Justice League Quarterly

Justice League Quarterly (JLQ) was a quarterly American comic book series published by DC Comics from Winter 1990 to Winter 1994; it lasted 17 issues. It had a variable cast, pulling from the Justice League membership. The title centred on short stories featuring a differing number of characters, often solo stories, and in later issues often featured a pin-up section of members of the Justice League. Various writers and artists have worked on the title.

Justice League Quarterly
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Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
FormatOngoing series
Publication date1990 – 1994
No. of issues17
Main character(s)Justice League
Creative team
Created byKeith Giffen
J.M. DeMatteis
Written byvarious

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Amazo () is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #30 (June 1960) and was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. Debuting in the Silver Age of Comic Books, the character has appeared in comic books and other DC Comics-related products, including animated television series, trading cards and video games.

Big Sir (comics)

Big Sir is a fictional DC Comics character. He first appeared in The Flash #338 (October 1984).

Big Sir made his live appearance on the fourth season of The Flash played by Bill Goldberg. This version has no powers and is an ally to Barry Allen while he is in prison.


Centrix is a fictional superhero in the DC universe. He is a member of the superhero team the Global Guardians.

Champions of Angor

The Champions of Angor (also known as the Justifiers, the Assemblers and the Meta Militia) are a fictional superhero team in the DC Comics universe. They are a pastiche of the Avengers from the Marvel Comics universe. They were created by Mike Friedrich and Dick Dillin in the pages of Justice League of America #87 February (1971).

Echo (DC Comics)

Echo is a name that has been used by a number of different characters in works published by DC Comics.

General Glory

General Glory is the name of two DC Comics characters. The persona is mostly used by writers as a parody of Marvel's Captain America with exaggerated "patriotic values" and a sidekick called Ernie (aka Ernie The Battling Boy), who was similar to Bucky. General Glory first appeared in Justice League International #46 as a 1940s style hero placed in a modern world, resulting in cultural differences and personality issues. Whereas Captain America is patriotic, heroic, and rational, General Glory is so blindly patriotic that it approaches the point of fault, unwilling and psychologically unable to believe that his country or international peacekeeping organizations have a dark side. He was introduced as a comic foil for the jingoistic Green Lantern corps member Guy Gardner in the early 1990s.


JL8 is a webcomic by Yale Stewart based on the characters of DC Comics' Justice League. Having started in 2011 under the title Little League, the webcomic presents the members of the Justice League as 8-year-old children. Stewart has used JL8 to raise funds for charities, and the webcomic has been positively received by critics.

Jack O'Lantern (DC Comics)

Jack O'Lantern is the name of several fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Joshua Clay

Joshua Clay (Tempest) is a fictional character, a member of the superhero team Doom Patrol in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Paul Kupperberg and Joe Staton, he first appears as the hero Tempest in Showcase #94 (August 1977).Joshua Clay appeared in his first live adaptation on the first season of the Doom Patrol television series for the new DC streaming service played by Alimi Ballard.


Judomaster is the name given to three fictional superheroes published by DC Comics. The first Judomaster debuted in Special War Series #4 (November 1965) published by Charlton Comics, and was created by Joe Gill and Frank McLaughlin.

Justice (comics)

Justice, in comics, may refer to:

Justice (DC Comics), a DC Comics limited series by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger

Justice (New Universe), a Marvel Comics character and star of his own eponymous series in the New Universe imprint

Justice, an alias used by the Marvel Comics character Vance Astrovik

Justice, an Image Comics character, who is the son of SuperPatriot and, with his sister, one half of Liberty & Justice

Kris Justice, a comics artistIt may also refer to:

Justice, Inc., two DC Comics series based on the character The Avenger

Justice League, a DC Comics superhero team who had a number of spin-offs:

Justice League International

Justice League Europe

Justice League Elite

Justice League Task Force (comics)

Justice League Quarterly

Extreme Justice

Justice Leagues

Young Justice

Justice Guild of America, a superhero team featured in the Justice League animated series two-part episode Legends

Justice Lords, an antihero superhero team featured in the two-part Justice League episode, "A Better World"

Justice Machine, a superhero team who were published through the 1980s and 1990s by a number of companies

Justice Riders, a DC Comics comic book placing the Justice League in the Old West as part of the Elseworlds imprint

Justice Society of America, a DC Comics superhero team

Lady Justice (comics), a title created by Neil Gaiman

Sentinels of Justice, an Americomics (AC Comics) superhero team

Squadron of Justice, two Fawcett Comics (later DC Comics) superhero teams

Justice League/Power Rangers

Justice League/Power Rangers was a 2017 comic book intercompany crossover series featuring DC Comics' Justice League and Saban's Power Rangers, written by Tom Taylor with art by Stephen Byrne, published by DC Comics and Boom Studios.

Justice League Europe

Justice League Europe (JLE) was a DC Comics book run that was a spin-off of the comic book Justice League America (which was then named Justice League International (vol. 1) for issues #7 to #25).Justice League Europe was published for 68 issues (plus five Annuals) from 1989 to 1994. Starting with issue #51 the title was renamed Justice League International (vol. 2). Like Justice League America, the series featured tongue-in-cheek humor but was a much more action-centric series than Justice League America. The action-themed nature of the series was most overt with the series' most famous arc "The Extremists". The arc featured the JLE fighting The Extremists, a cadre of psychopathic villains patterned after Marvel Comics villains Doctor Doom, Magneto, Doctor Octopus, Sabretooth and Dormammu.The team was originally headquartered in Paris, France but later moved to an abandoned castle in Great Britain.

Justice League Task Force (comics)

Justice League Task Force was an American monthly comic book series published by DC Comics from June 1993 to August 1996; it lasted 37 issues. At the time the Justice League was featured in three separate series: Justice League America, Justice League Europe (JLE) and Justice League Quarterly (JLQ). Justice League Task Force was a spinoff of Justice League Europe, a series which ran from April 1989 to May 1993. Like JLE, this team carried a United Nations charter which sanctioned their activities. In fact, JLTF was composed of several former JLE members. The team was called to action by Hannibal Martin, a representative of the U.N.. He asked that Martian Manhunter select a "strike team" of fellow Justice League members and to "lead them on a very special mission".

Oberon (comics)

Oberon is the diminutive manager of Mister Miracle, the world's greatest escape artist. He is named after the legendary king of the faeries (see below). Oberon was created by Jack Kirby.

Sonar (comics)

Sonar is the name of three DC Comics supervillains.

Tasmanian Devil (comics)

Tasmanian Devil is a fictional character, a superhero in the DC Comics universe. He first appeared in Super Friends #7. His first canon appearance is Infinity, Inc. #32 (November 1986).

He is unrelated to the Looney Tunes character, although both characters are owned by divisions of WarnerMedia.

The Conglomerate (comics)

The Conglomerate is a fictional DC Comics superhero team. They first appeared in Justice League Quarterly #1 (Winter 1990).


Ultraa is a DC Comics character, originally the first superhuman on Earth Prime. The original first appeared in Justice League of America #153 (April 1978), he was created by Gerry Conway and George Tuska. The current Ultraa first appeared in Justice League Quarterly #13 (Winter 1993), written by Kevin Dooley and drawn by Greg LaRocque. A new version of Ultraa appears in Grant Morrison's The Multiversity project.

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