Iveco Bus

Iveco Bus (formerly Irisbus) is a bus manufacturer, with headquarters in Lyon, that belongs to the industrial group CNH Global through its subsidiary Iveco,[1] based in Turin (Italy). Iveco-bus is now only a brand division of IVECO[2][3][4] which is a company incorporated under Italian law and listed on Borsa Italiana.

Iveco Bus
HeadquartersLyon, France
ProductsBuses, coaches
Revenue€1.6 billion (2015)
OwnerCNH Industrial


VER Ennepetal Irisbus Citelis 100 8033
Irisbus Citelis
Fearnes Coaches - Irisbus Agoraline with ABM CB60 body
Irisbus Agoraline with ABM CB60 body in Australia
Cluj-Napoca Irisbus 1
Irisbus Agora buses in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Irisbus Magelys Busworld 2007
Irisbus Magelys at the Busworld 2007 exhibition in Kortrijk, Belgium
Seoul City Bus470
Iveco CityClass 18 m in Seoul, South Korea
CAT Irisbus Civis
Las Vegas CAT Irisbus Civis

Iveco Bus was formed through the merger of the bus and coach divisions of Fiat Industrial, Iveco and Renault in January 1999, with Ikarus Bus added in late 1999. The Ikarus Bus division was sold off in 2006 to Hungary's Műszertechnika group.

From 2003 to 2010, Irisbus was 100%-owned by Fiat Group's Iveco, and the company was named Irisbus Iveco.[5] Now since 2013, Irisbus has been 100% owned by CNH Industrial's Iveco.

The company is based in Lyon, France with offices in Turin, Italy, Watford and Mainz. Buses are developed in one of two R&D centers, one in Italy and one in Switzerland. The engine which powers Irisbus Buses was developed in Italy by Fiat Powertrain Technologies, Turin, Italy.

The Irisbus name was retired and now the division is a branch of Iveco, rebranded as Iveco Bus in May 2013, after a reorganization plan.[6] All new buses are sold under the IVECO brand, as are all the other vehicles produced by the group.


The main assembly plants are located in:

Other factories to supply engines and parts are scattered across the world (most of these are IVECO factories)



  • Dailyminibus, from Iveco
  • Happy – minibus
  • Midway – midibus
  • Midys – midibus
  • Midirider
  • Euromidi
  • Europolismidibus, from Iveco
  • Metrotransit bus
  • Citybus
  • Recreo – intercity bus
  • Crossway – Intercity bus
  • Urbanway – transit bus
  • Arway – line
  • Evadys H – tour coach
  • Evadys HD – tour coach
  • Magelys – tour coach
  • Civis – trolleybus (for alternative urban transport)
  • Cristalis – trolleybus (for alternative urban transport)
  • Hynovis, hybrid bus.[7][8]
  • Scolabus 25 (School Bus) (UK)


  • EuroClass – from Iveco
  • Agora seriestransit bus, from Renault
    • Agora Line
  • Axer – intercitybus – from Karosa
  • Ares N – intercity bus
  • Ares N15 – intercity bus
  • Citelis 12
  • Citelis 18 – articulated bus
  • Citelis Line – intercity bus
  • Domino HD – tour coach, from Orlandi
  • Domino HDH – tour coach, from Orlandi
  • Iliade H – tour coach
  • Iliade HD – tour coach
  • Moowy – line
  • EuroRider – tour coach, from Iveco
  • CityClass 10.8 m/12 m, from Iveco
  • CityClass 18 m – articulated bus, from Iveco


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Brembo S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of automotive brake systems, especially for high-performance cars and motorcycles based in Bergamo, near Milan.

CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial N.V. is one of the world's largest capital goods companies, registered in the Netherlands with corporate offices in London. It is financially controlled by the investment company Exor, which in turn is controlled by the Agnelli family. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and on Borsa Italiana: it is a constituent of the FTSE MIB index. Through its various businesses, CNH Industrial designs, produces, and sells agricultural equipment and construction equipment (Case and New Holland brand families), trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and special vehicles (Iveco), in addition to powertrains for industrial and marine applications (FPT Industrial). Present in all major markets worldwide, CNH Industrial is focused on expanding its presence in high-growth markets, including through joint ventures. CNH Industrial currently employs more than 63,000 people in 66 manufacturing plants and 53 research and development centers. The company operates across 180 countries.

Carrozzeria Barbi

Carrozzeria Barbi is an Italian bus manufacturer, with headquarters in Mirandola, near Modena.

Carrozzeria Boneschi

Carrozzeria Boneschi S.r.L. (established 1919 near Milano) is an Italian coachbuilder, mainly of commercial vehicles. Until 1960, the company was mostly involved with automobile manufacturers such as Talbot, Rolls Royce, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Fiat. It was established in Milano by Giovanni Boneschi, moving to Cambiago in (1933). The factory was rebuilt after World War II (1946), after which Boneschi died. Among its designers and directors in the later years was Dr. Bruno Pezzaglia.

Fioravanti (automotive)

Fioravanti is an Italian automotive design studio in Moncalieri outside the city of Turin. The company began in 1987 as an architectural practice working on projects in Japan, and since 1991, it has focused its activities on automotive design.

Fioravanti was founded by C.E.O. Leonardo Fioravanti, who worked twenty-four years with Pininfarina on such vehicles as the Ferrari Daytona, Ferrari Dino, Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer, the Ferrari 308 GTB, Ferrari 288 GTO and the Ferrari F40.


Giottiline is an Italian mobile home manufacturer and producer of the small scissor doored minicar the Giottiline Ginko. It produces also recreational vehicles.

Heuliez Bus

Heuliez Bus is a French limited company, part of the Henri Heuliez Group. It was formed in 1980. It is 100% owned by Iveco through its subsidiary Iveco Bus, and specializes in the manufacture of buses and coaches.

I.DE.A Institute

I.DE.A Institute (acronym, Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering) is an automobile design and engineering company in Turin, Italy, founded in 1978. The Rieter Holding Ltd took full control of the company in 2002. In 2010, Rieter sold the company to the Swiss investment group Quantum Kapital AG.

Irisbus Cristalis

The Irisbus Cristalis is a trolleybus manufactured by Iveco Bus (formerly known as Irisbus. It comes in two variants:

ETB12 – Rigid bus

ETB18 – Articulated busThe ETB12 is a full-sized trolleybus that its competitors were the MAZ-ETON T203, Škoda 24Tr Irisbus and the Škoda 30Tr SOR.

Irisbus Crossway

Iveco Bus Crossway is an urban and intercity bus produced by Iveco Bus since 2006.

Irisbus Midys

The Irisbus Midirider is a midibus made by Iveco Bus.


Italcar is an Italian company based in Turin who produces and distributes electric vehicles.


IVECO S.p.A., an acronym for Industrial Vehicles Corporation, is an Italian industrial vehicle manufacturing company based in Turin, Italy, and entirely controlled by CNH Industrial Group. It designs and builds light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, quarry/construction site vehicles, city and intercity buses and special vehicles for applications such as firefighting, off-road missions, the military and civil defence. The name Iveco first appeared in 1975 after a merger of Italian, French and German brands. Its production plants are in Europe, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Africa, Argentina and China, and it has approximately 5,000 points of sales and service in over 160 countries. The worldwide output of the company amounts to around 150,000 commercial vehicles with a turnover of about €10,000,000,000.

Iveco Metro

The Iveco Metro is a low-entry single-decker bus chassis manufactured by Iveco Bus for the Australian market.It has been purchased by a number of Australian operators including Carbridge, Coastal Liner, Green's Northern Coaches, Grenda's Bus Service, Ivanhoe Bus Company, Moonee Valley Coaches, Red Bus Services, State Transit, Telford's Bus & Coach, Torrens Transit and Transdev Shorelink.


Karosa (Czech: Továrna na Kočáry, Automobily, Rotory, Obráběcí stroje, Sekací stroje a Autobusy, English: Factory for carriages, cars, rotors, machine tools, cutting machines and buses) is a bus manufacturer in Vysoké Mýto, a town in the Czech Republic. It was the biggest manufacturer of buses in Czechoslovakia. In 2007 its name was changed to Iveco Czech Republic, and now the company produces buses under the name Irisbus.

Since 2014, the Czech Republic produces more buses per million inhabitants than any other country in the world. The Iveco Bus factory in Vysoké Mýto produces around 3,100 buses annually and is the largest manufacturer of buses in Europe.


Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna (TPER, Italian for Emilia-Romagna passenger transportation) is a public company overseeing public transportation in the Metropolitan City of Bologna, in the province of Ferrara and in parts of the provinces of Modena and Ravenna, Italy. It also operates train services in the wider Emilia-Romagna region, on railway lines overseen by both Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Ferrovie Emilia Romagna.

Trolleybuses in Bologna

The Bologna trolleybus system (Italian: Rete filoviaria di Bologna) forms part of the public transport network of the city and comune of Bologna, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. In operation since 1991, the current system comprises four urban routes, and additional routes are presently under construction.

Bologna has had two earlier trolleybus systems. The first one opened in 1940 and lasted only until 1945.The second earlier system, which was more extensive than the present one, opened in 1955 and was closed in 1982. At the time of its maximum extent in the 1960s and 1970s, it had a total of six routes.

Vest Buss

Vest Buss is a former Norwegian bus and coach bodywork manufacturer, and is currently the official distributor for Iveco Bus in Norway and Sweden.

The company was founded in Stryn in 1965 as Vest Karosseri AS, building their first bus bodywork in 1967. In 2002 the company was renamed Vest-Busscar AS, after Brazilian bus manufacturer Busscar acquired a 35 % share. By 2006 Busscar had sold out and it was renamed Vest Buss AS. In 2009 they became the official distributor for Irisbus in Norway and Sweden. In 2010 it was decided to close down the production of their own bodywork in early 2011, which was briefly continued by Vidre AS.

Vysoké Mýto

Vysoké Mýto (Czech pronunciation: [ˈvɪsokɛː ˈmiːto]; German: Hohenmaut, also Hohenmauth) is a town in the Pardubice Region, Czech Republic. Founded in 1262 by the Bohemian king, Přemysl Otakar II, it is situated near its original location, called Vraclav. Vysoké Mýto is a centre of tourism, due to its architectural monuments and the nature that surrounds it. Industrial companies in the city include an Iveco bus factory (brand name Karosa). There is also a football club, SK Vysoké Mýto. The town square is exceptionally beautiful and it is one of the largest examples of its type in Bohemia.

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