Kappil, Thiruvananthapuram

Kappil is a tourist place in Thiruvananthapuram district , Kerala state, India. It is located in Edava Panchayat at the cost of Arabian Sea, near Paravoor..[2] Currently kappil is under Chathannoor Constituency.

Sunset at Kappil beach
Sunset at Kappil beach
Kappil is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Kappil is located in India
Kappil (India)
Coordinates: 8°46′49″N 76°40′35″E / 8.78028°N 76.67639°ECoordinates: 8°46′49″N 76°40′35″E / 8.78028°N 76.67639°E
Country India
 • Total3 km2 (1 sq mi)
 • OfficialMalayalam
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0470
Vehicle registrationKL-02,KL-24, KL-16
Nearest cityVarkala , Paravoor
Lok Sabha constituencyChathannoor


  • Road

Kappil is connected with Varkala - Paravur - Kollam Road. Varkala Municipal Bus Station opposite to Varkala Railway Station is well connected to Attingal, Trivandrum, Kollam, etc. KSRTC and private buses are doing services in Kappil village to adjacent cities like Varkala, Trivandrum, Kollam, Paravur, etc.

  • Rail

Varkala Railway Station which is 7km from Kappil is well connected to major cities like Trivandrum ,Delhi,Chennai ,Goa,Hyderabad,Kollam , Kochi , Mumbai , Kanyakumari, Bangalore etc

Kappil railway station is within the village (700m) is connected by passenger trains from Trivandrum, Kollam,Nagercoil,Kanyakumari etc

Edavai railway station with in the panchayat is also situated 4km from Kappil is connected with passenger trains from Trivandrum,Kollam,Nagercoil etc.

  • Air

Trivandrum International Airport which is 48km from Kappil.


Kappil beach 02.jpeg
Kappil beach
Kappil beach sunset.jpeg
Kappil beach sunset

Scenic backwaters, beach and facilities for watersport are available. Nellatil, Edava, Paravur, Nadayara, Varkala etc. are locations in the vicinity which are worth visiting.

Kappil is also famous for Kappil Bhagavathy Temple and a tourist spot during the festival season.


Kappil boatclub

Kappil boatclub

Kappil Beach

The lonely beach

Kappil bridge

A beautiful evening view from Paravur-Kappil bridge

Kappil lakeview

Edava-Nadayara Lake & Kappil Railway Bridge

Kapil rain

A rainy day

Kappil lake boat race (15-Feb-2009)

Thekkumbhagam boat race


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Aathanad is a mountain situated in Vallanghy, Nemmara, Palakkad, Kerala.

It is famous for the Ayyappa Temple in the top of the mountain. The annual festival held here on Malayalam month Dhanu 9 or (December 24). People from different places will come here to hire this mountain to get blessed. Nellikulangara Temple is situated in the valley of this Aathanad, where the famous Vallanghy-Nenmara Vela is celebrating every year.

From the top of the Aathanadu mountain we will get a great view of the Vallanghy, Nemmara towns, Pothundi Dam, Nelliyampathy hills and the green carpet of paddy fields which makes Palakkad the Granary of Kerala. The mountain hiring gives a good experience.

Charpa Falls

Charpa Falls is a waterfall located in Athirappilly panchayath in Thrissur district of Kerala. Located on the west-flowing Chalakudy River, this waterfall lies in between the more famous Athirappilly Falls and Vazhachal Falls. It is a popular stopover for tourists who are visiting the Athirappilly and Vazhachal Falls. It is located close to the road, and during monsoon months (June to August), the water splashes onto the road. During the dry season, the water stops flowing.

Kandassankadavu Boat Race

The Kandassankadavu Boat Race (Malayalam: കണ്ടശ്ശാംകടവ് ജലോത്സവം) is a popular Vallam Kali held in the Enamakkal Lake and Conolly Canal in Kandassankadavu of Thrissur District, Kerala, India. The race is conducted on the Thiruvonam day of the Onam festival followed by a 10-day festival. The trophy is known as Chief Minister's Ever-Rolling Trophy. Competitions were held for the Iruttukuthi and Churulan boats category.


Kappil may refer to:

Kappil, Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Kappil, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Kappil Bhagavathy Temple

Kappil Bhagavathy Temple

Kappil Bhagavathy Temple is a famous temple in southern Kerala located at Kappil, Thiruvananthapuram.

There are two temples, one for Lord Siva and the other for Devi Bhadrakali.

The festival that occurs in Bhadrakali temple also occurs on a holiday celebrating "Meena Bharani".

The Kappil Lord Shiva temple is believed to be about 2,000 years old. The idol of Lord Shiva faces to the west. The legend says that there was also a 5,000-year-old temple which was positioned in the same direction towards west, but is now located under the Arabian sea. That 5,000-year-old temple was said to have a ‘Swarna kodi maram-/Golden Flag Staff’.

Kappil Bhagavathy Temple is listed in many of the histories of Kerala. The old royal family from Thiruvithaamkoor used to visit it during their summer vacation, and It is believed by residents of the area that the cosmic power of the temple is strong. The Kripa of Lord Shiva flows like the River Ganges. The temple is also considered an apt spot for those who seek self-realization.


Karivela is a festival in which many volunteers paint in black with charcoal (Kari in Malayalam language) and walk through the streets, this festival is conducted as part of other festivals, like Nemmara Vela, Kuthira Vela etc. These men usually controls the people who come to watch the festival. Kari Vela is usually seen in Palakkad District of Kerala, south India.


Keralotsavam is the national Youth Festival of Kerala. It is co-ordinated by Kerala State Youth Welfare Board.

Manalar Waterfalls

Manalar Waterfalls is situated at Achankovil in Kollam district of Kerala. It is on the eastern area of Kollam District and Konni forest. Manalar Waterfall is about 112 km away from Kollam city.

Muziris beach

Muziris Beach ( also known as Munambam Beach ) is situated at the north end of Vypin Island in Ernakulam.

Nalukulangara Pooram

Nalukulangara Pooram is a popular temple festival of the South Indian state of Kerala. It is held at the Nalukulangara Maha Devi Temple in Alleppy District every year on the 'Pooram' (Malayalam: പൂരം, pronounced [puːɾam]) day of the Malayalam Calendar month of 'Makaram'. 'Pooram' day is the day when the moon rises with the Pooram star. People celebrate pooram without any religious difference. And it is a good time for street vendors.

Oliyarik Waterfalls

Oliyarik Waterfalls is a waterfall situated near Anchal in Kollam district, India. It is the less known one among the four waterfalls in Kollam district. The falls is about 55 km away from Kollam city.


Onathallu or Avittathallu is a festival celebrated by the Nairs of Pallassena Desham in the Chittur Thaluk in Palakkad district, in the southernmost state of India, Kerala .


Padinjarechira is one of the four oldest ponds in Thrissur city of Kerala in India. It was built by Shakthan Thampuran (1751-1805) and is one of Thrissur's famous landmarks. It is owned by Vadakke Madhom.

Palaruvi Falls

Palaruvi Falls (Malayalam: പാലരുവി വെള്ളച്ചാട്ടം) is a waterfall located in Kollam district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is the 32nd highest waterfall in India.Palaruvi (literally "stream of milk") falls from a height of 300 feet (91 m) and is situated at Aryankavu in the Kollam district of the south Indian state of Kerala.

Pattathippara Falls

Pattathippara Falls is a cascade waterfall located in Pananchery Grama Panchayat in Thrissur district of Kerala, India. The entry into waterfalls area blocked since it's inside the reserve forest. Unauthorized entry will attract imprisonment 1 to 5 years and up to ₹5000 as fine. The waterfalls is three-tiered but appears in rainy seasons as a single fall.

Snehatheeram Beach

Snehatheeram Beach or Love Shore is beach in Thalikulam of Thrissur District in Kerala State of India. It lies on the coast of Arabian Sea and attracts domestic tourists in every season. The beach was selected as the best beach tourism destination by the Department of Tourism (Kerala) during the year 2010. The beach is maintained by the Department of Tourism (Kerala).

Triprayar Boat Race

The Triprayar Boat Race (Malayalam: തൃപ്രയാര്‍ ജലോത്സവം) is a popular Vallam Kali held in the Conolly Canal in Triprayar of Thrissur District, Kerala, India. The boat race is conducted by the Thriprayar Arts and Sports Club in front of the Shree Rama Temple. The race is for 3 kilometre from Vennakkadavu to Triprayar.

Vazhachal Falls

Vazhachal Falls is situated in Athirappilly Panchayath of Thrissur district in Kerala on the southwest coast of India. Located on the west-flowing Chalakudy River near the Vazhachal Forest Division and at the edge of the Sholayar ranges, it is just 5 km from entrance of Athirappilly Falls. It is located 36 km from Chalakudy.


Veeranpuzha is a lake in Cochin, Kerala, India. It is the northern extension of Vembanad Lake. From Kochi Azhi to Munambam Azhi, the Vembanad lake is popularly known as "Veeranpuzha". In the early 1980s there were regular ferry services from Munambam to Ernakulam. The area has large paddy fields devoid of human habitation.

Non-availability of fresh water is a reason for lack of dense human settlements.

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