IF Metall

IF Metall is a trade union in Sweden. It was formed in a 2006 merger between the Swedish Industrial Union (Industrifacket) and the Swedish Metalworkers' Union (Metall). Its roots in Metall trace back to 1888.

IF Metall represents around 325,000 workers in around 11,600 workplaces. 22% are women, 15% are under 30 years of age and around 25% are of foreign background.[1] in a variety of sectors, including:

IF Metall is the second largest affiliate of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation.

IF Metall
Founded1 January 2006
PredecessorSwedish Industrial Union and Swedish Metalworkers' Union
Head unionMarie Nilsson
Office locationStockholm, Sweden

List of chairmen

  • Stefan Löfven, 2006–2012
  • Anders Ferbe, 2012–2017
  • Marie Nilsson, 2017-present


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