Jaleshwor Nagar, The City of underground water mahadev [ JaleshworNath Mahadev ]

Jaleshwornath Muncipility
Nickname(s): Jaleshwornagar
Jaleshwor is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 26°38′0″N 85°48′0″E / 26.63333°N 85.80000°ECoordinates: 26°38′0″N 85°48′0″E / 26.63333°N 85.80000°E
NepalProvision number 2    Nepal
Admin. divisionJanakpur Zone
MuncipalityMahottari District
 • TypeMunicipality
 • MayorRam Shankar Mishara(RJPN)

Former mayor:- Late. Balkrishana Dhakal CPNUML

EX WARD CHAIRPERSON OF 2054 BS:- Gopal Mahatto(ward 2)CPNUML

Ashok Sah (ward 1)[[NC]
 • Deputy MayorMunchun Devi (RJPN) former deputy mayor Manohar MahattoCPNUML

Ward chair person's:- Ward no 1:-Anil Jha

Ward no 2:- Barun Dahal
Elevation53 m (177 ft)
 • Total23,533[1]
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (NST)
Postal code45700
Area code(s)044

Jaleshwar (Nepali: जलेश्वर) is a municipality in Janakpur Zone, Nepal, and the headquarters of Mahottari District. It is located in the Terai, on the border with India at Sursand, Bihar, and has a customs checkpoint.[2]

This place is famous for the holy temple of Jaleshwarnath Mahadev, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Given the importance of the temple, the place is named after it. This place witnesses a huge gathering in the month of Shravan [July–August] as this month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati.this place is also famous for goddess Sansari Mai which is situated in the heart of jaleshwornagar.


Temperature highly affects the lifestyle of Jaleshwar. Due to extreme heat in summer season, people wear light cotton clothes and rarely come out during the day time. While in the winter season, the temperature may drop to 10-15 °C during which people wear thick woollen clothes.

Restaurants and hotels in Jaleshwar are famous for its samosas, chaat, golgappas, dahibada, momos (Nepalese-style Dumplings), sekuwa (roasted spiced-meat). Samosas, chaat,katti roll, golgappas and sekuwa from Jaleshwar are considered to be the most delicious in this region. It is also famous for peeda (milk item).

The city also has religious significance. Jaleshwarnath Temple is a renowned temple for Hindu devotees in the country as well as those from nearest border cities of India.


Jaleshwar is located in the Mahottari District in the south-eastern Region of Nepal (Terai region), with a total population of 23533 . The climate is subtropical and the temperature varies between a maximum of 42 °C and minimum of 12 °C.People of jaleshwor wear dhoti kurta pandjamma and women wear Saree blouse etc due to Indian border and Kathmandu are many of people attract in western culture .


Jaleshwar is located 15 km south of Janakpur.Jaleshwar has fully operational bus and mini-bus services that reach almost all parts of this region that connected by roadways, almost including all the major hubs in the country. The main hub for buses is Jaleshwar Buspark, while small transits are located in several other places in the city like Buddhajibi chok, maccha bazar. Short routes are generally covered by e-rickshaw and mini-bus, while luxury coaches are available for long routes to destinations like Kathmandu, Birgunj, etc. The country's longest highway- Mahendra Highway, is linked from the city center. Indian and Nepalese nationals may cross the border without restrictions, however there is a customs checkpoint for goods and third country nationals.

The most common public transport for commuters within the city have long been cycle rickshaws and electric rickshaws. Most common private transport are motorcycles, especially among young adults while bicycles are used by many. Recently the number of automobiles has increased


This place is fastest growing trade centre of Nepal. There are some small and medium scale industries also. As it is situated near the border of India, the main trade of this place is with indian market. Nepal Government has planned to make this place as business hub of Nepal.


The place has growing business as it is border to India. Number of "A class" banks has opened its branched to Jaleshwor. Currently there is 5 "A class" banks i.e Prabhu Bank, Century Bank, Laxmi Bank. Rastriya Banijya Bank and Agriculture Development Bank. There are several Money transfer agecnies like Mishika Enterprises, Monu Money Express, Shail Enterprites etc. EVEREST BANK LTD, is also going to open its new branch at Pipra Bazar, which is close to Jaleshwor ( between Jaleshwor & Janakpur road).many banks such as prabhu banks Laxmi bank and many commercials bank open branches in town area.


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