Kango language (Bas-Uélé District)

Kango is a Bantu language spoken in the Bas-Uele District of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It may be a cover term for various dialects spoken by fishermen in the area.

Native toDR Congo
Native speakers
5,900 (2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3kty


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Kango (disambiguation)

Kango is a town in the Estuaire Province of Gabon.

Kango may also refer to:

Kango people, Mbuty Pygmy people of the Ituri Rainforest, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kango language, Bantu language spoken by some of the Kango people

Kango language (Bas-Uélé District), Bantu language spoken in Bas-Uele District, northern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sino-Japanese vocabulary, also called by its Japanese name kango (漢語)

Slang term for jackhammer

A brand of jackhammer made by the Milwaukee Electric Tool CorporationPeople with the name Kango include:

Mayuri Kango (born 1982), Indian actress from Aurangabad

Naaba Kango (fl. 1754–1787), ruler of the Mossi state of Yatenga in present-day Burkina Faso; see List of rulers of the Mossi state of Yatenga

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