KTMW, virtual and UHF digital channel 20, is a Telemundo owned-and-operated television station licensed to Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The station is owned by the NBC Owned Television Stations subsidiary of NBCUniversal (itself a subsidiary of Comcast). KTMW's studios are located on South Redwood Road in the northwestern section of Salt Lake City, and its transmitter is located on Farnsworth Peak in the Oquirrh Mountains, southwest of Salt Lake City.

KTMW's programming is relayed on three low-power digital translators: Class A stations KULX-CD (UHF channel 14) in Ogden and KEJT-CD (UHF channel 21) in Salt Lake City, and KULU-LD (UHF channel 16) in Park City.

Telemundo Utah logo
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States
BrandingTelemundo Utah
ChannelsDigital: 20 (UHF)
Virtual: 20 (PSIP)
TranslatorsKULX-CD 10 (14 UHF) Ogden
KEJT-CD 21 Salt Lake City
KULU-LD 16 Park City
Affiliations20.1: Telemundo (2015–present; O&O since 2019)
20.2: TeleXitos
20.3/20.4: [Blank]
20.5: Light TV
20.6: Quest
(NBC Telemundo License LLC)
FoundedDecember 8, 1997
First air dateMarch 31, 2001
Call letters' meaningTelemundo Mountain West (as a backronym; T originally "The")
Former channel number(s)Analog:
20 (UHF, 2001–2009)
Former affiliationsAnalog/DT1:
Religious Independent
The Family Channel
Jewelry Television
Grit (until 2019)
Laff (until 2019)
LATV (until 2019)
Transmitter power55.3 kW
Height1,171 m (3,842 ft)
Facility ID10177
Transmitter coordinates40°39′12″N 112°12′9″W / 40.65333°N 112.20250°WCoordinates: 40°39′12″N 112°12′9″W / 40.65333°N 112.20250°W
Licensing authorityFCC
Public license informationProfile


The channel 20 allocation in Salt Lake City was originally occupied by KSTU (an independent station the time, now a Fox affiliate) from 1978 to 1987. As part of a deal that was approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the KSTU intellectual unit moved to channel 13 in 1987 and currently operates under a separate license. The old channel 20 license was deleted; KTMW's license dates back to its filing on December 8, 1997. Alpha & Omega Broadcasting, former owners of KOOG (channel 30), was granted the license in 1998. KTMW signed on March 31, 2001, with a religious format. The station would run shows like The 700 Club, Joyce Meyer, James Robison, and others; the original meaning of the calls stood for "The Master's Way". It eventually affiliated with FamilyNet and ran its classic TV shows for about a third of the day.

On April 1, 2015, Alpha & Omega Communications filed an application to sell KTMW to Serestar Communications.[1] It was approved by the FCC on August 13, 2015. The sale was completed on August 31, 2015.[2]

On July 30, 2015, Airwaves, Inc. filed an application to sell KULX-CD and KULU-CD to Serestar, who immediately took over the station's operations through a time brokerage agreement (TBA).[3] The sale was completed on October 7, 2015.[4] Later that month, KTMW switched to Telemundo, simulcasting low-power sister station KULX-CD.

Serestar agreed to sell KTMW, KULX-CD, and KULU-CD to NBCUniversal on November 28, 2018, as part of a $21 million deal;[5] that transaction closed on March 5, 2019.[6] NBCUniversal already owned the KEJT-CD license, with Serestar operating it under a TBA that was terminated concurrent with the sale.[7]

KULX logo
Older station logos.

Digital television

Digital channels

The station's digital signal is multiplexed:

Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[8]
20.1 720p 16:9 KTMW Main KTMW programming / Telemundo
20.2 480i 4:3 T-Xitos TeleXitos
20.3 GRIT [Blank]
20.4 LAFF
20.5 16:9 LightTV Light TV
20.6 Quest Quest

Analog-to-digital conversion

Because it was granted an original construction permit after the FCC finalized the DTV allotment plan on April 21, 1997,[9] the station did not receive a companion channel for a digital television station. KTMW shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 20, on June 12, 2009,[10] and "flash-cut" its digital signal into operation UHF channel 20. KTMW used NVerzion Automation to complete the flash cut.[11]

Original programming

Ktmw logo
Logo used until 2015.

When it was owned by Alpha & Omega Communications, KTMW's original programming had included:[12]

  • Heart for the Lost with Andy Bird – a program that discusses Evangelism, Apologetics and Christ.[13]
  • Heart of the Matter with Shawn McCraney[14] – author of I Was a Born-Again Mormon[15] and pastor of C.A.M.P.U.S (Christian Anarchists Meeting Prayerfully Understand Scripture),[16] McCraney offers his personal insight about the differences between Mormonism and Evangelical Christianity. In January 2013, Heart of the Matter was abruptly canceled under pressure from local Evangelical pastors who feared McCraney would discuss and possibly criticize them and their methods.[17]
  • Polygamy: What Love Is This?[18] with Doris Hanson[19] – a live television, phone-in talk show program broadcast weekly on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Produced by A Shield and Refuge Ministry,[19] who offers assistance to those trying to leave a polygamous lifestyle,[20] and is hosted by Hanson, a former member of a Utah polygamous community known as the Davis Co-Operative Society.[21]
  • The Ancient Paths with Jason Wallace[22] – a television ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church (an Orthodox Presbyterian Church), in Magna, Utah. The host discusses his perspective on various topics and takes questions and comments from callers.
  • This Week in the Word with Greg Johnson[23] – as founder of the evangelical Standing Together ministry, Rev. Johnson is joined by two other local Pastors for weekly theological discussions. A common topic is dialogue between faith groups found in Utah.
  • Word of the Kingdom with Ernest Khokhar[24] – a television ministry of Miracle Rock International Ministries, where Pastor Khokhar hosts bible study, interviews, and call-in prayer lines.


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Brent W. Jeffs

Brent W. Jeffs is an author, advocate, and member of the influential Jeffs family in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church).

Jeffs wrote the memoir Lost Boy along with author Maia Szalavitz, which was released on May 19, 2009. The book is a depiction of life within the FLDS Church and his ostracism from the organization at a young age. The title of the book comes from the term "the lost boys", which refers to the many young men expelled from the FLDS Church. Jeffs is a grandson to FLDS "prophet" Rulon Jeffs, nephew to imprisoned FLDS "prophet" Warren Jeffs and Lyle Jeffs, and his mother is the daughter of another non-FLDS "prophet" as well.Jeffs was born to Ward Jeffs, son of Rulon Jeffs. Ward had three wives, two of whom were sisters. Between these marriages, Brent had nineteen siblings. Ward eventually left the church, leaving Brent in the FLDS community per Brent's request. Eventually, Brent left the compound and moved into a small apartment with four of his older brothers, where they experimented with alcohol, drug use and partying.In 2004 Jeffs named Warren Jeffs as the perpetrator in a civil lawsuit seeking damages for sexual abuse he had suffered as a boy. Lost Boy depicts much of the sexual abuse that was inflicted upon him beginning at ages 5 or 6. The memoir also includes abuse from Warren's brothers and other family members.Jeffs has appeared on the NPR radio show, Fresh Air, hosted by interviewer Teri Gross, the television show Polygamy: What Love Is This?, Hannity and Dr. Phil, with each appearance having to do with the FLDS and polygamy. In each appearance Jeffs discusses the dangers of the FLDS lifestyle and abuse from Warren Jeffs and other influential FLDS Church leaders.

Since releasing his memoir, Jeffs has married and had a daughter. They live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Channel 20 digital TV stations in the United States

The following television stations broadcast on digital channel 20 in the United States:

K20BP-D in Phillips County, Montana

K20BR-D in Gage, etc., Oklahoma

K20CV-D in Raton, New Mexico

K20DD-D in Albany, etc., Oregon

K20DE-D in Alturas/Likely, California

K20DN-D in Wichita Falls, Texas

K20EH-D in Hood River, Oregon

K20FR-D in Hawthorne, Nevada

K20FS-D in Peetz, Colorado

K20GE-D in Garfield, etc., Utah

K20GG-D in Duncan, Arizona

K20GH-D in Milford, etc., Utah

K20GJ-D in Bloomington, Utah

K20GK-D in Pleasant Valley, Colorado

K20GQ-D in Las Vegas, New Mexico

K20GT-D in Indian Village, New Mexico

K20HM-D in Idalia, Colorado

K20HT-D in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

K20ID-D in Kingman, Arizona

K20IJ-D in Wauneta, Nebraska

K20IM-D in Barstow, California

K20IR-D in Cottage Grove, Oregon

K20IT-D in Boise City, Oklahoma

K20IV-D in Baker City, etc., Oregon

K20IY-D in Capitol Reef National, Utah

K20JB-D in Hollis, Oklahoma

K20JD-D in Cherokee & Alva, Oklahoma

K20JE-D in Navajo Mtn. Sch., etc., Utah

K20JF-D in Oljeto, Utah

K20JG-D in Salida, etc., Colorado

K20JL-D in Ellensburg, etc., Washington

K20JQ-D in Wells, Nevada

K20JS-D in Glasgow, Montana

K20JT-D in Corpus Christi, Texas

K20JV-D in Overton, Nevada

K20JW-D in Jacks Cabin, Colorado

K20JX-D in Sacramento, California

K20JY-D in Olivia, Minnesota

K20JZ-D in Green River, Utah

K20KA-D in Ferron, Utah

K20KB-D in Huntington, Utah

K20KC-D in Mexican Hat, etc., Utah

K20KE-D in Fort Morgan, Colorado

K20KF-D in Davenport, Iowa

K20KG-D in Pasco, Washington

K20KI-D in Rapid City, South Dakota

K20KJ-D in Bryan, Texas

K20KL-D in Drummond, Montana

K20KO-D in Julesburg, Colorado

K20KQ-D in Livingston, etc., Montana

K20KT-D in Dora, New Mexico

K20KU-D in Montpelier, Idaho

K20LD-D in Ely, Nevada

K20LF-D in Wendover, Utah

K20LH-D in Ridgecrest, California

K20LK-D in Colstrip, etc., Montana

K20LL-D in Reedsport, Oregon

K20LN-D in Helper, Utah

K20LP-D in St. James, Minnesota

K20LQ-D in Yakima, Washington

K20LT-D in Diamond Basin, etc., Wyoming

K20ML-D in Parks, etc., Arizona

K20MS-D in Richfield, etc., Utah

K20MZ-D in Mayfield, Utah

K20NL-D in Grays River/Lebam, Washington

K20NR-D in International Falls, Minnesota

K20NT-D in McDermitt, Nevada

K25LQ-D in Elk City, Oklahoma

K38AC-D in Alexandria, Minnesota

K38LQ-D in Roseburg, Oregon

K40FM-D in Milton-Freewater, Oregon

K41LL-D in Nephi, Utah

K44JR-D in Laughlin, Nevada

K45KV-D in Orderville, Utah

K48NK-D in Cortez, etc., Colorado

KABY-LD in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

KAKH-LD in Lufkin, Texas

KBLR in Paradise, Nevada

KBOP-LD in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

KBXS-CD in Shreveport, Louisiana

KCVU in Paradise, California

KEFN-CD in St. Louis, Missouri

KETV in Omaha, Nebraska

KFKY-LD in Joplin, Missouri

KFNB in Casper, Wyoming

KFTV-DT in Hanford, California

KFXV-LD in McAllen, Texas

KJCT-LP in Grand Junction, Colorado

KJNP-TV in North Pole, Alaska

KJRE in Ellendale, North Dakota

KLRA-CD in Little Rock, Arkansas

KLTL-TV in Lake Charles, Louisiana

KNLJ in Jefferson City, Missouri

KNSN-TV in Reno, Nevada

KOXI-CD in Camas, Washington

KPAZ-TV in Phoenix, Arizona

KQCW-DT in Muskogee, Oklahoma

KQHO-LD in Houston, Texas

KQRE-LD in Bend, Oregon

KREM in Spokane, Washington

KRMT in Denver, Colorado

KRMU in Durango, Colorado

KRTX-LP in San Antonio, Texas

KSMQ-TV in Austin, Minnesota

KSZG-LD in Aspen, Colorado

KTBY in Anchorage, Alaska

KTEJ in Jonesboro, Arkansas

KTFN in El Paso, Texas

KTFT-LD in Twin Falls, Idaho

KTLE-LD in Odessa, Texas

KTMW in Salt Lake City, Utah

KTXS-TV in Sweetwater, Texas

KUKC-LD in Kansas City, Missouri

KUVM-CD in Missouri City, Texas

KVME-TV in Bishop, California

KWSM-LD in Santa Maria, California

KXFX-CD in Brownsville, Texas

KXTU-LD in Colorado Springs, Colorado

KZSD-LP in San Diego, California

KZTN-LD in Boise, Idaho

KZUP-CD in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

W20AD-D in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

W20BL-D in Bath, New York

W20CP-D in Mansfield, Pennsylvania

W20CQ-D in Hempstead, New York

W20CS-D in Rutland, Vermont

W20CT-D in Augusta, Kentucky

W20DD-D in Marion, etc., North Carolina

W20DE-D in Birmingham, Alabama

W20EF-D in Teaneck, New Jersey

WARP-CD in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida

WBII-CD in Holly Springs, Mississippi

WBSE-LP in Charleston, South Carolina

WBXX-TV in Crossville, Tennessee

WCCT-TV in Waterbury, Connecticut

WCOV-TV in Montgomery, Alabama

WCVB-TV in Boston, Massachusetts

WCZC-LD in Augusta, Georgia

WDZA-LD in Wilmington, North Carolina

WFMJ-TV in Youngstown, Ohio

WFTV in Daytona Beach, Florida

WHA-TV in Madison, Wisconsin

WHMB-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana

WHSV-TV in Harrisonburg, Virginia

WKBJ-LD in Live Oak, Florida

WLRN-TV in Miami, Florida

WLWD-LD in Springfield, Ohio

WLZE-LD in Fort Myers, Florida

WMPN-TV in Jackson, Mississippi

WMPV-TV in Mobile, Alabama

WNYI in Ithaca, New York

WOST in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

WOTH-CD in Cincinnati, Ohio

WOTV in Battle Creek, Michigan

WPCH-TV in Atlanta, Georgia

WPVN-CD in Chicago, Illinois

WQAW-LP in Lake Shore, Maryland

WSCF-LP in Melbourne, Florida

WSJN-CD in San Juan, Puerto Rico

WSVI in Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands

WTSN-CD in Evansville, Indiana

WUND-TV in Edenton, North Carolina

WUVI-LD in West Lafayette, Indiana

WUWB-LD in West Branch, Michigan

WWCW in Lynchburg, Virginia

WWLM-CD in Washington, PennsylvaniaThe following stations, which are no longer licensed, formerly broadcast on digital channel 20:

K10PB-D in Montezuma Creek/Aneth, Utah

K20BI-D in Nesika Beach, Oregon

K20CP-D in Elmo, Montana

KEXT-CD in San Jose, California

KTUD-CD in Las Vegas, Nevada

WAZF-CD in Front Royal, Virginia

WDUE-LD in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Channel 20 virtual TV stations in the United States

The following television stations operate on virtual channel 20 in the United States:

K02QI-D in Hesperus, Colorado

K09XL-D in Douglas, Wyoming

K11UW-D in Akron, Colorado

K18JF-D in Lafayette, Louisiana

K20DN-D in Wichita Falls, Texas

K20IM-D in Barstow, California

K20IT-D in Boise City, Oklahoma

K20JS-D in Glasgow, Montana

K20KI-D in Rapid City, South Dakota

K20KJ-D in Bryan, Texas

K20LP-D in St. James, Minnesota

K20LQ-D in Yakima, Washington

K24EZ-D in Idalia, Colorado

K25LT-D in Cortez, Colorado

K27EE-D in Ukiah, California

K28FW-D in Peetz, Colorado

K28IX-D in Pleasant Valley, Colorado

K30HA-D in Yuma, Colorado

K36IH-D in Ignacio, Colorado

K38AC-D in Alexandria, Minnesota

K38LJ-D in Grants Pass, Oregon

K41MT-D in Wray, Colorado

KAKH-LD in Lufkin, Texas

KBOP-LD in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

KCVU in Paradise, California

KEFN-CD in St. Louis, Missouri

KFKY-LD in Joplin, Missouri

KFNB in Casper, Wyoming

KGBY in Grand Junction, Colorado

KIKU in Honolulu, Hawaii

KLRA-CD in Little Rock, Arkansas

KNLA-CD in Los Angeles, California

KOFY-TV in San Francisco, California

KOXI-CD in Camas, Washington

KRMU in Durango, Colorado

KRTX-LP in San Antonio, Texas

KSMN in Worthington, Minnesota

KSZG-LD in Aspen, Colorado

KTBW-TV in Tacoma, Washington

KTMW in Salt Lake City, Utah

KTVD in Denver, Colorado

KTXH in Houston, Texas

KVME-TV in Bishop, California

KWJM-LD in Rochester, Minnesota

KWKB in Iowa City, Iowa

KWYF-LD in Casper, Wyoming

KZTN-LD in Boise, Idaho

W08EG-D in Toccoa, Georgia

W11DD-D in Hartwell & Royston, Georgia

W20EF-D in Teaneck, New Jersey

W48DB-D in Coloma, Wisconsin

WARP-CD in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida

WBBH-TV in Fort Myers, Florida

WBII-CD in Holly Springs, Mississippi

WBSE-LP in Charleston, South Carolina

WBXX-TV in Crossville, Tennessee

WCCT-TV in Waterbury, Connecticut

WCES-TV in Wrens, Georgia

WCJB-TV in Gainesville, Florida

WCOV-TV in Montgomery, Alabama

WCWG in Lexington, North Carolina

WCZC-LD in Augusta, Georgia

WDCA in Washington, D.C.

WDZA-LD in Wilmington, North Carolina

WFYI in Indianapolis, Indiana

WHNO in New Orleans, Louisiana

WHRM-TV in Wausau, Wisconsin

WICS in Springfield, Illinois

WIMN-CA in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

WKPV in Ponce, Puerto Rico

WLWD-LD in Springfield, Ohio

WMYD in Detroit, Michigan

WOTH-CD in Cincinnati, Ohio

WOUB-TV in Athens, Ohio

WQDI-LD in Canton, Ohio

WSCF-LP in Melbourne, Florida

WSJN-CD in San Juan, Puerto Rico

WTSN-CD in Evansville, Indiana

WUTR in Utica, New York

WUWB-LD in West Branch, Michigan

WVTB in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

WYCC in Chicago, IllinoisThe following stations, which are no longer licensed, formerly operated on virtual channel 20:

WDUE-LD in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Corey J. Hodges

Corey J. Hodges (born December 14, 1970 in St. Petersburg, Florida) is an African-American preacher and the chaplain for the NBA Utah Jazz professional basketball team. He was a columnist for The Salt Lake Tribune faith section for five years. He was also a regular host of the television program This week in the Word which aired weekly on Utah's KTMW. Hodges is currently the pastor of The Point Church, a Multicultural Christian Community in Salt Lake City, Utah that has membership from over 40 different nations and holds weekly services in both English and Spanish. His church is affiliated with both the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. and the Southern Baptist Convention. Hodges is the Vice-President of the Utah Idaho Southern Baptist Convention, and he served six years as the president of the Intermountain General Baptist Convention Inc., which covers three states: Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Hodges is a member of the Utah State Ethics Commission, appointed by Utah Governor Gary Herbert (the Commission investigates ethics allegations against officials in any political subdivision in the state). In 2006, Hodges was appointed to serve on the Initiative on Utah Children in Foster Care (IOU) board by Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine M. Durham. He previously served on the Governor’s Olene Walker Board of Economic Development.

Hodges is a 2006 recipient of the Community of Peace Award given to outstanding citizens who model peace and make a personal commitment towards making Salt Lake County a community of peace. In 2009, he received the City of Taylorsville, Utah citizen’s award and in 2010, Utah Governor Gary Herbert presented him with an award for his outstanding service to the Utah community. Pastor Hodges is also the 2010 recipient of the NAACP Salt Lake Branch Albert B. Fritz Civil Rights/Humanitarian Worker of the Year Award. He is the founder of the New Pilgrim School of Fine Arts.

On July 14, 2007 Hodges wrote a column for The Salt Lake Tribune titled, "Women face many difficulties leaving abusive spouses," in which he stated that Fox News Channel commentator Bill O'Reilly blamed Nancy Benoit and Jessie Davis for their deaths. O'Reilly retorted by calling Hodges' claim an "outrageous lie" on the July 16 O'Reilly Factor "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." Hodges responded with another column in the Salt Lake Tribune on July 21 titled, "Perhaps I misunderstood O'Reilly's comments about murders," in which he argued that his statements were "probably more accurately characterized as a misinterpretation rather than a lie." On his July 23 show, O'Reilly again said that Hodges statements were a "flat out lie."

Hodges holds an associates and bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing and a Masters of Arts in Divinity from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Cornerstone Television

The Cornerstone TeleVision Network is a non-commercial Christian broadcast and satellite television network based in Wall, Pennsylvania, United States. Its founder was Russ Bixler. The network has 44 full-power, 57 low-power affiliate stations, 1 online affiliate station, and it is on the Glorystar satellite service.

Farnsworth Peak

Farnsworth Peak is a peak located on the northern end of the Oquirrh Mountain range, approximately 18 miles (29 km) south west of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The mountain is named for Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of the first completely electronic television. It is used mainly for radio and television transmission, but could potentially become part of a ski resort owned by nearby Kennecott Land. On the eastern side of the mountain, the land is completely private, and access is restricted. The peak can be reached by hiking from the Tooele side, which is mostly public land. The Bureau of Land Management land extends from Ridge Peak west to the base of the mountain. Public access to this land is available off SR-36 near Lake Point. Several cattle gates need to be opened and closed, but are access roads to hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding areas.


KMUM-CD and KMMW-LD, channel 33 are low-power television stations in the Sacramento, California market. KMUM-CD is located in Sacramento, while KMMW-LD is located in Stockton.


KNIN-TV, virtual channel 9 (VHF digital channel 10), is a Fox-affiliated television station serving Boise, Idaho, United States that is licensed to Caldwell. The station is owned by Gray Television; the E. W. Scripps Company, which owned KNIN-TV outright until 2015 and presently owns Nampa-licensed ABC affiliate KIVI-TV (channel 6), continues to operate KNIN under a shared services agreement (SSA). The two stations share studios on East Chisholm Drive in Nampa along I-84/US 30/SH-55; KNIN-TV's transmitter is located at the Bogus Basin ski area summit in unincorporated Boise County. On cable, the station is available on Cable One channel 9 and in high definition on digital channel 485.


KNSO, virtual channel 51 (VHF digital channel 11), is a Telemundo owned-and-operated television station serving Fresno, California, United States that is licensed to Merced. The station is owned by the NBC Owned Television Stations subsidiary of NBCUniversal (itself a subsidiary of Comcast). KNSO's studios are located on River Park Place in northwest Fresno, and its transmitter is located near Meadow Lakes, California.

Lake Mountains

The Lake Mountains (also known as simply Lake Mountain) are a 15-mile-long (24 km) mountain range located on the western edge of the Utah Valley in northwestern Utah County, Utah, United States. The range forms the northwest border of Utah Lake, and its proximity allows its use for communication towers, mostly in its north section, bordering Eagle Mountain.

Light TV

Light TV is an American digital broadcast television network owned by MGM Television that launched on December 22, 2016. The network features family-friendly and faith-based entertainment programming. Light TV is headed by the husband-and-wife team of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey; Burnett is the CEO of MGM TV, while Downey is best known as an actress and star of Touched by an Angel. Both Burnett and Downey consider themselves deeply religious, and have teamed in the past on producing several religious- or family-oriented projects (most notably the 2013 History miniseries The Bible) through the MGM subsidiary Downey leads, Lightworkers Media.

List of Telemundo affiliates (table)

Telemundo is an American broadcast television television network owned by the Telemundo Television Group division of NBCUniversal, which was launched in 1984 as NetSpan. As of October 2015, the network currently has 18 owned-and-operated stations, and current affiliation agreements with 65 other television stations. Telemundo maintains a national cable network feed that is distributed directly to cable, satellite and IPTV providers in various media markets not listed in this article, as an alternative method of distribution in areas without either the availability or the demand for a locally based owned-and-operated or affiliate station.

This article is a listing of current, pending and former Telemundo-affiliated stations in the continental United States and U.S. possessions (including subchannel affiliates, satellite stations and select low-power translators), with outlets owned by its parent company's broadcast television subsidiary NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations separated from privately owned affiliates, and arranged in alphabetical order by city of license and/or Designated Market Area. There are links to and articles on each of the broadcast stations, describing their histories, local programming and technical information, such as broadcast frequencies.

The station's virtual (PSIP) channel number follows the call letters. For the table for the owned-and-operated outlets, the number in parentheses that follows is the station's actual digital channel number; the digital channel number is listed as a separate column in the list of private affiliates. The article also includes a list of its former affiliate stations, which is also based on the station's city of license or market, and denotes the years in which the station served as a Telemundo affiliate as well as the current status of the corresponding channel that carried the network.

List of television stations in Utah

This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of Utah.

Note: Salt Lake City is the only television market in the state of Utah.

Media in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City, Utah, area includes many diverse media outlets, not only found within the official city boundaries, but also in the greater Wasatch Front urban area.

Multimedios Televisión

Multimedios Televisión (alternately known as Canal Seis) is a network of Spanish language television stations primarily concentrated in northeastern Mexico. The system is part of Grupo Multimedios. The flagship station of Multimedios is XHAW-TDT located in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Programming features locally produced news, sports, children's shows and general mass appeal variety programming. On weekdays, the network produces around twenty hours of live daily programming, with lesser amounts during the weekends and holidays.

Throughout its broadcast week, the network produces 58 hours of news programming per week under the branding of Telediario, including a Sunday night public affairs program, Cambios. It also produces pre-game, post-game and other programming involving Monterrey's two major soccer clubs, Tigres UANL and C.F. Monterrey, and through Groupo Multimedios' half-ownership of the team as of February 2017, a media partnership with the Mexican League's Sultanes de Monterrey in baseball, including weekend home game coverage. The network also carries the home matches of Chivas over-the-air exclusively in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Torreón.

The company also has network affiliates in many cities, some of which produce local content. The networks spans Northeast and North-Central Mexico, along with the Southwestern United States through over-the-air availability, but is also available nationally in both countries via cable, satellite and IPTV services. As of May 2016, all of the network's programming is presented in a 16:9 widescreen optimized form in both standard and high definition.

NBC Owned Television Stations

NBC Owned Television Stations (formerly NBC Local Media & NBC Television Stations Division (TVSD)) is the division of NBCUniversal Owned TV Stations (NBCUniversal), a subsidiary of Comcast that oversees their owned-and-operated television stations, Cozi TV network, LXTV and Skycastle Entertainment, its in-house marketing and promotion company.

Rusty Cage

"Rusty Cage" is a song by the American rock band Soundgarden. Written by frontman Chris Cornell, "Rusty Cage" was released in 1992 as the third single from the band's third studio album, Badmotorfinger (1991). The song became an instant hit and was released as a single in several different formats. The song was included on Soundgarden's 1997 greatest hits album, A-Sides and the 2010 compilation album Telephantasm.


TeleXitos is an American Spanish language digital multicast television network that is owned by the NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, a subsidiary of the NBCUniversal Filmed and Entertainment division of NBCUniversal (itself a division of Comcast). Aimed at the Hispanic and Latin American community, the network airs a mix of dramatic television series from the 1970s to the 2000s and movies, with all programming consisting of shows dubbed into Spanish.

Webb Hill

Webb Hill is a hill located in St. George, Utah, in Washington County. The hill houses numerous radio and television tower facilities that serve the local area. The hill's geology is common with the surrounding region. In 1998, the skeletal remains of a male were found on the mountain.

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