcats of Lee High School, in the nearby town of Lee.[12]

Sports played in the fall are soccer, crew, cross country, volleyball and golf. Winter sports include alpine & cross country skiing, basketball, hockey and swimming. In the spring the sports are tennis, baseball, softball, crew, track and lacrosse. Boys and girls teams are fielded in most sports. A wider variety of sports are made possible through partnerships with other high schools. These joint team efforts include hockey with Mt. Everett Regional High School, swimming with Monument Mountain Regional High School and lacrosse with Lee High School. Lenox also has a XC team.

School regionalization declined

Beginning in the 1950s and 1960s, due to projected declines in student populations and more affordable economies of scale, Massachusetts officials began to encouraged smaller school districts to consider entering into regionalized districts with neighboring towns. Lenox held several votes on consolidating with nearby districts in Lee and Stockbridge. While Stockbridge eventually chose to consolidate with Great Barrington, Lenox and Lee have maintained their own districts to this day.[13][14]


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