Ioke (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Ioke (Ἰωκή) is the female personification of onslaught, battle-tumult, and pursuit. In the Iliad, she is one of the daimones, or spirits, of Zeus's aegis. The other daimones are Phobos, Eris and Alke. [1]

The Ancient Greek word ἰωκή is a rare doublet for διωκή "rout, pursuit", from the common verb διώκω "drive, pursue, chase away".[2]


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Ioke is the Hawaiian language equivalent for the name Joyce (name). It may also refer to:

Hurricane Ioke (2006)

Ioke (programming language)

Ioke (mythology), personification of pursuit in Greek mythology


In Greek mythology, Proioxis (Greek: Προΐωξις) was the personification of onrush or pursuit in battle (as opposed to Palioxis). She is mentioned together with other personifications having to do with war.

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