Isba was a city on the border of ancient Pamphylia.[1] It has been identified with the modern village of Çeşme.[2]

Isba became a Christian bishopric, a suffragan of the metropolitan see of Side, the capital of the Roman province of Pamphylia Prima, to which Isba belonged. No longer a residential bishopric, Isba is today listed by the Catholic Church as a titular see.[3]

Among the titular bishops of the see was Lionel Scheffer (14 March 1946 – 3 October 1966), later Vicar Apostolic of Labrador, after whom Schefferville, Quebec is named.[4]


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Athletics Canada

Athletics Canada or AC (French: Athlétisme Canada) is the national governing body of athletics in Canada, which includes track and field, cross-country running, road running, and race walking.Athletics Canada is involved in many aspects of the sport at the local, national, and international level – providing the rules, officials, coaching education, sports science and athlete development, youth programs, masters (age 40+) competition, and an annual meeting. It also organizes the annual Outdoor Track and Field Championships and the Indoor Track and Field Championships.

Athletics Canada is a member of the IAAF, IOC, IPC, EAA, NACAC, JDFL, CP-ISRA, CGF, ISBA, FISU and WADA.Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Athletics Canada is a non-profit organization. The organization is led by an elected board of directors, with a head chairman, currently Bill MacMackin of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Audit Bureau of Circulations (UK)

The Audit Bureau of Circulations (UK) (ABC) is a non-profit organisation owned and developed by the media industry. ABC delivers industry-agreed standards for media brand measurement of print publications, digital channels and events. The company also verifies data, processes and good practice to these and other industry-agreed standards (such as those set by JICWEBS).

Established in 1931 by the Society of British Advertisers (an organisation which later became ISBA), ABC is a founder member of the International Federation of ABCs and was the first UK Joint Industry Currency (JIC) for the media industry. JICs are owned by the industry to provide transparent and independent audience measurement for each medium.

ISBA High School Mock Trial Invitational

The Illinois State Bar Association High School Mock Trial Invitational is a mock trial tournament that has been held every year since 1983. The event is administered by the Illinois State Bar Association. The winning team represents the state of Illinois at the National High School Mock Trial Championship. Originally held in Springfield, Illinois, the invitational moved to Champaign, Illinois in 2013, before moving back to Springfield for the 2019 competition. In 2019, 40 high schools participated. The defending champion is York Community High School.

Illinois State Bar Association

The Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) is among largest voluntary state bar associations in the country. Approximately 28,000 lawyers are members of the ISBA. Unlike some state bar associations, in which membership is mandatory, ISBA membership is not required of lawyers licensed to practice in Illinois and ISBA membership is completely voluntary. The ISBA is headquartered in Springfield, Illinois. It also has an office in Chicago, Illinois.

Indiana Law Journal

The Indiana Law Journal is a general law review founded in 1925. It is published quarterly by students of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law at the flagship Bloomington campus. One of the ten most-cited law review articles of all time was published by the Indiana Law Journal. It was written by Robert Bork.It publishes an online supplement, the Indiana Law Journal Supplement, since 2008.

Indiana State Bar Association

The Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA) is a voluntary bar association for the state of Indiana. Unlike some state bar associations, in which membership is mandatory, ISBA membership is not required of lawyers licensed to practice in Indiana, and ISBA membership is totally voluntary. The ISBA is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. It includes among its members lawyers, judges, paralegals, law librarians, law students, and court administrators. About 85% of the practicing lawyers in the state are members.

International Society for Bayesian Analysis

The International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) is a society with the goal of promoting Bayesian analysis for solving problems in the sciences and government. It was formally incorporated as a not for profit corporation by economist Arnold Zellner and statisticians Gordon M. Kaufman and Thomas H. Leonard on 10 November 1992. It publishes the electronic journal Bayesian Analysis and organizes world meetings every other year.

ISBA is an "official partner" of the Joint Statistical Meetings.

Joint Statistical Meetings

The Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) is a professional conference/academic conference for statisticians held annually every year since 1840 (usually in August). Billed as "the largest gathering of statisticians held in North America", JSM has attracted over 5000 participants in recent years. The following statistical societies are designated as official JSM partners:

the American Statistical Association (ASA)

the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)

two regions of the International Biometric Society (IBS)

the Eastern North American Region (ENAR)

the Western North American Region (WNAR)

the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC)

International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)

International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA)

International Indian Statistical Association (IISA)

Korean International Statistical Society (KISS)The founding members of JSM were the ASA, IMS, IBS, and SSC.In addition to committee meetings, JSM activities include

a career placement service

continuing education courses

oral presentations

panel sessions

plenary sessions

poster sessions

José-Miguel Bernardo

José-Miguel Bernardo (born 12 March 1950) is a Spanish mathematician and statistician. A noted Bayesian, since 1978 he has been a professor of statistics at the University of Valencia.Bernardo was born in Valencia, Spain. He received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Valencia in 1974, and a second PhD in statistics from University College London in 1976.He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and was founding co-president of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA).

Justin Hayward and Friends Sing the Moody Blues Classic Hits

Justin Hayward and Friends Sing the Moody Blues Classic Hits is an album by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues with the Frankfurt Rock Orchestra and Michael Sadler of Saga and Shaun Williamson as guest-singers. It's an album of tracks taken from the Moody Blues discography, played with orchestral arrangements with lead vocal duties being taken in turn by Hayward, Sadler, and Williamson.

It was originally released with a cover title of Moody Blues – Unplugged – Greatest Hits in 1996 on Phantom Sound & Vision. A 1997 release by ISBA was titled Justin Hayward and Friends Sing the Moody Blues Classic Hits while a 2003 release on Armou was titled Justin Hayward and Friends and the Frankfort Rock Orchestra Perform the Hits of the Moody Blues.

Allmusic described the album as uninteresting and mostly plodding, with Hayward "becoming the Engelbert Humperdinck of 1960s rock crooners".

Kerrie Mengersen

Kerrie Mengersen (born 1962) is an Australian statistician. As of 2017, she is Distinguished Professor of Statistics at Queensland University of Technology in the Science and Engineering Faculty.She earned BA (Hons I) and PhD degrees in Mathematics, majoring in Statistics and Computing, from the University of New England (Armidale, New South Wales, Australia) in 1985 and 1989, respectively. She is the Director of the Bayesian Research and Applications Group (BRAG). This group is part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) of Big Data, Big Models, New Insights.She has co-authored three books and edited two, and has written 27 book chapters and approximately 250 journal articles. Her research cuts across a broad spectrum of statistical practice. She is primarily known for her work in Bayesian statistics and meta-analysis, and has worked in applications of statistics in medicine and environmental science. In 2016, she was the first woman to be awarded the Statistical Society of Australia's Pitman Medal, which recognises outstanding achievement in the statistics discipline. She talks about new challenges for statisticians in a YouTube video. She has contributed to Australian biosecurity efforts.

In October 2015 her research in building virtual habitats was highlighted on the ABC.Mengersen was the National President of the Statistical Society of Australia (SSAI) in 2013, and was the International President of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) in 2016.

Khunsari language

Khunsari dialect (Persian: گویش خوانساری) is a Central dialect within the Northwestern Iranian languages, spoken in Khansar, a town in the west of Isfahan Province of Iran. Some of the oldest isoglosses include the development of Aryan palatals to fricatives: OIr. *dz > z: mossar “big”, kissar “small”, heze “yesterday”, zun- “know”, zumā “son-in-law” (but yešt “ugly” < SW *a-dushta-, cf. NPers. zesht < NW *a-zushta- “ungeliebt”); *tsw > sp: isba, espa “dog” (< Median spaka-), espid “white”, ešpiž “louse”.

Lancaster Medical School

Lancaster Medical School (LMS) is the smallest public medical school in the UK. It is located in Lancaster, Lancashire in North West England and is part of the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University. It is currently the UK's newest public medical school, with its first graduates, a cohort of 31, graduating in 2011. The current head of the medical school is Dr Rachel Isba

Merlise A. Clyde

Merlise Aycock Clyde is an American statistician known for her work in model averaging for Bayesian statistics. She is a Professor of Statistical Science and chair of the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University. She was president of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) in 2013,

and chair of the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science of the American Statistical Association for 2018.


Mitsou Annie Marie Gélinas (born September 1, 1970 in Loretteville, Quebec) is a Canadian pop singer, businesswoman, television and radio host, and actress. She is credited as Mitsou Gélinas when acting, but records simply as Mitsou (the French spelling of Mitsu, which means honey in Japanese).


Radio Joint Audience Research Limited (RAJAR) was established in 1992 to operate a single audience measurement system for the radio industry in the United Kingdom. RAJAR is jointly owned by the BBC and the RadioCentre. Prior to this, the BBC and RadioCentre’s predecessor (The CRCA) carried out their own measurements independently of each other.

The company operates as a Joint Industry Committee (JIC) and its Board is chaired by an independent Chairman. It has shareholder representation from the BBC and the commercial sector, as well as the IPA (Institute of practitioners in advertising) and the ISBA (Incorporated Society of British Advertisers). The company is a non- profit making entity.

RAJAR collects information on behalf of over 300 BBC and Ofcom Licensed commercial radio stations, ranging from very small local services to the national networks. Station listening by time, duration, platform (AM/FM, DAB, Online/APP, and DTV) and location (in car, at home, at work, or elsewhere) is recorded and published on a quarterly basis.

The research methodology is based on a continuous diary survey (ex. Christmas holidays) measuring the listening behaviour of over 54,000 adults (aged 15+) a year. The diary is filled in on a quarter-hour basis for one week’s listening drawn from a sample representative of the individual station transmission area and the nation as a whole. The fieldwork for the Research is carried out on behalf of RAJAR by specialist research contractors, currently Ipsos Mori. The sampling point framework is undertaken by RSMB Ltd.

The diary based system is the most common method of measuring radio audiences worldwide. Some countries have introduced electronic devices called audiometers. RAJAR has tested over recent years several audiometers but has not determined any viable for introduction in the UK market. RAJAR continues to work with developers to determine future viability of innovations with audio meters and any new measurement techniques that could be of use.

Historically, the data has been collected from respondents via a paper diary. From Quarter 3, 2011 RAJAR introduced an online version of a radio listening diary (Radio Diary) as an additional collection methodology. It is recognised that respondent engagement is critical to the continued quality of the survey and that by offering a choice as to how people record and return their listening data will help maintain the current high levels of participation and completion into the future. Additional benefits also include higher accuracy in attribution of listening to the different platforms (Digital/non digital) as well as higher in home completion that in turn enhances overall data quality.

St. Charles North High School

Saint Charles North (SCN) High School is a public four-year high school, located in St. Charles, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. It is part of Community Unit School District 303 which also includes Saint Charles East High School.

The Legacy Continues... (Dream Warriors album)

The Legacy Continues... is the fourth studio album by Canadian hip hop duo Dream Warriors, released July 9, 2002 on ISBA/BMG Music, exclusively in Canada. It spawned the singles "Road of Many Signs", "Breathe or Die", and "Unstoppable". NOW magazine gave the album a 3 out of 5 rating, calling it "another set of jazzy, loose-limbed hiphop that skips from beats and rhymes to UK garage, Swizz Beatz-style bumps and dancehall." The album also included a remix of the group's best-known single from 1991, "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style".

Black Sea
Central Anatolia
Eastern Anatolia


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