Ian Stuart Donaldson

Ian Stuart Donaldson (11 August 1957 – 24 September 1993), also known as Ian Stuart, was a white supremacist musician from Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire. He was best known as the frontman of Skrewdriver, an English punk rock band which, from 1982 onwards, he rebranded as a white power rock band. He raised money through white power concerts with his Blood and Honour network.

Donaldson attended Baines School in Poulton, where he met Sean McKay, Phil Walmsley, and John Grinton. They formed the cover band Tumbling Dice, who played songs by the Rolling Stones and other bands. In 1975, they formed Skrewdriver, a band that gained a reputation for attracting violence at their concerts.[1]

After the original Skrewdriver lineup parted ways in 1979, Donaldson formed a new lineup and began to write songs for a white power audience.[2] The new version of Skrewdriver openly promoted far-right groups such as the National Front and raised funds for them (and affiliated organisations) through the White Noise Records label.[2] Skrewdriver became known for its involvement in the white nationalist movement and its associated music genre, Rock Against Communism.[2] In 1987, Donaldson founded Blood and Honour, a neo-Nazi network that distributes white power music and organises concerts.[2]

Donaldson also became leader of two other bands, the Klansmen (a rockabilly band) and White Diamond (a hard rock/heavy metal band), and he released several solo albums. Along with Skrewdriver guitarist Stigger (Stephen Calladine), he recorded the albums Patriotic Ballads volumes 1 and 2, which included covers of traditional folk songs such as "The Green Fields of France". Donaldson's voice also appeared in the song "The Invisible Empire" (whose title refers to the Ku Klux Klan) on the 1989 album See you in Valhalla by neo-Nazi rock band No Remorse.

On the night of 23 September 1993, Donaldson was in a car crash in Derbyshire that resulted in his death the following day, at the age of 36.[3] A friend of the band died at the crash scene.

Ian Stuart Donaldson
Birth nameIan Stuart Donaldson
Also known asIan Stuart
Born11 August 1957
Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, England
OriginBlackpool, Lancashire, England
Died24 September 1993 (aged 36)
Derbyshire, England
GenresWhite power rock
Rock Against Communism
Punk rock
Occupation(s)Musician, singer, songwriter
InstrumentsVocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano
Years active1975–1993
LabelsChiswick, Rock-O-Rama
Associated actsSkrewdriver, Stigger, Rough Justice, Tumbling Dice, The Klansmen, White Diamond


Ian Stuart & Rough Justice

  • Justice for the Cottbus Six (1992) (Rock-O-Rama)

Ian Stuart & Stigger

  • Patriotic Ballads (1991) (Rock-O-Rama)
  • Patriotic Ballads II – Our Time Will Come (1992) (Rock-O-Rama)


Solo albums

  • No Turning Back (1989) (Rock-O-Rama)
  • Slay The Beast (1990) (Rock-O-Rama)
  • Patriot (1991) (Rock-O-Rama)

The Klansmen

  • Fetch the Rope (LP, 1989 / Klan Records) (CD, 1991 / Rock-O-Rama Records)
  • Rebel with a Cause (LP, 1990 / Klan Records) (CD, 1991 / Rock-O-Rama Records)
  • Rock 'n' Roll Patriots (LP, 1991 / Klan Records) (CD. 1991 / Rock-O-Rama Records)


  • Johnny Joined the Klan (1989 / Klan Records) (3 Songs from the "Fetch the Rope" LP)

White Diamond

  • The Reaper (1991) (Rock-O-Rama)
  • The Power & The Glory (1992) (Glory Discs)

Further reading

  • Lowles, Nick; Silver, Steve (13 November 1998). White Noise: Inside the International Nazi Skinhead Scene. Searchlight Magazine Ltd. ISBN 0-9522038-3-9.
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  • The soundtrack of neo-fascism, Patterns of Prejudice (2013)
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Nordic Thunder

Nordic Thunder was an American neo-nazi Rock Against Communism band formed in Delaware. On 30 September 1994, after a memorial festival for Ian Stuart Donaldson hosted by Resistance Records, the lead singer, Joe Rowan, was murdered by a group of black youth. Rowan subsequently became a martyr for the white power movement in America. Bands that have been influenced by Nordic Thunder include Excessive Force, which was formed in Toronto in July 1993.


Skrewdriver were a British neo-Nazi, RAC band formed by Ian Stuart Donaldson in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire in 1976. Originally a non-racist punk band that was very influential to later Oi! bands, Skrewdriver changed into a white supremacist rock band after reuniting in the 1980s. Their original line-up split in January 1979 and Donaldson reformed the band with different musicians in 1982. The new version of the band played a leading role in the Rock Against Communism movement.

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