Lake Naplás

Lake Naplás (hungarian:Naplás-tó, officially called Szilas-pataki flood control reservoir) is the largest lake of Budapest. The lake is artificial, surrounded by the second largest natural reserve of Budapest, including a moorland and a forest. Rare flora and fauna could be found here, therefore it has been a protected since 1997. It is the natural habitat of the European pond turtle. The lake itself is a fishing lake, but there are hiking and biking trails around it. It can be reached from the city by car or bike, or by the nearby public transportation.[1]

Lake Naplás
Naplas telen
LocationBudapest, XVII. district
Coordinates47°30′34″N 19°14′47″E / 47.50944°N 19.24639°ECoordinates: 47°30′34″N 19°14′47″E / 47.50944°N 19.24639°E
Primary inflowsSzilas-patak
Primary outflowsSzilas-patak
Basin countriesHungary
Surface area16 hectares (40 acres)


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Nature reserve

A nature reserve (also known as natural reserve, bioreserve, natural/nature preserve, or natural/nature conserve) is a protected area of importance for flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest, which is reserved and managed for conservation and to provide special opportunities for study or research. Nature reserves may be designated by government institutions in some countries, or by private landowners, such as charities and research institutions, regardless of nationality. Nature reserves fall into different IUCN categories depending on the level of protection afforded by local laws. Normally it is more strictly protected than a nature park.

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