Ikizu language

Ikizu (Ikikizu, Kiikiizo) is a Bantu language spoken by the Ikizu peoples of Tanzania. Dialects are Ikizu proper and Sizaki. Maho (2009) treats Sizaki (Shashi) as a separate language. However, Ethnologue 16 retired the ISO code for Sizaki, merging it into Ikizu.

Native toTanzania
Native speakers
55,000 (2005)[1]
  • Sizaki
  • Ikizu
Language codes
ISO 639-3ikz


Ikuzu uses the Latin alphabet. It does not include the letters Q, V, or X. The letters B and C are only used in the forms Bh and Ch.


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SZK may refer to:

IATA code for Skukuza Airport

Statistical Zero Knowledge, a mathematical complexity class in Salil Vadhan

Organization of the Kurdish language in People's Council of West Kurdistan

szk, ISO code for the Ikizu language

Slovenská živnostenská komora, a political pressure group in Politics of Slovakia

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