Jack Buckby

Jack Buckby (born 10 February 1993)[2] is a British politician, author,[3] political activist[4] and researcher. He is a newscaster for Poland Daily, an English-speaking news channel on the Telewizja Republika television network.[5] He joined Anne Marie Waters's 2017 UKIP leadership election campaign team and served as campaign manager.[6] Buckby frequently publishes content that is critical of Islam, multiculturalism and the European Union.[2]

During his time in the BNP, Buckby was widely viewed as a potential successor to BNP leader Nick Griffin, and has been described in media as a "rising star" of the right[7][8][9] and the "boy wonder of the British far-right".[10] Buckby left the BNP in 2013, claiming the party was racist.[11] He joined Liberty GB as a press officer, where he stood for election in the 2014 European elections and as a parliamentary candidate in 2016 Batley and Spen by-election. In October 2017, it was reported that he'd joined new political party For Britain.[1]

Buckby was the founder of the youth group National Culturists.[12] He was formerly a researcher, columnist and contributor for The Rebel Media.[13][1] He has been published in Taki's Magazine[14] and The Spectator.[15] In May 2017, he released his first book A Paradoxical Alliance with American co-author Matt Palumbo. In April 2019, he released his second book Architects of Betrayal.[16]

Jack Buckby
SyeN7437 400x400
Buckby outside the Houses of Parliament in 2018
Born10 February 1993 (age 26)
Lancashire, England
Occupationauthor, newscaster, writer, researcher, campaign manager
Years active2012-present
Political partyBNP (before 2013)
Liberty GB (2013–2017)
For Britain (2017–present)[1]


Buckby claims he was expelled from the University of Liverpool after protesting a lecturer who attempted to justify the murder of Lee Rugby.[17][2] Taki's Magazine reported that he was "removed from his studies for refusing to abide by politically correct school rules".[14]

From July 2017, his collaboration with Anne Marie Waters on her leadership election bid with political party UKIP, began to be covered nationally by media.[18][19][20] The Guardian pointed out that Buckby, a former British National Party member,[21] is barred from ever joining UKIP, and speculated whether this could effect the legitimacy of the campaign.[22] On 30 October 2017, Waters publicly defended Buckby's role in her campaign following ITV's Exposure episode Undercover: Inside Britain's New Far Right.[23]

On 10 September 2017, he attended a Gays Against Sharia march from Temple Meads railway station in Bristol, alongside Paul Weston, Anne Marie Waters and other activists.[24][25] Vice published images of Buckby at the demonstration, referring to him as the "boy wonder of the British far-right" for a second time.[26][10]

On 12 November 2017, Buckby was involved in Poland's annual Independence Day celebration, which saw 60,000 people marching in a procession through the streets of Warsaw.[27]

On 14 April 2018, IGN featured his comments regarding The Simpsons character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. Defending the show's stereotype, Buckby stated that he'd "never seen a single British person complain about the show's pretty crap portrayal of Brits."[28]

Personal life

Buckby is married to performance artist Martina Markota.[29]


Buckby has been at the centre of several national media controversies.

Jo Cox contested seat

In June 2016, Buckby received attention from national newspapers,[30][31][32] and wide-ranging criticism for standing in the 2016 Batley and Spen by-election after the murder of MP Jo Cox, claiming the Labour party had "blood on its hands".[33] He drew criticism from Labour MP Jack Dromey, who described the move as "obscene, outrageous and contemptible".[34][35] BBC News noted his intention to stand, despite the commitments from all parliamentary parties to leave the seat uncontested.[36]

Rape comments on Channel 4

In February 2017, appearing on a Channel 4 live debate,[37] Buckby caused widespread condemnation after he told National Union of Students campaigner, Barbara Ntumy,[38] that "I hope you don't get raped" after challenging Ntumy to "take in" a Syrian refugee.[39][40]

Elections contested

UK Parliament elections

Date Constituency Party Votes %
2016 Batley and Spen by-election Liberty GB 220 1.1

European Parliament elections

Date Constituency Party Votes % Note
2014 South East England Liberty GB 2,494 0.1 Multi-member constituency.
Other candidates: Paul Weston, Enza Ferreri


Year Book Publisher
2017 A Paradoxical Alliance: An Anglo-American Analysis of the Left's Love Affair With Islam[3][41] CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform[42]
2019 Architects of Betrayal: How Parliament Tried to Thwart Brexit, from Chequers to the Meaningful Vote Independently Published


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External links

2016 Batley and Spen by-election

The Batley and Spen by-election was a UK parliamentary by-election held on 20 October 2016 in the constituency of Batley and Spen. The by-election was triggered by the killing of incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) Jo Cox on 16 June 2016. Labour candidate Tracy Brabin won with 85.8% of the vote. Four parties with parliamentary representation did not enter candidates, out of respect for Cox. Nine candidates, the majority of whom were from minor far-right parties, contested against Labour, and none reached the 5% threshold to keep their deposit.

The by-election was scheduled to coincide with the Witney by-election. They were the fifth and sixth by-elections of the 56th UK Parliament.

2017 UK Independence Party leadership election

The 2017 UK Independence Party leadership election was called after the resignation of Paul Nuttall as leader of the UK Independence Party on 9 June 2017, following the poor performance of the party in the 2017 general election. Former party chairman Steve Crowther was chosen three days later to serve as interim leader.On 11 August, the party confirmed that eleven candidates had been cleared to stand for the leadership. Subsequently, the number on the ballot fell to seven as four withdrew to support other candidates.The election was won by Henry Bolton with 30.0% of the vote.

Adam Marshall Diston

Adam Marshall Diston (1893–1956; born in Scotland) was a journalist for the Sunday Dispatch and ghostwriter for Winston Churchill. He had 'close affinities' to Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists. He had a military background, serving in a Scottish regiment from 1914-1918.

Anne Marie Waters

Anne Marie Waters (born 24 August 1977) is a far-right politician in the United Kingdom. She is the founder and leader of the anti-Islam party For Britain. She is also the director of Sharia Watch UK, an organisation launched in April 2014. In January 2016, Waters launched Pegida UK in conjunction with activist Tommy Robinson and far-right politician Paul Weston.Having unsuccessfully attempted to become a Labour Party parliamentary candidate, Waters joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and stood in its 2017 leadership election. She came second, with Henry Bolton winning. She subsequently left UKIP to form her own party, "For Britain", in October 2017.

Batley and Spen (UK Parliament constituency)

Batley and Spen is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2016 by Tracy Brabin, a member of the Labour and Co-operative Party.

English Defence League

The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right, Islamophobic organisation in the United Kingdom. A social movement and pressure group that employs street demonstrations as its main tactic, the EDL presents itself as a single-issue movement opposed to Islamism and Islamic extremism, although its rhetoric and actions target Islam and Muslims more widely. Founded in 2009, its heyday lasted until 2011, after which it entered a decline. It is presently chaired by Tim Ablitt.

Established in London, the EDL coalesced around several football hooligan firms protesting the public presence of the small Salafi Islamist group Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah in Luton, Bedfordshire. Tommy Robinson, a former member of the British National Party (BNP), soon became its de facto leader. The organisation grew swiftly, holding demonstrations across England and often clashing with anti-fascist protesters from Unite Against Fascism and other groups, who deemed it a racist organisation victimising British Muslims. The EDL also established a strong social media presence on Facebook and YouTube. Moving towards electoral politics, it established formal links with the far-right British Freedom Party, a breakaway from the BNP. The EDL's reputation was damaged in 2011 after supporters were convicted of plotting to bomb mosques and links were revealed with Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Breivik. In 2013 Robinson—supported by the Quilliam think tank—left the group; he claimed it had become too extreme, and established the rival Pegida UK. The group's membership declined significantly following Robinson's departure and various branches declared independence.

Ideologically on the extreme-right or far-right of British politics, the EDL is part of the international counter-jihad movement. Officially, it presents itself as being opposed to Islamism, Islamic extremism, and jihadism, although its rhetoric repeatedly conflates these with Islam and Muslims more broadly. Rejecting the idea that Muslims can truly be English, the EDL presents Islam as an intolerant, primitive threat seeking to take over Europe. Political scientists and other commentators have characterised this Islamophobic stance as culturally racist. Both online and at its events, EDL members have incited violence against Muslims, with supporters carrying out violent acts both at demonstrations and independently. The EDL's broader ideology features nationalism and populism, blaming a perceived decline in English culture on high immigration rates and an uncaring political elite. It distinguished itself from Britain's traditional far-right by rejecting biological racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia. Although several of its leaders were previously involved in fascist organisations and some neo-Nazis and other fascists attended EDL events, commentators differ on whether the EDL itself is ideologically fascist or not.

Headed by a small leadership team, the EDL sub-divided into over 90 local and thematic divisions, each with considerable autonomy. Its support base consisted primarily of young, working-class white British men, some from established far-right and football hooligan subcultures. Polls indicated that most UK citizens opposed the EDL, and the group was repeatedly challenged by anti-fascist groups. Many local councils and police forces discouraged EDL marches, citing the high financial cost of policing them, the disruptive influence on community harmony, and the damage caused to counter-terrorism operations.

Football Lads Alliance

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) is a movement in the United Kingdom founded by John Meighan in 2017. According to The Times, "the movement was set up as a self-proclaimed 'anti-extremist' movement" but has increasingly become associated with far-right politics and far-right activists.The Premier League has warned clubs that "the group is using fans and stadiums to push an anti-Muslim agenda". Concern has also been expressed that the Alliance is "giving cover to the far right" and "uses a secret Facebook page full of violent, racist and misogynistic posts".

Jo Cox

Helen Joanne Cox (née Leadbeater; 22 June 1974 – 16 June 2016) was a British politician who served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Batley and Spen from her election in May 2015 until her murder in June 2016. She was a member of the Labour Party.

Born in Batley, West Yorkshire, Cox studied Social and Political Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Working first as a political assistant, she joined the international humanitarian charity Oxfam in 2001, where she became head of policy and advocacy at Oxfam GB in 2005. She was selected to contest the Batley and Spen parliamentary seat after the previous incumbent, Mike Wood, decided not to stand in 2015. She held the seat for Labour with an increased majority. Cox became a campaigner on issues relating to the Syrian Civil War, and founded and chaired the all-party parliamentary group Friends of Syria.

On 16 June 2016, Cox died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall, where she had been due to hold a constituency surgery. Thomas Mair, who held far-right views, was found guilty of her murder in November and sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.

Liberty GB

Liberty Great Britain or Liberty GB was a far-right British nationalist political party that described itself as counter-jihad. It was registered with the Electoral Commission by Paul Weston and George Whale on 5 March 2013. Its three candidates in the 2014 European Parliament election in the South East England constituency received 2,414 votes (0.11%). Paul Weston dissolved the party in November 2017, choosing instead to back Anne Marie Waters' new party, For Britain.Weston is a former member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), and was that party's candidate in Cities of London and Westminster at the 2010 general election. He left UKIP over what he described as its failure to address issues related to Islam in Britain, and took over the British Freedom Party (BFP) from Peter Mullins. That party formed an alliance with the far-right English Defence League. Weston left the BFP in 2013. He has predicted that within 20 years there will be a war in Britain between the white working class and immigrants. He is married to a Romanian, and claims to have been a deep sea diver, a pilot in Africa and a property developer in the Czech Republic.Liberty GB was anti-immigration, anti-fundamentalist Islam and traditionalist. The group's Facebook page described it as "patriotic counter-jihad party for Christian civilisation, Western rights and freedoms, British culture, animal welfare and capitalism".

Murder of Jo Cox

On 16 June 2016, Jo Cox, the British Labour Party Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall, West Yorkshire. In September, a 52-year-old local man with far right sympathies named Thomas Alexander Mair was found guilty of her murder and other offences connected to the killing, and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.The incident was the first killing of a sitting British MP since the death of Conservative MP Ian Gow, who was assassinated by the Provisional Irish Republican Army in 1990, and the first death of a politician during an attack since county councillor Andrew Pennington was killed in 2000.

Paul Weston (politician)

Paul Martin Laurence Weston (born 1965) is a British far-right politician and a member of the Pegida UK leadership team. An activist and blogger, Weston joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in 2010 and stood as a Parliamentary candidate for Cities of London and Westminster. In 2011, Weston left UKIP and joined the now-defunct British Freedom Party with members of the English Defence League (EDL) and former members of the British National Party (BNP). He was the chairman of Liberty GB before the party was dissolved in December 2017, recommending its members to join For Britain.For Liberty GB, he was a candidate for South East England in the 2014 European election and for Luton South in the 2015 general election. He obtained 158 votes (0.4%).He married a Romanian after meeting her in Romania. He was the President of the English branch of the International Free Press Society founded in 2009.

Sharon Ebanks

Sharon Elizabeth Ebanks (born 1967 or 1968) is a former member of the British National Party and one of the founder members of the New Nationalist Party. In 2006, she was wrongly declared elected to Birmingham City Council.

South East England (European Parliament constituency)

South East England is a constituency of the European Parliament. It currently elects 10 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) using the D'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation.

Taki's Magazine

Taki's Magazine, called "Takimag" for short, is an online magazine of politics and culture published by the Greek paleoconservative journalist and socialite Taki Theodoracopulos and edited by his daughter Mandolyna Theodoracopulos. Initially called Taki's Top Drawer, the site was redesigned and relaunched under its current title in March 2008 with a subsequent redesign in 2010.Founded on February 5, 2007, the intent of the site, according to Theodoracopulos, was to "shake up the stodgy world of so-called 'conservative' opinion...Takimag is a Libertarian webzine. We believe the best stories are smart, cheeky, and culturally relevant. We take our politics like we take life—lightly." The website garnered some controversy in 2013 after it published articles in support of the Greek far-right political party Golden Dawn.The name "Taki's Top Drawer" also refers to a section which appeared in the New York Press. Edited by Theodoracopulos and Sam Schulman, it featured Taki's regular newspaper column, as well as contributions from other notable paleoconservatives and libertarians including George Szamuely. Scott McConnell has also contributed, and the site carries syndicated columns by Pat Buchanan and Michelle Malkin.

The Link (UK organization)

The Link was established in July 1937 as an 'independent non-party organisation to promote Anglo-German friendship'. It generally operated as a cultural organisation, although its journal, the Anglo-German Review, reflected the pro-Nazi views of Barry Domvile, and particularly in London it attracted a number of anti-semites and pro-Nazis. At its height the membership numbered around 4,300.

The Link was opposed to war between Britain and Germany, and because of this attracted the support of some British pacifists. When The Link and the Anglo-German Review were included among a number of peace organisations across the political spectrum in the Peace Service Handbook (a publication put out by the Peace Pledge Union), the Daily Telegraph and The News Chronicle published articles accusing the PPU of supporting Nazism. In response, PPU member Stuart Morris wrote to the papers stating there was no connection between the PPU and The Link, and that the former organisation did not support the German demand for colonies or peace at the expense of smaller nations. The PPU also sent a letter to its group leaders dissociating The Link from the PPU, and ceased publishing the Peace Service Handbook.The organisation was investigated by Maxwell Knight, head of counter-subversion in MI5 and future role model for James Bond's boss M. The organisation closed shortly after the start of World War II in 1939.

Barry Domvile was interned in 1940 as someone who might "endanger the safety of the realm".According to Anthony Masters, the Link was allegedly resurrected in 1940 by Ian Fleming, then working in the Department of Naval Intelligence, in order to successfully lure Rudolf Hess (deputy party leader and third in leadership of Germany, after Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring) to Britain in May 1941.

The Rebel Media

The Rebel Media (officially The Rebel News Network Ltd., stylized as THEREBEL.media, and shortened to The Rebel) is a Canadian far-right political and social commentary media website. It was founded in February 2015 by former Sun News Network personalities Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley. It has been described as a "global platform" for the anti-Muslim ideology known as counter-jihad.Former Sun News reporter Faith Goldy later joined the outlet. Gavin McInnes, founder of the far-right neo-fascist organization Proud Boys, was also a contributor. Lilley, Goldy, and McInnes have all since left the project. In February 2019, after suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for allegedly damaging his reputation and career prospect by characterizing the Proud Boys as a hate group, McInnes announced that he is once again hired by the media group.The Rebel Media fired Faith Goldy for her prominent coverage of the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and her interview with The Daily Stormer. A co-founder and two freelancers resigned in protest of the coverage.The Rebel Media broadcasts its content on the Rebel Media website and its YouTube channel, which previously peaked on 16 August 2017, at 873,800 subscribers, however with the August departures, it had fallen to a minimum of 842,200 as of 31 August. In September–October 2017 the channel resumed its growth. On 15 August 2018, it had over one million subscribers.The Rebel Media, often cast as Canada's version of Breitbart News, has been described as being part of the alt-right movement, although it rejected the term after the Charlottesville rally.

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