Inside the Third Reich (film)

Inside the Third Reich is a 1982 television film based on the book Inside the Third Reich by Albert Speer. It was originally broadcast on network television by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

Speer was portrayed in the movie by Rutger Hauer, Joseph Goebbels by Ian Holm, and Adolf Hitler by Derek Jacobi, a role for which he was nominated for an Emmy. The miniseries did win two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Film Sound Editing and Outstanding Directing in a Limited Series or a Special; DGA also outstanding directorial achievement in dramatic specials.

Inside the Third Reich
Inside the Third Reich (film)
Based onInside the Third Reich
by Albert Speer
Written byE. Jack Neuman
Directed byMarvin J. Chomsky
StarringRutger Hauer
John Gielgud
Derek Jacobi
Maria Schell
Trevor Howard
Blythe Danner
Randy Quaid
Ian Holm
Theme music composerFred Karlin
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)E. Jack Neuman
CinematographyTony Imi
Editor(s)Richard Belding
Les Green
James T. Heckert
Running time250 minutes
Production company(s)ABC Circle Films
DistributorDisney-ABC Domestic Television
Original networkAmerican Broadcasting Company
Original release
  • May 9, 1982


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Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Ernst Kaltenbrunner (4 October 1903 – 16 October 1946) was an Austrian-born senior official of Nazi Germany during World War II. An Obergruppenführer (general) in the Schutzstaffel (SS), between January 1943 and May 1945 he held the offices of Chief of the Reich Main Security Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt; RSHA). He was the highest-ranking member of the SS to face trial at the first Nuremberg trials. He was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and executed by hanging.

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