KNVB Women's Cup

The KNVB Women's Cup (Dutch: KNVB Beker voor Vrouwen) is the cup competition for women's football in the Netherlands. The competition was established in 1980, along with the KNVB Amateur Cup.

From the 2007-08 season onwards, the first round of the cup is a group stage for clubs in the Hoofdklasse and the Eerste Klasse. Clubs from the Eredivisie for women join the competition in the second round.

KNVB Beker Vrouwen
Region Netherlands
Number of teams87+ (2015–16)
Current championsAFC Ajax (4th title)
Most successful club(s)SV Fortuna Wormerveer (4 titles)
SV Saestum (4 titles)


The cup finals were:[1][2]

Year Winner Result Runner-up
1980–81 HSV Celeritas Puck Deventer[3]
1981–82 RKTVC 2–1 VV ONB
1982–83 Puck Deventer 3–0 AFC '34
1983–84 VV Flevo RKTVC
1984–85 KFC
1985–86 ODC
1986–87 KFC '71 VV ONB
1987–88 RKTVC 5–1 KFC
1988–89 KFC 4–1 KFC '71
1989–90 KFC '71
1990–91 KFC '71 KFC
1991–92 Ter Leede 6–0, 0–3 DVC Den Dungen
1992–93 KFC
1993–94 DVC Den Dungen
1994–95[4] DVC Den Dungen 2–1 Puck Deventer
1995–96 WFC
1996–97 Saestum
1997–98 Saestum
1998–99 WFC
1999–2000 Zwart Wit '28 4–2 Saestum
2000–01 Ter Leede 3–1 Saestum
2001–02 SV Braakhuizen 1–0 Saestum
2002–03 WFC 3–2 Saestum
2003–04 Saestum 2–1 SV Braakhuizen
2004–05 Oranje Nassau 5–0 Be Quick '28
2005–06 SV Fortuna Wormerveer 2–1 a.e.t. Be Quick '28
2006–07 Ter Leede 4–1 RVVH
2007–08 FC Twente 3–1 FC Utrecht
2008–09 Saestum 2–1 Oranje Nassau
2009–10 FC Utrecht 3–0 Ter Leede
2010–11 AZ Alkmaar 2–0 SC Heerenveen
2011–12 ADO Den Haag 5–2 VVV-Venlo
2012–13 ADO Den Haag 1–1 (5–4 pen) FC Twente
2013–14 AFC Ajax 2–1 PSV/FC Eindhoven
2014–15 FC Twente 3–2 AFC Ajax
2015–16 ADO Den Haag 1–0 AFC Ajax
2016–17 AFC Ajax 3–0 PSV/FC Eindhoven
2017–18 AFC Ajax 3–1 PSV
2018–19 AFC Ajax 2–1 PEC Zwolle (women)

Most wins

Team Wins
SV Fortuna Wormerveer (incl. WFC), SV Saestum, AFC Ajax 4
KFC, KFC '71, Ter Leede, ADO Den Haag 3
RKTVC, DVC Den Dungen, FC Twente 2
HSV Celeritas, Puck Deventer, VV Flevo, ODC, Zwart Wit '28, SV Braakhuizen,
Oranje Nassau, FC Utrecht, AZ Alkmaar

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External links

ADO Den Haag Vrouwen

ADO Den Haag Vrouwen is a Dutch women's football from The Hague representing ADO Den Haag in the Vrouwen Eredivisie. Founded in 2007, it is a founding member of the championship.

In 2012 the team won its first national championship. Later they achieved the double, when they also won the KNVB Women's Cup.

Anouk Dekker

Marieke Anouk Dekker (Dutch pronunciation: [maːˈrikə ʔaːˈnuk ˈdɛkər]; born 15 November 1986) is a Dutch footballer who plays for Montpellier in the Division 1 Feminine. She is a member of the Netherlands national team.

Daniëlle van de Donk

Daniëlle van de Donk (Dutch pronunciation: [daːniˈɛlə vɑn də dɔnk]; born 5 August 1991) is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Arsenal in the FA WSL. She is a member of the Dutch national football team.

Desiree van Lunteren

Desiree van Lunteren (Dutch pronunciation: [deːsiˈreː vɑn ˈlɵntərə(n)]; born 30 December 1992) is a Dutch footballer who plays as a midfielder for AFC Ajax in the Eredivisie and the Netherlands national team.

Ed Engelkes

Ed Engelkes (born 21 January 1964) is a Dutch football manager. He was most recently head coach of Ajax Women and VVOG.

Eshly Bakker

Eshly Bakker (born 10 February 1993) is a Dutch footballer who plays as midfielder or forward in the Netherlands Eredivisie for Ajax and the Netherlands national team.

Hoofdklasse (women)

The Hoofdklasse is the second highest league of amateur women's football in the Netherlands, and the third tier in general.

When the Hoofdklasse was created in 1973, the league was the top level league of the Netherlands, and the winner was named the national champion. After the 2006/07 season, the professional Eredivisie was established as the top level league which now plays out the championship.

There was no relegation and promotion between those two leagues.In the 2011/12 season the Hoofdklasse became a third level league, as above it the Topklasse was created. The Hoffdklasse thus is the second highest amateur league and now promotes teams to the Topklasse.

Jill Roord

Jill Jamie Roord (born 22 April 1997) is a Dutch football midfielder who plays for Arsenal in the Women's Super League and for the Dutch national team. She won Dutch national titles on multiple occasions.

KFC '71

KFC '71 was a women's football club from Delft, Netherlands.

The team was founded in 1971 and got dissolved after the 2009-10 season, after failing to better their financial situation.

The team won two national championships by winning the Hoofdklasse in 1986 and 1989 and three national cups, the KNVB Women's Cup in 1987, 1990 and 1991.

In its last season the team played in the third tier but was getting relegated to fourth tier football.

Marlous Pieëte

Marlous Pieëte (born 19 July 1989 in Naarden) is a Dutch female retired international footballer who played either as a midfielder or as a striker for Western Sydney Wanderers in the Australian W-League and the Netherlands women's national football team.

Merel van Dongen

Merel Didi van Dongen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmeːrəl ˈdidi vɑn ˈdɔŋən]; born 11 February 1993) is a Dutch footballer who plays as a midfielder who plays for Spanish club Real Betis and the Netherlands women's national team.

Myrthe Moorrees

Myrthe Moorrees (born 12 December 1994) is a Dutch football midfielder who plays for SC Sand in the Frauen-Bundesliga. She previously played for VVV-Venlo, FC Utrecht and PSV Eindhoven.On 19 October 2017 she made her debut for the Netherlands women's national football team against Austria.

Nadia Coolen

Nadia Coolen (born 17 August 1994) is a Dutch football forward who plays for PSV Eindhoven.

Oranje Nassau Groningen

Christelijke Voetbalvereniging Oranje Nassau (Christian football club Orange-Nassau) is a football club from Groningen, Netherlands. Its female first and second squad and its male first squad plays in the Eerste Klasse, the men and women's first teams relegated in 2017 from their respective Hoofdklasse leagues.

Sari van Veenendaal

Sari van Veenendaal (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈsaːri vɑn ˈveːnəndaːl]; born 3 April 1990) is a Dutch footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Atlético Madrid of Spain's Primera División and the Dutch national team. With the Netherlands, Van Veenendaal was part of the 2017 squad who won their first European Championship.

Shanice van de Sanden

Shanice Janice van de Sanden (born 2 October 1992) is a Dutch footballer who plays for Olympique Lyonnais in the Division 1 Féminine. She is a member of the Netherlands national football team.

Sylvia Smit

Sylvia Smit (born 4 July 1986) is a Dutch female footballer who plays as a midfielder and striker for DTS Ede in the Dutch Topklasse. She has played professional football for clubs in the Dutch Eredivisie Vrouwen and the Belgian-Dutch BeNe League. She also has over 100 appearances for the Netherlands women's national football team.

Tessel Middag

Tessel Tina Middag (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈtɛsəl ˈtinaː ˈmɪdɑx]; born 23 December 1992) is a Dutch footballer. She plays as a midfielder for West Ham United and the Dutch national team, representing the country at the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. She previously played for ADO Den Haag, AFC Ajax and Manchester City.

Topklasse (women)

The Topklasse is the highest league of amateur women's football in the Netherlands, and the second tier in general.

In the 2011/12 season the Topklasse was created and thus the former second level Hoofdklasse became a third level league.

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