King Ink

King Ink is a collection of poetry, lyrics, plays and writings by Australian musician and author Nick Cave. It was first published in the United Kingdom by Black Spring Press in 1988.[1]

King Ink
Cover of the first edition of King Ink by Nick Cave. The upper title reads "King Ink" in red text and the lower title reads "Nick Cave" in white text. There is an image of two angels in the centre.
First edition cover, 1988
AuthorNick Cave
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenrePoetry, lyrics, plays
PublisherBlack Spring Press
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback)
Followed byKing Ink II

Other editions

King Ink was also published in Japan and Italy in 1988. The Japanese version contains pictures and illustrations.[2] In 1993, it was published in the United States by 2.13.61.

Translated versions of King Ink have also been published. German translations were done by Peter Selinka Verlag in 1992 and Czech translations were published by Mata, under the title Král Smírák. Italian versions are titled Re Inkiostro, Spanish versions are titled Canciones y Prosa – King Ink, and Greek and French translations also exist.[2]


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