Kamba language

Kamba/ˈkæmbə/[4], or Kikamba, is a Bantu language that is spoken by the Kamba people of Kenya. It is also spoken by 5,000 people in Tanzania (Thaisu).

Kamba has lexical similarities to other Bantu languages such as Kikuyu, Meru and Embu.

In Kenya, Kamba is generally spoken in four counties: Machakos, Kitui, Makueni, and Kwale. The Machakos variety is considered the standard variety and has been used in translation.

Dance song. Male solo. Akamba. Machakos. 1911-12.
Dance song. Machakos. Akamba. 1911-12

The Swedish National Museums of World Culture holds field recordings of kamba language made by Swedish ethnographer Gerhard Lindblom in 1911-12.[5] Lindblom used phonograph cylinders to record songs along with other means of documentation in writing and photography. He also gathered objects, and later presented his work in The Akamba in British East Africa (1916).

Native toKenya, Tanzania
RegionMachakos, Kitui, Makueni and Shimba Hills
Native speakers
3.9 million (2009 census)[1]
600,000 L2 speakers
Language codes
ISO 639-2kam
ISO 639-3Either:
kam – Kamba
dhs – Dhaiso (Thaisu)


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It should not be confused with the Bembe language (Ibembe) spoken in Congo-Kinshasa and Tanzania.

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Kamba may refer to:

Kamba people of Kenya

Bena-Kamba, a community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Khampa, also spelled Kamba, Tibetan people of Kham

Kamba language (disambiguation)

Kamba language (Kenya)

Kamba may also refer to:

Kaamba language (Congo)

Kamba language (New Guinea)

an alternative name for Chiriguano Guarani

Kamba people of Brazil, who identify as and speak Chiquitano

Kamba people

The Kamba or Akamba people are a Bantu ethnic group - or tribe - who live in the eastern and south eastern areas of Kenya, formerly Eastern Province of Kenya stretching east from Nairobi to Tsavo and north up to Embu, Kenya. This land is called Ukambani which constitutes of Makueni County, Kitui County and Machakos County and coastal Counties of Kwale, Mombasa and Kilifi. Kambas are also found in parts of Tana River County.

Sources vary on whether Kambas are the third, fourth or fifth largest ethnic group in Kenya. They make up to 11 percent of Kenya's population. They speak the Bantu Kikamba language as a mother tongue. The Kamba are predominantly based in Machakos, Kitui and Makueni Counties of Kenya. The total population of the Kamba stands at approximately 4.1 million. The Kamba are also called Akamba or Wakamba.


Kitui is a town in Kenya, 180 kilometres east of Nairobi and 105 kilometres east of Machakos. Due to political reforms, Kitui is now the headquarters of Kitui County, which covers a larger area than the former Kitui District did. As a consequence, the city has become a natural meeting point for politicians and businessmen therefore, most of the hotels are expanding.

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