Kot Diji Fort

The Kot Diji Fort (Urdu: کوٹ ڈیجی قلعہ‎; Sindhi: ڪوٽ ڏيجي جو قلعو‎;Fort of the Daughter), formally known as Fort Ahmadabad, is a 19th century Talpur-era fort located in the town of Kot Diji in Khairpur District, Pakistan about 25 miles east of the Indus River at the edge of the Thar Desert. The fort sits above a pre-Harappan Civilization archaeological site dating to 2500 to 2800 B.C.E.[1]

Kot Diji Fort
ڪوٽ ڏيجي جو قلعو
کوٹ ڈیجی قلعہ
Kot Diji Fort by smn-
Kot Diji Fort is located on a hill above the town of Kot Diji.
Location Rohri Hills, Sindh
Nearest city Kot Diji, Pakistan.
Coordinates 27°20′42″N 68°42′23″E / 27.3450794°N 68.7062835°ECoordinates: 27°20′42″N 68°42′23″E / 27.3450794°N 68.7062835°E
Built 1795 C.E.
Kot Diji Fort is located in Sindh
Kot Diji Fort
Location of Kot Diji Fort
ڪوٽ ڏيجي جو قلعو
کوٹ ڈیجی قلعہ‬ in Sindh
Kot Diji Fort is located in Pakistan
Kot Diji Fort
Kot Diji Fort (Pakistan)


The Kot Diji Fort was built by Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur,[2] between 1785 and 1795.[3] The site sits on a hill at the southern end of the Rohri Hills, and sits above a prehistoric mound of the same name, where remains of a pre-Harappan civilization have been found.[4]


The fort sits atop a 110 foot tall high hill that rises above the city of Kot Diji.[3] The fort's 30 foot tall walls encircle the uppermost portion of the fort,[3] resulting a narrow-width fortress with perimeter of 1.8 kilometres.[5] The fort contains three strategically placed towers that are each 50 feet tall.[3] The fort contains several sites for cannon placement, and contains numerous inner passages for protection.[3] The fort also contains a water reservoir, munition storage, prison, courtroom, numerous cells for security personnel, and a small regal residence.[3]


Government of Pakistan has declared it a protected heritage site in Pakistan, though it has been noted that portions of the fort are under control of powerful local families.[6]


Boundry of Kot Digi Fort

A view of the forts defensive outer walls.

Kot Deghi Fort1

The fort sits atop a natural mound.

Kot Diji Fort by smn121-2

Entry way to the fort.

Kot Diji Fort 2
Kot Diji Fort - Khairpur
Kot Diji Fort
Kot Diji 4 by Usman Ghani

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