Jeff Parker (comics)

Jeff Parker (born 1966) is an American comic book writer and artist. He is a member of Helioscope Studio, formerly Periscope Studio.

Jeff Parker
Area(s)Writer, penciller, inker, letterer, colorist
Notable works
The Interman
Agents of Atlas


Parker's earliest work in comics was Solitaire, published by Malibu Comics. He later illustrated comic books published by DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and Image Comics, and worked as a storyboard artist on the television cartoon Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot.

His work as a writer at Marvel includes the limited series Agents of Atlas, X-Men: First Class, and Marvel Adventures The Avengers. Parker is also the writer of Walk-In and the second volume of Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper for Virgin Comics.

Recent work includes "Fall of the Hulks." He will also be returning to Agents of Atlas with a new ongoing series to be called simply "ATLAS."[1] He has also written a mini-series for Wildstorm, called Mysterius: The Unfathomable[2][3] Parker also took over the writing of Thunderbolts with issue #138,[4] introduced the Agents of Atlas in the following two issues[5] and then took the title in "Siege," after which he will oversee an overhaul of the team line-up.[6]

He is originally from Burlington, North Carolina, son of an grocery store owner whose first exposure to comics came from reading comics on the store's spinner racks.[7] He was a member of the illustration studio Artamus Studios, based out of Hillsbourough, along with Mike Wieringo, Scott Hampton, Richard Case, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, and others.


DC Comics

Marvel Comics

  • Agents of Atlas vol. 1 (writer, with pencils by Leonard Kirk and inks by Kris Justice, 6-issue limited series, Marvel Comics, 2006–2007)
  • Agents of Atlas vol. 2 #1-11 (writer, ongoing series, 2009)
  • Avengers vs. Atlas (writer, with art by Gabriel Hardman, 4-issue limited series, March–June 2010)
  • Dark Reign: The Hood (writer, with art by Kyle Hotz, 5-issue limited series, July–November 2009)
  • Exiles vol. 2 #1-6 (writer, with art by Salvador Espin, June–November 2009)
  • Fall of the Hulks Alpha (writer, with pencils by Paul Pelletier, one-shot, February 2009)
  • Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk (writer, with pencils by Carlos Rodriguez, 4-issue limited series, March–June 2010)
  • Hulked Out Heroes (writer, with art by Humberto Ramos, 2-issue limited series, June 2010)[8]
  • Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #1-4, 9-10 (writer)
  • Marvel Boy: The Uranian (writer, with pencils by Felix Ruiz, 3-issue limited series, March–May 2010)
  • Monster-Size Hulk (writer, with artist Gabriel Hardman, one-shot, Marvel Comics, 2008)
  • Hulk #25-57 (writer, ongoing series, 2010–2012)
  • Red She-Hulk #58-67 (writer, ongoing series, 2012–2013)
  • Spider-Man: 1602 (writer, with art by Ramon Rosanas, 5-issue limited series, December 2009–April 2010)
  • Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four (writer, with art by Mike Wieringo, 4-issue limited series, May–August 2007)
  • The Age of the Sentry #1-6 (writer, with art by Nick Dragotta/Ramon Rosanas, November 2008–April 2009)
  • The Incredible Hercules #138-141 (backup writer, featuring Agents of Atlas, 2009–2010)
  • Thunderbolts #138-174 (writer, ongoing series, 2009–2012)
  • X-Men: First Class (writer, ongoing series, 2006–2010)
  • X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas (writer, with pencils by Carlo Pagulayan, 2-issue limited series, December 2009–January 2010)


Comics from other publishers include:

  • Solitaire #7-12 (pencils, with writer Gerard Jones, Malibu Comics, 1994)
  • The Calculus Test (inks, with writer Edward Martin III, pencils by Casey Jones and other inks by Craig Gilmore, in Negative Burn #13, Caliber Comics, 1994)
  • The Interman (Writer, penciller, inker, colorist and letterer, 2003)
  • Walk-In (writer, with art by Ashish Padlekar, Virgin Comics, 2006–2007)
  • Raytoons Comics (writer, illustrator, 2007)
  • Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper (writer, with art by Ron Randall and Ron Chan, Virgin Comics, 2008)
  • Underground (writer, with art by Steve Lieber, 5-issue limited series, Image Comics, 2009–2010, tpb, 128 pages, 2010, ISBN 1-60706-266-6)[9]
  • Bucko (writer, with art by Erika Moen, webcomic serial, 2012-2012, collected by Dark Horse Comics, HC, 136 pages, 2012, ISBN 1-59582-973-3)[10]
  • Willow (Writer, Dark Horse Comics, November 2012 – March 2013)[11]
  • Kings Watch (Writer, Dynamite Entertainment, September 2013-April 2014)[12]
  • Flash Gordon, (Writer, Dynamite Entertainment, April 2014 - Jan 2015).[13]


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Jeff Parker (American football) (born 1969), American football player

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Jeff Parker (editorial cartoonist), editorial cartoonist

Jeff Parker (writer) (born 1974), American novelist

Jeff Parker, a professional wrestler better known as Scott "Jagged" Parker

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