Kumbla is a small town located 11 km north of Kasaragod town and 12 km south of Uppala in Kasaragod District, Kerala.

Lake Temple, Kumbla
Lake Temple, Kumbla
Coordinates: 12°35′7″N 74°57′19″E / 12.58528°N 74.95528°ECoordinates: 12°35′7″N 74°57′19″E / 12.58528°N 74.95528°E
 • BodyPanchayat
 • Total40.18 km2 (15.51 sq mi)
 • Total7,418
 • Density180/km2 (480/sq mi)
 • OfficialMalayalam, Tulu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code4998
Vehicle registrationKL-14
Nearest cityMangaluru
Lok Sabha constituencyKasaragod
Civic agencyPanchayat


The original name Kanipura is derived from the name of Maharshi Kanva. Hence the name Kanvapura later on morphed in to Kanipura by word of mouth. The historic and ancient temple of Gopalakrishna in Kumble was believed to have been conceived by Kanva Maharshi. Kumbla was once the seat of the Kumbla Kings[1] l, who ruled the southern part of Tuluva Kingdom. It was a small port in ancient times. In the 16th century A.D. (1514), Duarte Barbosa, the Portuguese traveller, visited Kumble and he had recorded that he had found people exporting rice to the Maldives in exchange of coir[2] When Tippu Sultan captured Mangaluru, the Kumble Raja fled to Thalassery; but he returned in 1799 and after an unsuccessful fight for independence, submitted to the British Empire and accepted a small pension of Rs. 11,788 per annum in 1804.[2] Parthisubba, the great Yakshagana exponent, known as Father of Yakshagana was born here in the 18th century.[2]

Notable people

Anil Kumble, former captain and the former coach of Indian national cricket team takes his last name, indicating ancestry or family origins, from this town. Recently one of the main roads to Government Hospital was renamed as Anil Kumble Road in a function conducted by Kumble Panchayat.[3][4]

Educational Organizations

  • Malik Deenar MBA College, Seethangoly
  • Malik Deenar Pharmacy College, Seethangoly
  • Khansa College for advanced studies, Narayanamangalam.

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Kumbla Railway Station Kasaragod

Railway Station

Kumbla town

Kumbla Town

Monica Church, Kumbla

Monica Church

Holy family church, Kumbla

Holy family school

Kumbla Bridge

Kumbla Bridge

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Alappuzha railway station

Alappuzha railway station (also known as Alleppey railway station, code: ALLP) is located at Alappuzha, Alappuzha District, in Kerala, India. The station is a major station on the ù-Kayamkulam coastal railway line. It is an NSG 3 category station. The station is operated by the Southern Railway zone of the Indian Railways and comes under the Thiruvananthapuram railway division.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple or Anantha Lake Temple is a Hindu temple built in the middle of a lake in the little village of Ananthapura, around 6 km from the town of Kumbla in Manjeswaram taluk of Kasaragod District of Kerala, South India. This is the only lake temple in Kerala and is believed to be the original seat (Moolasthanam) of Ananthapadmanabha Swami (Padmanabhaswamy temple) Thiruvananthapuram. Legend has it that this is the original site where Ananthapadmanabha settled down.The lake in which the Sanctum Sanctorum is built measures about 2 acres (302 feet square). An interesting spot to keep in mind while visiting the temple is a cave to the right corner of the lake. According to the local legend, the deity Anantha Padmanabha chose to go all the way to Thiruvananthapuram through that cave. Hence both the places retain similar names, in spite of being on either end of the region.

Aryankavu railway station

Aryankavu railway station (Code: ARY) is a railway station in Kollam, Kerala and falls under the Madurai railway division of the Southern Railway Zone, Indian Railways.


Badiadka is a panchayath in Kasaragod Taluk in Kasaragod District of Kerala State, India. It belongs to North Kerala Division. It is located 13 km to the east of District Headquarters Kasaragod. 17 km from Manjeshwara. 60 km from Mangaluru.

Badiadka (Malayalam: ബദിയടുക്ക, Kannada:ಬದಿಯಡ್ಕ) officially known as "Badiadka" (also known as "Perdala, ಪೆರಡಾಲ") is a town and gram panchayat in the Kasaragod district, state of Kerala, India.Badiadka is a panchayath in Kasaragod Taluk in Kasaragod District of Kerala State, India. It belongs to North Kerala Division. It is located 13 km to the east of District headquarters Kasaragod. 17 km from Manjeshwara. 584 km from State capital Thiruvananthapuram

Badiadka Pin code is 671551 and postal head office is Perdala.

Enmakaje (8 km), Madhur (9 km), Puthige (9 km), Delampady (9 km), Karadka (9 km) are the nearby villages to Badiadka. Badiadka is surrounded by Manjeshwar Taluk to the west, Kanhangad Taluk to the south, Puttur Taluk to the north, Bantval Taluk to the north.

Kasaragod, Puttur, Kanhangad, Mangalore are the nearby cities to Badiadka.The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport,Bajpe.

This place is in the border of the Kasaragod District and Dakshina Kannada District. Dakshina Kannada District Mangalore is north of this place. It is near to the Karnataka State border. It is near to Arabian sea. There is a chance of humidity in the weather.

The state highway to Karnataka passes through the town. Badiadka is the cross roads of Kumbla, Uppala, Kasaragod, Mulleria-Mercara and Puttur. Bolukatte is an active sport and cricket grounds in Badiadka.

Perdala Mosque is situated on the top of a small hill and the Uroos festival is held once in every two year is famous in this area. Festival in Perdala Udaneshwara temple is also famous.

Carole Boyce Davies

Carole Boyce Davies is a Caribbean-American professor, author, and scholar who is currently Professor of Africana Studies and English at Cornell University. She is the recipient of two major awards in 2017: The Franz Fanon Lifetime Achievement Award from the Caribbean Philosophical Association and the Distinguished Africanist Award from the New York State African Studies Association. She has held distinguished professorships at a number of universities and is the author or editor of thirteen books including the three-volume Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora. She serves on the International Scientific Committee of UNESCO General History of Africa, Volume Nine. She has lectured on Black women’s writings and experience, Black Left Feminism, and African Diaspora issues at major colleges and universities in Brazil, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, India, and China. She has held visiting professorships at Northwestern University, United States, the University of Brasília, Brazil, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China, and the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. As Director of African New World Studies at Florida International University, she developed the Florida Africana Studies Consortium and served on the Commissioner of Education’s Task Force for Implementing the Florida Mandate for the Teaching of African American Experience. She has been president of major academic organizations such as the African Literature Association and the Caribbean Studies Association.

Chowwara railway station

Chowwara railway station is a station serving Chowwara in Ernakulam district, Kerala, India. It lies between the Angamaly and Aluva stations. This station has two platforms, and passenger trains halt here.

The station's elevation is 11 m above sea level. It is in the Southern Railway Zone's Thiruvananthapuram Railway Division (Trivandrum).

Passenger trains that halt at Chowwara include:

56361 Shoranur Jn - Ernakulam Jn Passenger (unreserved)

56370 Ernakulam Guruvayur Passenger (unreserved)

56365 Guruvayur- Punalur Fast Passenger (unreserved)

56362 Ernakulam - Nilambur Road Passenger (unreserved)

56371 Guruvayur Ernakulam Passenger (unreserved)

06732 Piravom Road - Angamaly Special

06733 Angamaly - Ernakulam Jn Special

66611 Palakkad Jn– Ernakulam Jn MEMU

06735 Angamali - Ernakulam Special

56375 Guruvayur Ernakulam Passenger (unreserved)

66612 Ernakulam Jn - Palakkad Jn MEMU

06736 Ernakulam - Angamaly Special

06737 Angamaly - Piravam Road Special

56364 Ernakulam Jn - Shoranur Jn Passenger (unreserved)

56363 Nilambur Road - Ernakulam Passenger (unreserved)

56376 Ernakulam Guruvayur Passenger (unreserved)

56366 Punalur- Guruvayur Fast Passenger (unreserved)

Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple

Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple at Kumble is an ancient temple and is situated eight miles due north of Kasaragod town. According to local religious beliefs, the Krishnashila Idol of the Lord Bala Gopalkrishna, having the features of a child, which was worshipped by Lord Krishna's foster mother Yashoda, is believed to have been presented by the almighty Lord Krishna himself to the sage Kanva Maharshi in Dwaparayuga, who in turn installed the same at its present location where the temple exists. Historical records state that in the 10th Century, the Temple was renovated by King Jayasimha of Kadamba Danasty, whose capital was Kumbla and even the administration of his Kingdom was being done in the name of Kanipura Sri Gopalkrishna. The coronation of Kumbla Rajas was being solemnized at Kanipura Sri Gopalkrishna Temple.

It is stated that Sri Gopalkrishna Temple has the sanctity of over three Yugas of Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yug. The temple was established by Maharshi Kanwa. Believers ascribe to the temple the same sanctity and holiness as that of Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayoor and also to that of Sri Krishna Temple situated at Udupi in Karnataka. Several Lakhs of Devotees offer prayers at the Temple regularly.

Kasaragod North

Kasaragod North is a suburb of Kasaragod city in north Kerala. It is located at the mouth of a lagoon formed by the Shiriya river. The following townships, suburbs and villages are part of Kasaragod North:







Kasaragod district

Kasaragod District is one of the 14 districts in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Kasaragod became part of Kannur district following the reorganisation of states due to predominance of Malayalam speakers. Kasaragod was declared as a district on 24 May 1984.


Kattathadka is a small town in Puthige Grama Panchayat in Kasaragod district, Kerala, India. It is located in Perla-Kumbla road near to Seethangoli, Kasaragod.

Koratty railway station

Koratty Railway Station (Station Code: KRAN), which also known as 'Koratti Angadi' falls between Divine Nagar railway station and Karukutty Railway Station in the busy Shoranur-Cochin Harbour section in Thrissur district. Koratty Railway Station is operated by the Chennai-headquartered Southern Railways of the Indian Railways. All passenger trains stop here.

Kumbla railway station

Kumbla railway station (Code: KMBL) is a railway station in the Kasaragod District, Kerala and falls under the Palakkad railway division of the Southern Railway Zone, Indian Railways.

Lolly (singer)

Lolly (born Anna Shantha Kumble (pronounced KUUM-blay, Kŭmblā); 27 June 1977, Sutton Coldfield) is a British singer, dancer, TV presenter and actress.


Mogral (മൊഗ്രാല്‍) is a village in Kasaragod district in the state of Kerala, India. Mogral is part of Kumbla gram panchayat. The Mogral River flows in southern border of Mogral.

Mullurkara railway station

Mullurkara railway station (Station Code: MUC) falls between Vallathol Nagar Railway Station and Wadakkanchery railway station in the busy Shoranur-Cochin Harbour section in Thrissur district. Mullurkara railway station is operated by the Chennai-headquartered Southern Railways of the Indian Railways. All passenger trains stop here.

Nellayi railway station

Nellayi railway station (Station Code: NYI) falls between the Irinjalakuda railway station and the Pudukad railway station in the Shoranur-Cochin Harbour section. It lies in the busy Shoranur-Cochin Harbour section of Trivandrum division. Ollur Railway Station is operated by the Chennai-headquartered Southern Railways of the Indian Railways.

Perla, Kasaragod

Perla is an administrative capital of Enmakaje Panchayath, which is in Kasaragod District, Kerala, India.

State Highway 31 passes into the Perla Town, which connects Kalladka and Cherkala. Perla is located between Kerala and Karnataka. It is easy to reach Mangalore via Vittal.

It is easy to reach towns like Vittal, Puthur, Uppala, Kumbla, Badiadka, Mulleria, or Seethangoli.

Thuravoor railway station

Thuravoor railway station (Code: TUVR) is a railway station in Alappuzha District, Kerala and falls under the Thiruvananthapuram railway division of the Southern Railway Zone, Indian Railways.

West Hill railway station

West Hill railway station (Code: WH) is a railway station in Kozhikode District, Kerala and falls under the Palakkad railway division of the Southern Railway Zone, Indian Railways.

Cities and towns in Kasaragod district

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