Lake Karamık

Lake Karamık is a lake in Turkey.

It is situated to the south of Çay ilçe (district) of Konya Province at 38°25′N 30°50′E / 38.417°N 30.833°E. It is a very shallow lake and in some sources it is called a "marsh". Its elevation with respect to sea level is about 1,000 metres (3,300 ft). It feeds Lake Eğirdir a bigger lake to the south by means of an underground creek. [1] The total area of the marsh area is about 40 square kilometres (15 sq mi). [2]

Lake Karamık
Lake Karamık is located in Turkey
Lake Karamık
Lake Karamık
Location of Lake Karamık in Turkey.
LocationÇay, Konya Province
Coordinates38°25′N 30°50′E / 38.417°N 30.833°ECoordinates: 38°25′N 30°50′E / 38.417°N 30.833°E
Basin countriesTurkey
Surface elevation1,000 metres (3,300 ft)


The fishes of the lake are common carp and northern pike as well as Turkish crayfish. The birds of the lake are Eurasian bittern, Eurasian coot, Eurasian spoonbill, Ferruginous duck, greater sand plover, gull-billed tern, purple heron, pygmy cormorant, squacco heron and white-headed duck [3]


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