Järveküla Nature Reserve

Järveküla Nature Reserve is a nature reserve founded in 1990, situated by Lake Vörtsjärv in southern Estonia (Viljandi County) near the village of Järveküla. The nature reserve has been established to protect the population of white-tailed eagles present in the area, and includes pine forest and patches of bog.[1]

Other birds found in Järveküla Nature Reserve include: the Barn swallow (the national bird of Estonia), Eurasian wryneck, Eurasian golden oriole, Icterine warbler, River warbler, Spotted flycatcher, Eurasian tree sparrow, Common chaffinch, European greenfinch, European pied flycatcher, Eurasian skylark, Fieldfare, White wagtail, Yellowhammer, Hooded crow, Garden warbler, Grey heron, Eurasian blue tit, Eurasian blackcap, Common rosefinch, European goldfinch and Common chiffchaff among others.[2]

Järveküla Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Järveküla Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Järveküla Nature Reserve
Coordinates58°10′26″N 26°01′09″E / 58.17389°N 26.01917°ECoordinates: 58°10′26″N 26°01′09″E / 58.17389°N 26.01917°E
Area267.9 ha (662 acres)


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Järveküla, Viljandi County

Järveküla is a village in Viljandi Parish, Viljandi County, Estonia, located 9.4 km (5.8 miles) southeast of the small borough of Mustla, near the southwestern shore of Lake Võrtsjärv. Other neighboring villages include Unametsa, Suislepa and Soe. As of 2011, the population of Järveküla was 53, a decrease in population from 79 residents during the 2000 census.Järveküla is home to the 267.9 ha (662 acres) Järveküla Nature Reserve, founded in 1990 to protect resident white-tailed eagles.

List of protected areas of Estonia

Protected areas in Estonia are national parks, nature reserves and landscape protection areas (nature parks).Estonia has five national parks, 167 nature reserves and 152 landscape conservation areas. In addition, there are 116 (118) protected areas with an old (Soviet-era) protection regulation and 537 parks. In total, 18.1% of Estonia are protected nature areas, with Lääne County having the highest percentage (32%) and Põlva County the lowest percentage of protected areas, about 9%.

Tarvastu Parish

Tarvastu Parish (Estonian: Tarvastu vald) was a rural municipality of Estonia, in Viljandi County. It had a population of 4,216 (as of 1 January 2009) and an area of 409.00 km².


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