Lal Chowk

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Lal Chowk (6133464099)
Lal Chowk in June 2011
Lal Chowk
Lal Chowk facing outwards, 2017

Lal Chowk is a city square (literally Red Square) in Srinagar in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Lal Chowk was named so by Left-wing activists inspired by the Russian Revolution as they fought Maharaja Hari Singh.[1] It is a traditional place for political meetings with Jawaharlal Nehru, Jammu & kashmir first Prime Minister, Sheikh Abdullah, Kashmir's first premier and various other Kashmiri leaders having addressed people from it.


It was at Lal chowk that Jawaharalal Nehru unfurled the national flag in 1948. It was here that he promised Kashmiris a referendum to choose their political future. It was in Lal Chowk that Sheikh Abdullah announced his love for Jawaharlal Nehru and India in a Persian couplet saying "Man Tu Shudam, Tu Man Shudi, Taqas Na Goyed, Man Degram Tu Degri (I became you and You became I; so none can say we are separate)".[1]

Lal Chowk fire

The 1993 Lal Chowk fire refers to the arson attack on the main commercial center of downtown Srinagar, Kashmir that took place on 10 April 1993. The fire is alleged to have been started by a crowd incited by militants,[2] while civilians and police officials interviewed by Human Rights Watch and other organisations allege that the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) set fire to the locality, apparently in retaliation for the burning of an abandoned BSF building by local residents.[3] Over 125 civilians were killed in the conflagration and the ensuing firing by BSF troops.[4]

Clock tower

Bajaj Electricals built the Clock tower in 1980.[5]

The Clock Tower gained political significance in 1992 when the then Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Murli Manohar Joshi came to hoist the Tricolour atop the tower on Republic Day. Joshi’s move brought several militant groups together, uniting them against India. Joshi had to hoisted the flag in the company of soldiers.

Since then, the BSF and the CRPF undertook the hoisting ceremony until 2009 when they announced it was unnecessary to continue the ritual because the tower "had no political significance" and an official function was held at the nearby Bakshi Stadium on Republic day and Independence day anyway.

2011 Republic Day Controversy

The BJP youth wing, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), announced its plan to start a march called "Ektha Yatra",[6] from Kolkata, Bengal to Srinagar, to unite Indians in "Kashmir Issue" & show Pak separatists that the Kashmir is an integral part of India, by hoisting the Tricolour in Lal Chowk on Republic Day 26 January 2011 as a challenge to Pakistani separatists, who hoisted Pakistani flag in the same place. But ruling party at center, Congress & state ruling party, National Conference didn't want it. They think it may create unrest in the Kashmir valley. This created the controversy.

Center & state ruling Govts took various steps to stop hoisting of tricolour.[7] Trains carrying BJPYM members to Srinagar were stopped & sent back at the beginning of their journey. So many BJP members failed to reach Srinagar. But still top leaders of BJP, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley & many others led the march until they were stopped while entering Jammu & Kashmir from Punjab through the bridge of River Ravi[8] on 25 January. Later all the members in the rally were arrested and were kept in custody in Jammu until evening of next day.[9]

Security personnel were asked to heavily cordon the Lal Chowk area on Republic day. But some BJP workers reached Srinagar and hoisted flag near it but not exactly on the tower in Lal-Chowk.[10]

Murli Manohar Joshi had unfurled the national flag at Lal Chowk, Srinagar on 26 January 1992.[11][12][13]

Arguments of various political figures

Jammu and Kashmir government says "it would disrupt peace".

Sushma Swaraj of BJP asks "Why are we being arrested? We were marching peacefully. Those who burn the national flag are being provided security while those holding the national flag are being stopped,"[14]

Arun Jaitley of BJP said "For the first time after independence, hoisting national tricolour has become illegal in our country".

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1993 Lal Chowk fire

The 1993 Lal Chowk fire (literally Red Square) refers to the arson attack on the main commercial center of downtown Srinagar, Kashmir, that took place on 10 April 1993. The fire is alleged by government officials to have been started by a crowd incited by militants, while civilians and police officials interviewed by Human Rights Watch and other organisations allege that the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) set fire to the locality in retaliation for the burning of an abandoned BSF building by local residents. Over 125 civilians were killed in the conflagration and the ensuing shooting by BSF troops.

90 Feet Road

90 Feet Road is the southern segment of the Srinagar-Leh Highway (National Highway 1D), which connects Srinagar with Ladakh. The 90 Feet Road begins in Soura, Srinagar, about 11.1 km north of the commercial centre of Lal Chowk. It extends north for seven kilometres (4.3 mi) and ends at Pandach, Ganderbal. Thereafter, NH 1D turns eastward toward Leh.

Its name reflects the fact that it is 90 feet (27 m) wide throughout. Locals call it Nammath, which is "ninety" in the Kashmiri language.


Akingam is a village in South Kashmir and a newly formed tehsil in the Anantnag district, in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir.It is at a distance of 14.2 km or 8.8 miles (approx) from the Lal Chowk in Anantnag along a route passing through the tourist resorts of Achabal and Kokernag. In revenue records the village Akingam is still called Maqan Shiva Bhagwati. The adjacent villages are Mohripura, Hiller, Badasgam, Hardpora and Badoora.

Bagh e Mehtab

Bagh e Mehtab (literally: Garden of Mehtab) is located in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India, about

7 km away from city centre, Lal Chowk. The area is primarily a residential area with a government housing colony and private colony.

The settled population is majorly (99%) Sunni Muslim, immigrated from different parts of Kashmir valley. It comes under Ward 69, Srinagar South, of Srinagar Municipal Corporation.


Bemina is a region in Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir, India.It is situated in the heart of the capital of Jammu and Kashmir just about 4 km from Lal Chowk. It lies in the Batmaloo Assembly Constituency, Batmaloo assembly segment of the Srinagar parliamentary constituency. Bemina is also considered as one of the major growing colonies of South Asia.Institutions and Departments like FSL,Hajj House ,JKBOSE , Government Women Polytechnic, ITI etc are located here. One of the Prominent schools of the state i.e.Iqbal Memorial Institute is also situated here.

Bemina bridge connecting Bemina to Budgam is the valley's longest bridge measuring 284 m.


Buchpora (Urdu; بژھ پورہ) (Kashmiri; بَژھ پوُر)is a town on the outskirts of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is situated on Srinagar-Leh Highway on the eastern side of Anchar Lake. The postal code of the area is 190020. The area is about 12.1 km north from Lal Chowk.

Most of the current inhabitants of the area are migrants from Downtown of Srinagar. During the project of widening the roads in Downtown, numerous houses obstructing the widening of roads were shattered down. The homeless people were given plots of land by state government in neighbouring areas including Buchpora and Soura. Thus government housing colonies were constructed in these areas. there are many areas adjacent to this area , Illahi bagh, Rang pora, Umerhaira, are some of them. The area was an agriculture land but has been converted into a residential area.

The area provides two major road links which connect Ganderbal with Srinagar.

Ekta Yatra

Ekta Yatra (English: National Integration rally) is being led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) youth wing national president and Lok Sabha MP Anurag Thakur. It is also called Tiranga Yatra by some news agencies. The rally started from Kolkata, West Bengal on January 12. As per plan the BJP rally travelled through Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana. It was also planned to end the rally on January 26 after unfurling the Tiranga at Lal Chowk, Srinagar. However, it did not happen as the BJP leaders were arrested and not allowed to enter Kashmir.


Hawal Srinagar is a region in Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir, India.It is situated in the heart of the capital of Jammu and Kashmir just about 5 km from Lal Chowk. Kashmiri, Urdu and English are the most spoken languages of this town.

Indira Nagar, Srinagar

Indira Nagar (Urdu;اندرا نگر) is a residential area in the Indian city of Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It used to be a lake before but now only few hundred meters of the lake is left.

This area comes under the control of Badami Bagh Cantonment along with other areas like Batwara, Shivpora and Sonwar Bagh. The cantonment is responsible for maintaining the roads, street lights etc., unlike other areas of Srinagar which are maintained by Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus live in the area.

Over the years this area has been commercialised by the construction of many hotels. It is located about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from the commercial hub of Kashmir Lal Chowk. Indira Nagar is near to G.B Pant Children Hospital. The pincode is 190004.This area comes in the constituency of Sonwar, for which the MLA is Mohammad Ashraf Mir.

Jammu-Srinagar National Highway

The Jammu-Srinagar National Highway is the northernmost segment of NH 44 (formerly NH 1A before the renumbering of all national highways). It runs from Srinagar in the Kashmir Valley southward to the city of Jammu.

It is one of the two road links (the other being the Mughal Road) that connects the Kashmir Valley with the rest of India. The traffic on the highway is controlled by two control rooms, one in Srinagar and the other in Jammu.

Jawahar Nagar Srinagar

Jawahar Nagar is the notified area in the municipal committee of Srinagar, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It comes under the Amira Kadal Constituency. Jawahar Nagar is a posh locality in the civil line area of Srinagar. The pincode of Jawahar Nagar is 190008. Jawahar Nagar is considered one of the many best residential places in Srinagar. The airport is located at a distance of 9.3 km. Jawahar Nagar area was heavily damaged by the 2014 Kashmir floods, it was one of the worst affected areas due to flood.

There are 2 Branches of Jammu and Kashmir Bank one of which is exclusively for women.


Khanyar is a locality in downtown Srinagar of Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It lies about 4 kilometers north from Lal Chowk. Khanyar is known for the shrines of Dastgeer Sahib which holds the relic of Abdul Qadir Gilani and Roza Bal, tomb of Yuz Asaf.

Lal Mandi Footbridge

The Lal Mandi Footbridge is a suspension-type pedestrian bridge located in the Srinagar city of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It connects the Lal Mandi and Rajbagh areas of the city to the city centre Lal Chowk.


Lasjan & Soitang are a developing areas situated in Srinagar (south) tehsil and 07.23 kilometres (4.49 mi) located in Srinagar district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of 6 cities in Srinagar (south) block along with mohallas like Nowgam and Bagh e Mehtab. Nearby cities include Lasjan Padshai Bagh, 06.10 kilometres (3.79 mi)

Jawahar nagar 05.11 kilometres (3.18 mi) from Lal Chowk Srinagar.


Maisum or Maisuma (Kashmiri ماٴیسم) is a densely populated neighborhood of Srinagar, Kashmir that is bordered on the north by Gow Kadal bridge and on the South by Lal Chowk. River Jhelum forms it western border.

Mallinson Girls School

Mallinson Girls School is located in the Heart of Srinagar in Kashmir Valley. The school was founded by Ms Fitze Mallinson in 1912 at Fateh Kadal and later shifted to Lal Chowk in Srinagar.

Munawar Abad

Munawar Abad (pronounced as munaav var aa baad; اردو = منور اباد), locally known as Muniwar (Munawarabad), is a town located in heart of Srinagar (KMR). It is 2 km from Lal Chowk. Munawar Abad is the main link between downtown Srinagar and central Srinagar.


Pampore or Pampur is a historic town situated on the eastern side of river Jehlum on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is famous for its saffron, so known as "Saffron Town of Kashmir". Pampore is one of the few places in the world where saffron, the world's most expensive spice, grows. The area is about 11 km from Srinagar city centre Lal Chowk. The postal code of the area is 192121. Areas Of Pampore are usually named as "Bal" as a prefix like localities of Namlabal, Kadlabal, Drangbal, Frestabal, Leterbal etc.

Pampore is also very famous for crispbread known as 'Shirmaal'.

Soura, Srinagar

Soura is a notified area of Srinagar located about 11.1 km north of Lal Chowk on Srinagar-Ladakh Highway. Soura is famous for Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, a multi-speciality hospital. Besides serving as a Hospital, it is the prestigious medical college of Kashmir valley. Soura is located near Anchar Lake. The whole western side of the area is covered by Anchar Lake.

It also hosts a famous Muslim shrine known as Aasaar Sharief Jinaab Saahib which holds more than 13 holy relics.

Actually it got its name from a Sufi saint whose name is Malik- u-din Suhrawardī Whose shrine is located in suhra.


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