Kalypso Media

Kalypso Media GmbH, commonly referred to as just Kalypso, is a German video game developer and publisher. Founded in summer 2006 by industry veterans Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek, the company has published and/or developed a number of titles such as Sins of a Solar Empire,[1] Ceville, Dungeons, Airline Tycoon 2, Boulder Dash, DarkStar One, Disciples, Patrician IV, Tropico 3, Tropico 4 and Tropico 5.

Kalypso Media GmbH
Games publisher & developer
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 2006
Headquarters Worms, Germany
Key people
Simon Hellwig
Stefan Marcinek
Number of employees
120+ (2011)
Website www.kalypsomedia.com


Kalypso Media was founded in summer 2006 in Worms, located in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan area. The company employs more than 120 people. Kalypso Media today has publishing offices in Germany, Great Britain and in North America and runs an online distribution network. As of March 2017, Kalypso runs two in-house development studios in Germany:

Former studios:

  • Noumena Studios, based in Berlin. Formed in 2010 by former Silver Style Entertainment (1993–2010) employees following the bankruptcy of their parent company TGC and Kalypso's acquiring of TCG's assets. Later renamed Skilltree Studios in 2014, and closed down in March 2016.

Notable games published

Release date Title Notes
2018 Tropico 6
2018 Railway Empire
2017 Dungeons 3
2017 Vikings: Wolves of Midgard
2017 Sudden Strike 4
2017 Urban Empire
2015 Crookz
2015 Grand Ages: Medieval
2015 Dungeons 2
2014 Tropico 5
2013 Dark
2013 Rise of Venice
2013 Alien Spidey
2013 Dollar Dash
2013 Omerta - City of Gangsters
2012 Anna
2012 Sine Mora
2012 Legends of Pegasus
2012 Hard Reset: Extended Edition
2012 Port Royale 3
2012 Jurassic Park: The Game
2012 Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
2011 Global Ops: Commando Libya
2011 Airline Tycoon II
2011 Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
2011 Tropico 4
2011 Boulder Dash XL
2011 Revolution Under Siege
2011 Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty
2011 The First Templar
2011 Elements of War
2011 Dungeons
2011 Dungeons - The Dark Lord
2010 Disciples III
2010 Pole Position 2010
2010 DarkStar One: Broken Alliance (Xbox 360)
2010 Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade
2010 Darkfall Online Distribution only
2010 M.U.D. TV
2009 Tropico 3
2009 Time of Shadows
2009 Dawn of Magic 2
2009 Ceville
2009 Grand Ages: Rome
2008 Winter Challenge 2008
2008 AGON - The Lost Sword of Toledo
2008 Imperium Romanum
2008 Political Machine 2008
2008 Racing Team Manager
2007 Jack Keane
2007 Hollywood Pictures 2
2007 Campus
2007 Star Assault
2007 Theatre of War


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