John B. Heywood

John B. Heywood was a photographer in 19th-century United States. He worked in Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1856-1861.[1][2][3] Examples of his photographs reside in the New York Public Library[4] and the Massachusetts Historical Society.


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  • Flickr. Hand-colored daguerreotype of Nathaniel Holmes Bishop at age 23, credited to Heywood & Heard of Boston, 1860.

Image gallery

Apothecary, Boston(?), 19th century

Tremont St., Boston, 19th century

Institute of Technology, Boston, 19th century

Boston Harbor(?), 19th century

Newbury St., Boston, 19th century

Washington St., Boston, 19th century

South Boston Point and view of Fort Winthrop, Massachusetts, 19th century

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