Kuusankoski is a neighbourhood of city of Kouvola, former industrial town and municipality of Finland, located in the region of Kymenlaakso in the province of Southern Finland. The population of Kuusankoski was 20,392 (2003) and the total area was 129.5 km² of which 114 km² was land and 14.56 km² water. It is located some 130 kilometres (80 mi) northeast of the Finnish capital Helsinki. Kuusankoski is primarily known for paper manufacturing and three large factory complexes. It is sometimes nicknamed the "Paper capital of Finland".

Coat of Arms of Kuusankoski
A view over Kuusankoski
view over Kuusankoski


Kuusankoski (as a municipality, not the settlement), was founded in 1921 from the parts of neighbouring Iitti and Valkeala. It gained the status of kauppala (literally "a place of commerce") in 1957 and became a town in 1973.

The history of Kuusankoski during the last one and a half centuries has been closely linked to the establishment of the paper factories and their development. The establishment of the factories dates back to the 1870s and 1890s, when the rapids of the river Kymijoki were made to deliver electricity to a waking industry. Since then, and until the modern age of automation, the factories have offered jobs to many generations of Kuusankoski citizens, making the area somewhat more prosperous than the neighbouring regions. Today, the influence of the factories on everyday life has somewhat lessened, but their historical importance remains well known.

The cityscape of Kuusankoski consists mostly of element-based blocks of flats built during the 1960s. However, there are some exceptions, such as a school and a church built at the beginning of the last century. Another kind of architecture is represented by the culture building Kuusankoskitalo, a typical creation of modern Finnish architecture, and a library built in a functionalistic style. The cityscape is also characterised by the beautiful river Kymijoki which curves through the town.

Footballer Sami Hyypiä is from Kuusankoski. Another famous person living in this town is ex-Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen.

As of 2009, the six municipalities – Kouvola, Kuusankoski, Elimäki, Anjalankoski, Valkeala and Jaala – were consolidated, accounting for the new municipality of Kouvola with a population of over 80,000, being the 10th largest city in Finland.


Name Power (MW) Company
Kuusankoski hydropower plant 30 UPM-Kymmene Oyj
Voikkaa hydropower plant 30 UPM-Kymmene Oyj
Keltti hydropower plant 17 UPM-Kymmene Oyj

People born in Kuusankoski


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Coordinates: 60°54′30″N 26°37′25″E / 60.90833°N 26.62361°E

1989 Ykkönen – Finnish League Division 1

League table for teams participating in Ykkönen, the second tier of the Finnish Soccer League system, in 1989.

2003 Ykkönen

League Tables for teams participating in Ykkönen, the second tier of the Finnish Soccer League system, in 2003.


Anjalankoski is a former town and municipality of Finland. It had 16379 inhabitants (2008 estimate). About 4/5 of the people live in the vicinity of the Kymi River. The most densely populated communities are Myllykoski and Inkeroinen. In addition, there is plenty of countryside.

The town's major industry is forestry along the Kymi Riverside. The paper factories Stora Enso Oyj and Myllykoski Paper Oy are the main employers together with the town itself.

Anjalankoski offered plenty of cultural and sport activities, including a football team, MyPa. The Anjala Manor Museum and surroundings is an interesting cultural site.

The municipality was unilingually Finnish.

Anjalankoski was formed in 1975 from the merging of the municipalities of Anjala and Sippola.

As of 2009, six municipalities – Kouvola, Kuusankoski, Elimäki, Anjalankoski, Valkeala and Jaala – were consolidated, accounting for the new municipality of Kouvola with a population of over 80,000, being the 10th largest city in Finland.

Near Anjalankoski (at 60° 41′ 32.34″ N, 27° 2′ 47.46″ E), there is 318 meter tall TV mast, which is one of the tallest man-made objects in Finland.

Aulis Kallakorpi

Aulis Kallakorpi (1 January 1929 in Kuusankoski – 15 May 2005 in Mikkeli) was a Finnish ski jumper. He won a silver medal in the Individual large hill event at the 1956 Winter Olympics.

Kallakorpi also won the ski jumping event at the Holmenkollen ski festival in 1955.

Erkki Kataja

Erkki Olavi Kataja (19 June 1924 in Kuusankoski – 27 April 1969) was a Finnish athlete, who competed mainly in the pole vault.

He competed for Finland in the 1948 Summer Olympics held in London, Great Britain where he won the silver medal in the pole vault event.

Esa Jokinen

Esa Antero Jokinen (born February 19, 1958 in Kuusankoski) is a retired male decathlete from Finland, who was nicknamed "Diesel" during his career. He set his personal best (7868 points) in 1980.

FC Kuusankoski

FC Kuusankoski is a football club from Kuusankoski, Kouvola in Finland. The club was formed in 1996 and their home ground is at the Kuusankosken urheilupuisto. The men's first team currently plays in the Kakkonen (Second Division). The head coach of FC Kuusankoski is Janne Pahkala.


Jaala is a former municipality of Finland.

It is located in the province of Southern Finland and is part of the Kymenlaakso region. The municipality had a population of 1,906 (2003) and covered an area of 563.06 km² of which 129.89 km² was water. The population density was 3.4 inhabitants per km².

The municipality was unilingually Finnish.

In 2009, the six municipalities of Kouvola, Kuusankoski, Elimäki, Anjalankoski, Valkeala and Jaala were consolidated to form a new municipality named Kouvola, which, with a population of over 80,000, became the tenth largest city in Finland.

Jani Uotinen

Jani Uotinen (born 17 May 1978) is a Finnish former footballer. He played for two seasons in the Scottish Football League with Greenock Morton as a central midfielder.

In his homeland, he has played internationally for Finland's Futsal side as well as playing for MyPa, VPS and retired in July 2009 after playing with Vasa IFK (whom he joined in January 2009).

Uotinen is a former youth and assistant coach at VPS. He currently works as a youth coach for FC Jazz.

Janne Lindberg

Janne Lindberg (born 24 May 1966 in Kuusankoski) is a Finnish former professional footballer managing Finnish fourth-tier side Sudet.

Lindberg joined his local club Kumu as a six-year-old boy where he stayed for 18 years. In 1990, at the age of 24, he moved onto FC Haka and after two years at Haka he transferred to MyPa.

At MyPa Lindberg established himself as a Finnish International, gaining the first of his 34 caps in 1992. He also experienced European football in the UEFA Cup.

In 1994, ex-Morton player Jimmy Pearson recommended Lindberg to then Greenock Morton manager Allan McGraw. As a result, Morton signed Lindberg at a cost of £250,000; a deal that included Lindberg's MyPa teammate and compatriot Marko Rajamäki.

Lindberg (and Rajamäki) made their débuts on the 22 October 1994 against Berwick Rangers, a match Morton lost 2–1. However, both players went on to have impressive careers at Morton. Lindberg made approximately 88 appearances, scoring five goals.

In 1997 Lindberg's contract at Morton was not renewed and he signed for German side 1. FC Saarbrücken. His family did not settle in Germany, consequently he returned to former club MyPa in 1998 where he played until 2005.

Jari Lindström

Jari Tapani Lindström (born 28 June 1965) is a Finnish politician and current Minister of Labor. He represented the Finns Party till 2017 and was first elected to the Parliament in 2011 in the former constituency of Kymi. In 2014, Lindström was appointed the chairman of the Finns Party parliamentary group. In the 2015 elections he maintained his seat, standing in the newly formed South-Eastern constituency. He was appointed as both Minister of Justice and Minister of Labor in May 2015.On 13 June 2017, Lindström and 19 others left the Finns Party parliamentary group to found the New Alternative parliamentary group.Lindström worked at a paper mill and is also a qualified laboratory technician. He has voiced his support for capital punishment under certain circumstances.

Jukka Heinikainen

Jukka Heinikainen (born 22 July 1972) is a Finnish former racing cyclist. He won the Finnish national road race title in 2002. He also competed in the pursuit event at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Kaj Chydenius

Kaj Chydenius (born 16 October 1939, Kuusankoski) is a Finnish composer probably best known for his left-wing political songs interpreted by various artists. He studied at the Sibelius Academy, the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki School of Economics, starting his career with avant-garde music, happening, instrumental theatre, and the aesthetics of John Cage. Some of the best-known works by Chydenius are Lapualaisooppera (1966) and such songs as 'Sinua, sinua rakastan', 'Nuoruustango' and the children's song 'Magdaleena', which are all evergreens in Finland. Kaj Chydenius was one of the founding members of KOM-teatteri in 1971, together with Kaisa Korhonen who was his wife then. The younger son of Kaj Chydenius, Jussi Chydenius is a member of the vocal ensemble Rajaton. Many works by Chydenius are released on Love Records.

Kuusankosken Kumu

Kuusankosken Kumu was a football club established in 1964 from Kuusankoski, Finland. The club played one season in the Finnish premier division Veikkausliiga in 1990.Kumu was dissolved in 1992 due to financial problems and a new club FC Kumu was formed in 1993. FC Kumu merged with Pallo-Peikot in 1996 and the two clubs are known today as FC Kuusankoski.

Kymi (river)

The Kymi (Finnish: Kymijoki, Swedish: Kymmene älv) is a river in Finland. It begins at Lake Päijänne, flows through the provinces of Päijänne Tavastia, Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso and discharges into the Gulf of Finland. The river passes the towns of Heinola and Kouvola. The town of Kotka is located on the river delta. The length of the river is 204 kilometres (127 mi), but its drainage basin of 37,107 square kilometres (14,327 sq mi) extends to almost 600 kilometres (370 mi) inside the Tavastia, Central Finland, Savonia and Ostrobothnia. The furthest source of the river is Lake Pielavesi, its furthest point being some 570 kilometres (350 mi) from the sea measured by flow route. The name of the river, itself, kymi, means "large river", in Old Finnish.

Being one of the largest rivers in Southern Finland, the Kymi is a major source of hydroelectricity. The towns of Kotka, Kuusankoski, Myllykoski and Inkeroinen along the river are major centres of the pulp and paper industry. Formerly the river was extensively used for timber rafting.

The Kymijoki river has five mouths. It divides into two main branches near the Kultaankoski rapids in Kotka, about 15 kilometres (9 mi) inland of the Gulf of Finland. The eastern branch splits into the Korkeakoski and Koivukoski branches, the latter branch dividing again to form two mouths (Langinkoski and Huumanhaara). The Korkeakoski branch has only one river mouth.

The western branch divides into Ahvenkoski and Klåsarö branches, each with one mouth.

The westernmost Ahvenkoski branch of the river served as a border between Sweden and Russia from 1743 to 1809. The parts of Finland east of the river were later called Old Finland. Old Finland was incorporated in the Grand Duchy of Finland in 1812.

The Kymi is very swift: it takes three days for its waters to run from lake Pyhäjärvi to sea. Its mean depth is 9 metres (30 ft), and the deepest place is 29 metres (95 ft).

Maija-Liisa Peuhu

Maija-Liisa Peuhu (born 20 January 1942 in Kuusankoski, Finland) is a Finnish actress. She is famous for the half-hour soap opera Salatut elämät, where she played Ulla Taalasmaa. She has a theatrical background and has played in many other television shows, too. She's been in Salatut elämät from 1999 to 2007, briefly in 2010 and again since 2013.

SPL Kaakkois-Suomen piiri

The SPL Kaakkois-Suomen piiri (South Eastern Finland Football Association) is one of the 12 district organisations of the Football Association of Finland. It administers lower tier football in South Eastern Finland.

The Seer (EP)

The Seer is the first EP by Finnish rock and metal/classical soprano Tarja. It was limited to 1,000 copies and is available only in the United Kingdom. It contains a brand new duet with Doro Pesch, remixes of tracks from My Winter Storm and live recordings. The EP was released by Spinefarm on December 1, 2008.


Valkeala is a former municipality of Finland.

It is located in the province of Southern Finland, and is a neighborgood of city of Kouvola, and it was a part of the Kymenlaakso region. The municipality had a population of 11,238 (2003) and covered an area of 1,004.40 km² of which 143.47 km² was water. The population density was 13.1 inhabitants per km².

In the Valkeala region there is the lake Vekaranjärvi near which the Karelia Brigade is located.

Valkeala is famous for Repovesi National Park.

The municipality was unilingually Finnish.

As of 2009, the six municipalities – Kouvola, Kuusankoski, Elimäki, Anjalankoski, Valkeala and Jaala – were consolidated, accounting for the new municipality of Kouvola with a population of over 80,000, being the 10th largest city in Finland.

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