Kiga language

Kiga (also called Rukiga, Ruchiga, or Chiga) is a Great Lakes Bantu language of the Kiga people (Bakiga). Kiga is a similar and partially mutually intelligible with Nkore language. It was first written in the second half of the 19th century.

Kiga is so similar to Nkore (84%–94% lexical similarity[4]) that some argue they are dialects of the same language, called Nkore-Kiga by Charles Taylor.[5]

In common with other Bantu languages, Kiga has a noun class system in which prefixes on nouns mark membership of one of the noun genders. Pronouns, adjectives, and verbs reflect the noun gender of the nominal they refer to. Some examples of noun classes:

  • mu – person (singular), e.g. omukiga = inhabitant of Kigezi land
  • ru – language, e.g. Rukiga = language of the Kiga
  • ba – people, e.g. Bakiga = The Kiga people
  • ki – customs or traditions, e.g. kikiga, (sometimes spelled Kichiga), describes religious tradition common to the Kiga people. Sometimes the people are called 'Chiga' by people misunderstanding the linguistic rules in relation to the prefixes.

The sound [l] is not distinctive in Rukiga. The letter "r" is used instead.

Native toUganda, Rwanda
EthnicityKiga, Twa
Native speakers
1.6 million (2002 census)[1]
Standard forms
Language codes
ISO 639-3cgg

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Compagnie Générale de Géophysique, a geophysical services company that merged to form CGGVeritas in early 2007

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Church of the Great God

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Kiga language, ISO-639 language code

Charles V. Taylor

Charles V. Taylor (30 November 1918 – 2009) was an Australian linguist and the author of at least 19 books on topics ranging from African linguistics to ecclesiastical history. He was also known as a Bible teacher and a frequent Christian magazine contributor.


Kiga may refer to:

the Kiga people of Rwanda and Uganda

the Kiga language

Kiga, Iran, a village in Tehran Province

Kiga Station, a train station in Japan

Nkore-Kiga language

Nkore-Kiga is a language spoken by around 3,910,000 people living in the

extreme southwest of Uganda. It is often defined as two separate languages: Nkore and Kiga.

It is closely related to Runyoro-Rutooro.

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