Intermediate spiral galaxy

An intermediate spiral galaxy is a galaxy that is in between the classifications of a barred spiral galaxy and an unbarred spiral galaxy. It is designated as SAB in the galaxy morphological classification system devised by Gerard de Vaucouleurs.[1] Subtypes are labeled as SAB0, SABa, SABb, or SABc, following a sequence analogous to the Hubble sequence for barred and unbarred spirals. The subtype (0, a, b, or c) is based on the relative prominence of the central bulge and how tightly wound the spiral arms are.

Hubble - de Vaucouleurs Galaxy Morphology Diagram
Diagram of the Hubble - de Vaucouleurs morphological classification system illustrating the class of intermediate spirals.
M83 - Southern Pinwheel
Messier 83 is an intermediate spiral galaxy of type SABc located in the constellation Hydra.


Example Type Image Information Notes
SAB0- SAB0- is a type of lenticular galaxy
SAB0 SAB0 is a type of lenticular galaxy
SAB0+ SAB0+ is a type of lenticular galaxy
SAB0/a SAB0/a can also be considered a type of intermediate lenticular galaxy
Messier 65 SABa Messier object 065 M65 is an "SAB(rs)a"
NGC 4725 SABab NGC 4725 NGC 4725 is an "SAB(r)ab pec"
Messier 66 SABb Phot-33c-03-fullres M66 is an "SAB(s)b"
Messier 106 SABbc NGC 4258GALEX M106 is an "SAB(s)bc"
Sculptor Galaxy SABc Ngc253 2mass barred spiral Sculptor is an "SAB(s)c"
NGC 2403 SABcd NGC2403 3.6 8.0 24 microns spitzer NGC 2403 is an "SAB(s)cd"
SABdm SABdm can also be considered a type of intermediate Magellanic spiral
NGC 4625 SABm NGC 4625 I FUV g2006 SABm is a type of Magellanic spiral (Sm) NGC 4625 is an "SAB(rs)m pec"
Fireworks Galaxy SAB(rs)cd NGC6946 Galaxy from the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter Schulman Telescope courtesy Adam Block NGC 4625 is an "SAB(rs)cd"


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