Iguape War

The Iguape War (Portuguese: Guerra de Iguape) occurred during 1534-1536, in the region of São Vicente, São Paulo. Due to the interpretation of the Treaty of Tordesilhas, some Spaniards, led by Ruy Garcia de Moschera, established themselves around Vicentina. They were allied with indigenous Carijós, founded a village (a I-Caa-Para) and won several battles against French corsairs.

When Portuguese Brazilian forces faced the Spanish contingent, they were promptly defeated. Subsequently, Garcia de Moschera and his followers occupied and looted São Vicente, including carrying away the livro de tombo (parish log). Notwithstanding, after repeated incursions the Portuguese Brazilian forces forced the Spanish to retreat, first to Ilha de Santa Catarina, and after that to Buenos Aires.

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