Kottikkulam is a small village in Kasaragod district of Kerala state.


Kottikkulam is a village near Bekal fort. It lies 13 km north of Kanhangad town and 19 km south of Kasaragod town.[1] Coordinates: 12°24′51″N 75°01′21″E / 12.414041°N 75.022415°E

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Alamikkali is a folk festival that takes place in Mangalore, in the Indian state of Karnataka and some areas of Kasargod in Kerala. This festival shows the religious unity of Hindu and Muslim communities. Alamipalli is located in Kasargod district near Kanhangad.

The festival is a memorial to the Karbala war, an important chapter in Muslim history, as they celebrate Muharram. The same commemoration is imitated during the Alamikkali festival.

Hindus create a colourful atmosphere by wearing a traditional alami dress. The religious aspects are done by Muslims only.


Aragalur ("six moat place") is a village in Salem district, Tamil Nadu, India. It is about 6 km from Thalaivasal and 70 km from Salem.

Kotikulam railway station

Kottikkulam railway station is a major railway station serving the town of Kottikulam in the Kasaragod District of Kerala, India.

Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas contributions to the Indian railways

The Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas (KGK) contributions to the Indian railways were widespread from the late 1850s to the latest reorganization of the Indian Railways infrastructure in 2003–2006. The community also widely known as Mistris of Kutch (or Mistry) migrated from Kutch to perform the work and were involved in the laying down of railway tracks and construction of rail bridges in almost all railway routes of undivided British India.

P. A. Ibrahim Haji

P. A. Ibrahim Haji is an Indian Entrepreneur having presence in the Education, Automotive and Jewellery industries. He is the Chairman of PACE Education group, Founder and Vice-chairman of the Indus Motor Company and Co-chairman and key investor of Malabar Gold. There are around 15,000 employees working within his group.


Udma is a census town in Kasaragod district in the Indian state of Kerala.

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