Józef Brandt

Józef Brandt (1841 in Szczebrzeszyn – 1915 in Radom) was a Polish painter, best known for his paintings of battles.

Brandt studied in Warsaw in the school of J.N. Leszczynski and at the Noblemen's Institute. In 1858 he left for Paris to study at the Ecole centrale Paris but was persuaded by Juliusz Kossak to abandon engineering in favor of painting. He studied as a painter in Munich under Franz Adam and Karl Piloty and then opened his own studio. His paintings mostly study 17th-century military life, though he has also made some studies of Polish peasant life.

Józef Brandt
Portrait of the Painter Jozef Brandt by Boleslaw Szankowski

Brandt Podpis
Portrait of Józef Brandt by Boleslaw Szankowski
Born 11 February 1841
Died June 12, 1915 (aged 74)
Nationality Polish
Known for Painting
Movement Paintings of battles

Centre of Polish Sculpture

Brandt's 19th century manor house in Orońsko together with surrounding park serves today as the Centre of Polish Sculpture.


Bitwa pod Wiedniem Brandt

"Battle of Vienna", oil on canvas 1873

J%C3%B3zef Brandt, Bitwa pod Chocimiem

"Jan Karol Chodkiewicz during the battle of Khotyn", oil on canvas 1865

Husarz, J%C3%B3zef Brandt, 1890

"Polish Hussar", oil on canvas 1890

J%C3%B3zef Brandt - Wesele kozackie

"Cossacks' wedding", oil on canvas 1893

Brandt Zaporizhian Camp

"Zaporozhians' camp", oil on canvas 1880

J%C3%B3zef Brandt, Czarniecki pod Koldyng%C4%85

"Stefan Czarniecki during the battle of Sønderborg", commonly known as "Stefan Czarniecki during the battle of Kolding", oil on canvas 1870

Walka o sztandar turecki

"Battle over the Turkish banner", oil on canvas 1905

Brandt J%C3%B3zef Pospolite ruszenie u brodu

"Militia at the ford", oil on canvas 1880

Brandt-Lisowczycy, Strzelanie z %C5%82uku

"Lisowczycy (Archery)", oil on canvas 1885

Brandt Powrot Kozakow

"Return of the Cossacks", Oil on canvas 1894

Brandt Skladanie sztandarow

"Inspection of the trophy banners", oil on canvas 1905


"Bogurodzica", oil on canvas 1909

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