Latridiidae is a family of tiny, little-known beetles commonly called minute brown scavenger beetles. The number of described species currently stands at around 1050 in 29 genera but the number of species is undoubtedly much higher.

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Adistemia is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following species:

Adistemia bicarinata (Belon, 1897)

Adistemia chilenisi Dajoz, 1974

Adistemia ciliata Dajoz, 1967

Adistemia convexa Dajoz, 1967

Adistemia jeanneli Dajoz, 1960

Adistemia microphthalma Dajoz, 1967

Adistemia minuta Dajoz, 1967

Adistemia petiti Dajoz, 1960

Adistemia prenanti Dajoz, 1960

Adistemia pubescens Dajoz, 1967

Adistemia rileyi Hinton, 1941

Adistemia watsoni (Wollaston, 1871)

Cartodere elegans

Cartodere elegans is a species of minute brown scavenger beetles in the genus Cartodere.

The area of this species includes the Sub-Mediterranean and southern France to the neighborhood of Paris. It also reported from Madeira, northern Italy, Ukraine and Hungary, where he was found in a stork nest. It is not yet known from the German states and Czechoslovakia, and not included in the key for the determination of Lathridiidae. In Poland, it has been recently shown in one position in the Western Sudetes. There is also a vague mention of its presence in Galicia.

Cartodere nodifer

Cartodere nodifer is a species of minute brown scavenger beetles native to Australia and New Zealand but now cosmopolitan.


Cerylonidae are small to tiny (0.8–3 mm (0.031–0.118 in)), smooth, shiny, hairless beetles, only lightly punctured. There are about 450 species worldwide in 50 or so genera, mostly tropical and subtropical. They are most common under the bark of dead trees, but can also occur in compost and other decaying plant material. Little is known specifically about their biology but they are thought to be either predators that feed on other small animals or fungus eating.

The taxonomy is complex. The "Cerylonid Series" is a cluster of highly derived Cucujoidea families comprising Alexiidae, Bothrideridae, Cerylonidae, Coccinellidae, Corylophidae, Discolomatidae, Endomychidae, and Latridiidae.


Corticaria is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following species:

Corticaria abdominalis Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria aculeata Johnson, 1977

Corticaria aequabilis Rücker, 1981

Corticaria aequalis (Reitter, 1898)

Corticaria aethiops Grouvelle, 1914

Corticaria alleni Johnson, 1974

Corticaria alticola Lindberg, 1953

Corticaria amplicollis Fall, 1899

Corticaria amurensis Reitter, 1879

Corticaria anatolica Johnson, 1989

Corticaria aphictoides Reitter, 1898

Corticaria apicalis Fall, 1899

Corticaria appenhageni Uyttenboogaart, 1930

Corticaria armata (Mannerheim, 1844)

Corticaria basilewskyi Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria bella Redtenbacher, 1849

Corticaria beloni Reitter, 1889

Corticaria bengaliensis Rücker, 1978

Corticaria blackburni Rücker, 1989

Corticaria brevicornis Fall, 1899

Corticaria brevilata Rücker, 1978

Corticaria buddha Johnson, 1977

Corticaria cameruensis Dajoz, 1980

Corticaria canaliculata Mannerheim, 1853

Corticaria canariensis Johnson, 1974

Corticaria carolina Fall, 1899

Corticaria clavatula Broun, 1914

Corticaria cognata Rücker, 1978

Corticaria columbia Fall, 1899

Corticaria convexa Reitter, 1881

Corticaria corsica H. Brisout de Barneville, 1878

Corticaria cotovillae Otero & Pazos, 1986

Corticaria crenicollis Mannerheim, 1844

Corticaria crenulata (Gyllenhal, 1827)

Corticaria cretica Johnson, 1989

Corticaria cribricollis Fairmaire, 1863

Corticaria cucujiformis Reitter, 1880

Corticaria curtipes Lövendal, 1893

Corticaria debilis Motschulsky, 1867

Corticaria decorsei Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria delgerchangaji Rücker, 1983

Corticaria dentigera Le Conte, 1855

Corticaria dentiventris Poppius, 1903

Corticaria desaegeri Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria descarpentriesi Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria diecki Reitter, 1875

Corticaria dinshuensis Johnson, 1976

Corticaria distincta Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria dubia Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria elgonensis Jeannel & Paulian, 1945

Corticaria elongata (Gyllenhal, 1827)

Corticaria espanyoli J.C. Otero & M.J. López, 2009

Corticaria fagi Wollaston, 1854

Corticaria fasciata Reitter, 1877

Corticaria fastigata Rücker, 1978

Corticaria fennica Johnson, 1974

Corticaria ferruginea Marsham, 1802

Corticaria formicaephila Broun, 1893

Corticaria foveola (Beck, 1817)

Corticaria franzi Dajoz,

Corticaria fulva (Comolli, 1837)

Corticaria fulvoides Johnson, 1989

Corticaria garambae Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria geisha Johnson, 1989

Corticaria globicollis Rücker, 1989

Corticaria gracilis Mannerheim, 1844

Corticaria helios Rücker, 2006

Corticaria hierroensis Johnson, 1985

Corticaria humilis Sharp, 1902

Corticaria ikarus Rücker, 2006

Corticaria illaesa Mannerheim, 1844

Corticaria impressa (Olivier, 1790)

Corticaria incerta Fall, 1899

Corticaria inconspicua Wollaston, 1860

Corticaria inflatipennis Champion, 1922

Corticaria inopia Fall, 1899

Corticaria interstitialis Mannerheim, 1844

Corticaria jaegeri Reike, 2006

Corticaria japonica Reitter, 1877

Corticaria johnsoni Marino & López & Otero

Corticaria kabakovi Saluk, 1992

Corticaria khnzoriani Johnson, 1989

Corticaria laertes Rücker, 2006

Corticaria langa Dajoz, 1979

Corticaria lapponica (Zetterstedt, 1838)

Corticaria lata Reike, 2010

Corticaria lateritia Mannerheim, 1844

Corticaria latulipennis Broun, 1914

Corticaria leileri Johnson, 1985

Corticaria lindensis Blackburn, 1891

Corticaria lineatoserrata Johnson, 1976

Corticaria lisae Reike, 2010

Corticaria longicollis (Zetterstedt, 1838)

Corticaria longicornis (Herbst, 1783)

Corticaria luchti Rücker, 1985

Corticaria maculosa lineata Johnson, 1974

Corticaria maculosa maculosa Wollaston, 1858

Corticaria magadanica Tsinkevich, 2001

Corticaria martensi Johnson, 1977

Corticaria mirabilis Dajoz, 1971

Corticaria mongolica Rücker, 1983

Corticaria nebulosa Champion, 1922

Corticaria nigerrima Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria obscura C. Brisout de Barneville, 1863

Corticaria obsoleta Strand, 1940

Corticaria occidua Fall, 1899

Corticaria olympiaca Reitter, 1875

Corticaria orbicollis (Mannerheim, 1853)

Corticaria orientalis Champion, 1922

Corticaria ornata Reitter, 1877

Corticaria ovalipennis Rücker, 1989

Corticaria ovicollis Reitter, 1887

Corticaria ovipennis Reitter, 1887

Corticaria parallela Fall, 1899

Corticaria parvithorax Champion, 1922

Corticaria peezi Johnson, 2007

Corticaria pharaonis Motschulsky, 1867

Corticaria picicornis Broun, 1914

Corticaria pilosula Rosenhauer, 1856

Corticaria pineti Lohse, 1960

Corticaria pinicola C. Brisout de Barneville, 1866

Corticaria planula Fall, 1899

Corticaria poculifera Fall, 1899

Corticaria polypori Sahlberg, 1900

Corticaria porochini Johnson, 2007

Corticaria poseidon Rücker, 2006

Corticaria prionodera Le Conte, 1855

Corticaria pubescens (Gyllenhal, 1827)

Corticaria punctata Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria punctulata Marsham, 1802

Corticaria quadrimaculata Mannerheim, 1844

Corticaria relicta Johnson, 1977

Corticaria rhombifera Champion, 1922

Corticaria rotundipennis Johnson, 1977

Corticaria rubripes Mannerheim, 1844

Corticaria rudis Fall, 1899

Corticaria rueckeri J. C. Otero, P. Marino & M. J. López

Corticaria rufa Johnson, 1976

Corticaria rugipennis Reitter, 1881

Corticaria ruwenzoriae Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria saginata Mannerheim, 1844

Corticaria salpingoides Motschulsky, 1867

Corticaria serrata (Paykull, 1798)

Corticaria serricollis Le Conte, 1855

Corticaria spinulosa Mannerheim, 1852

Corticaria strandi Roubal, 1934

Corticaria striatopunctata Motschulsky, 1867

Corticaria subamurensis Saluk, 1992

Corticaria subpilosula Reitter, 1898

Corticaria subtilissima Reitter, 1877

Corticaria suspecta Johnson, 1989

Corticaria sylvicola C. Brisout de Barneville, 1863

Corticaria tarragonensis Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria temporalis Fall, 1899

Corticaria tenuipes Fall, 1899

Corticaria thea Reitter, 1894

Corticaria thomsoni Reitter, 1880

Corticaria topali Rücker, 1978

Corticaria transvalensis Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria tuberculata Dajoz, 1970

Corticaria tunisiensis H. Brisout de Barneville, 1884

Corticaria umbilicata (Beck, 1817)

Corticaria unca Reike, 2010

Corticaria valida Fall, 1899

Corticaria varicolor Fall, 1899

Corticaria vestigia Rücker, 1981


Corticariinae is a subfamily of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following genera:

Austrophthalma Dajoz, 1966

Bicava Belon, 1884

Corticaria Marsham, 1802

Corticarina Reitter, 1881

Corticaromus Tarun K. Pal & Shelley Ghosh, 2008

Cortinicara Johnson, 1975

Fuchsina Fall, 1899

Melanophthalma Motschulsky, 1866

Migneauxia Jacquelin du Val, 1859

Paracaria Dajoz, 1970

Rethusus Broun, 1886


Cucujoidea is a superfamily of beetles. They include many fungus beetles, as well as lady beetles ("ladybugs" or "ladybirds"). Also included are a diversity of lineages of "bark beetles" unrelated to the "true" bark beetles (Scolytinae), which are weevils (superfamily Curculionoidea).


Enicmus is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, the minute brown scavenger beetles.

There are about 50 species.Species include:

Enicmus alutaceus Reitter, 1885

Enicmus amici Lohse, 1981

Enicmus apicalis J. Sahlberg, 1926

Enicmus aterrimus Motschulsky, 1866

Enicmus atriceps Hansen, 1962

Enicmus bifoveatus Broun, 1886

Enicmus brasiliensis Mannerheim, 1844

Enicmus brevicornis (Mannerheim, 1844)

Enicmus callosus Rücker, 1985

Enicmus caviceps Broun, 1893

Enicmus claviger Johnson, 1977

Enicmus cordatus Belon, 1895

Enicmus crassipunctatus Fall, 1899

Enicmus denticollis (A.M. Lea, 1906)

Enicmus dubius (Mannerheim, 1844)

Enicmus duplicatus LeConte, 1878

Enicmus fictus Fall, 1899

Enicmus floridus Brown, 1880

Enicmus foveatus Belon, 1884

Enicmus fungicola C. G. Thomson, 1868

Enicmus guatemalenus Sharp, 1902

Enicmus histrio Joy & Tomlin, 1910

Enicmus kamtschaticus Motschulsky, 1866

Enicmus kaszabi Rücker, 1983

Enicmus laeviventris Fall, 1899

Enicmus lundbladi Palm, 1956

Enicmus maculatus Le Conte, 1878

Enicmus mannerheimi (Kolenati, 1846)

Enicmus mendax Fall, 1899

Enicmus mimus Fall, 1899

Enicmus montanoasiaticus Saluk, 1995

Enicmus pampicola Brethes, 1922

Enicmus planipennis Strand, 1940

Enicmus priopterus (Broun, 1886)

Enicmus puncticeps Broun, 1886

Enicmus recticollis Motschulsky, 1886

Enicmus rueckeri Johnson, 2007

Enicmus rufifrons Broun, 1914

Enicmus rugosus (Herbst, 1793)

Enicmus sharpi Belon, 1884

Enicmus strenuus Fall, 1899

Enicmus sulcatulus Fall, 1899

Enicmus tenuicornis Le Conte, 1878

Enicmus testaceus (Stephens, 1830)

Enicmus transversithorax Dajoz, 1967

Enicmus transversus (Olivier, 1790)

Enicmus ussuricus Saluk, 1992

Enicmus vanus Fall, 1899

Enicmus varendorffi Reitter, 1903

Enicmus ventralis Fall, 1899Fossil species include:

Enicmus adrianae

Herfordia (beetle)

Herfordia elegans is a species of beetle in the family Latridiidae, the only species in the genus Herfordia.


Latridiinae is a subfamily of tiny, little-known beetles in the family Latridiidae.


Latridius is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following species:

Latridius amplus Johnson, 1977

Latridius assimilis (Mannerheim, 1844)

Latridius brevicollis (Thomson, 1868)

Latridius canariensis (Palm, 1972)

Latridius consimilis (Mannerheim, 1844)

Latridius crenatus (Le Conte, 1855)

Latridius desertus (Fall, 1899)

Latridius gemellatus (Mannerheim, 1844)

Latridius hirtus Gyllenhal, 1827

Latridius minutus (Linnaeus, 1767)

Latridius mongolicus Rücker, 1983

Latridius nigritus (Fall, 1899)

Latridius peacockae (Sen Gupta, 1976)

Latridius perminutus Johnson, 1977

Latridius reflexus (LeConte, 1855)

Latridius porcatus (Herbst, 1793)

Latridius protensicollis Mannerheim, 1843


Mumfordia is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following species:

Mumfordia monticola E.C. Zimmerman, 1935

Mumfordia spinata Van Dyke, 1932


Rethusus is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following species:

Rethusus fulvescens Broun, 1921

Rethusus lachrymosus Broun, 1885

Rethusus pictulus Broun, 1886

Rethusus pustulosus (Belon, 1884)


Revelieria is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following species:

Revelieria california Fall, 1899

Revelieria genei (Aube, 1850)


Stephostethus is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following species:

Stephostethus altaicus (Reitter, 1902)

Stephostethus alternans (Mannerheim, 1844)

Stephostethus angusticollis (Gyllenhal, 1827)

Stephostethus armatulus (Fall, 1899)

Stephostethus arunus Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus attenuatus (Mannerheim, 1844)

Stephostethus barunus Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus belonianus (Reitter, 1889)

Stephostethus bilobatus Walkley, 1952

Stephostethus breviclavus Fall, 1899

Stephostethus carinatus Sen Gupta, 1976

Stephostethus caucasicus (Mannerheim, 1844)

Stephostethus chinensis (Reitter, 1877)

Stephostethus cinnamopterus (Mannerheim, 1853)

Stephostethus costicollis (Le Conte, 1855)

Stephostethus curtulus (Mannerheim, 1853)

Stephostethus indicus (Motschulsky, 1866)

Stephostethus kashmirensis Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus lardarius (De Geer, 1775)

Stephostethus liratus (Le Conte, 1863)

Stephostethus malibicus Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus malinicus Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus minaticus Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus montanus Fall, 1899

Stephostethus muticus Sharp, 1902

Stephostethus nepalensis Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus nigratus Sen Gupta, 1976

Stephostethus pandellei (C. Brisout de Barneville, 1863)

Stephostethus paradoxus Sen Gupta, 1976

Stephostethus productus (Rosenhauer, 1856)

Stephostethus renukae Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus rufifrons Broun 1914

Stephostethus rugicollis (Olivier, 1790)

Stephostethus rybinskii (Reitter, 1894)

Stephostethus setosus Rücker, 2004

Stephostethus tarunus Sen Gupta, 1983

Stephostethus variolosus (Mannerheim, 1844)

Stephostethus lardarius

Stephostethus lardarius is a species of minute brown scavenger beetle in the family Latridiidae.


Thes is a genus of beetles in the family Latridiidae, containing the following species:

Thes bergrothi (Reitter, 1881)

Thes laeviventris (Fall, 1899)

Extant Coleoptera families


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