Irabu Island

Irabu Island (伊良部島 Irabu-jima) (Miyako: Irav), is an island in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. The island is connected to Miyako Island by a 3,540-metre-long (11,610 ft) bridge, which was completed in January 2015 [2]. There are multiple language variants spoken on the island: Nakachi-Irabu, Kuninaka, Sawada-Nakahama, and Sarahama (which is a variant of Ikema language spoken by descendants of emigrants from Ikema Island).[3]

Irabu Island
Native name:
Irabu-jima (伊良部島)
Miyako map
Irabu Island is to the west of Miyako Island
LocationOkinawa Prefecture
Coordinates24°50′20″N 125°9′56″E / 24.83889°N 125.16556°E
ArchipelagoMiyako Islands
Area29.06 km2 (11.22 sq mi)
Highest elevation89.0 m (292 ft)
Population 5,654[1] (2013)
Irabu Island ISS045
Irabu Island is in the center, Shimoji Island below, and the Irabu Bridge to the right

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Miyako Islands

The Miyako Islands (宮古列島, Miyako-rettō, Miyako: Myaaku, Tarama dialect: Meeku, Okinawan: Naaku) (also Miyako Sima group) are a group of islands in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, belonging to the Ryukyu Islands. They are situated between the Okinawa Island and Yaeyama Islands.

In the early 1870's, the population of the islands was estimated to number about ten thousand. Miyako island has 55,914 people. A bridge connects Miyako Island to Ikema Island, which has 801 people. Tarama village has 1,214 people, between the two islands of Minna and Tarama.

Sakishima Islands

The Sakishima Islands (先島諸島, Sakishima-shotō) (or 先島群島, Sakishima-guntō) (Okinawan: Sachishima, Miyako: Saksїzїma, Yaeyama: Sakїzїma, Yonaguni: Satichima) are an archipelago located at the southernmost end of the Japanese Archipelago. They are part of the Ryukyu Islands and include the Miyako Islands and the Yaeyama Islands. The islands are administered as part of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.


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