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Information Management Software is one of the brands within IBM Software Group (SWG) division. The major Information Management products include:[1]


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Cognos (Cognos Incorporated) was an Ottawa, Ontario-based company making business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) software. Founded in 1969, at its peak Cognos employed almost 3,500 people and served more than 23,000 customers in over 135 countries until being acquired by IBM on January 31, 2008. While no longer an independent company, the Cognos name continues to be applied to IBM's line of business intelligence and performance management products.

IBM Champions

IBM Champions are individuals, non-IBMer and recognized professionals in the IBM community.

IBM Data Magazine

IBM Data magazine is a U.S.-based custom, online magazine published by TDA Group for IBM Corp. With a worldwide readership of more than 100,000, the magazine provides how-to information about DB2, Informix, UniVerse, and UniData, along with coverage of related tools, software, and solutions (including those that fall under IBM's Information On Demand initiative).

The magazine was established in 1996 as DB2 Magazine. It was acquired in 2001 by the IBM Corporation. In 2008, the magazine's name changed to IBM Database Magazine before later changing to IBM Data Management magazine in 2009 when it switched publishers. With a worldwide readership of more than 100,000, the magazine provides how-to information about IBM information management software, including the DB2, Informix, UniVerse, and UniData data servers, and related tools, software, and solutions (including those that fall under IBM's Information On Demand initiative). The publication was renamed to IBM Data magazine in 2012 to reflect the magazine's shift to cover more of IBM's data management product portfolio.

IBM Db2 Family

Db2 is a family of data management products, including database servers, developed by IBM. They support the relational model, but in recent years, some products have been extended to support object-relational features and non-relational structures like JSON and XML. The brand name was styled as DB2 from its creation in 1983 until 2017.

IBM InfoSphere DataStage

IBM InfoSphere DataStage is an ETL tool and part of the IBM Information Platforms Solutions suite and IBM InfoSphere. It uses a graphical notation to construct data integration solutions and is available in various versions such as the Server Edition, the Enterprise Edition, and the MVS Edition. It uses a client-server architecture. The servers can be deployed in both Unix as well as Windows.

It is a powerful data integration tool, frequently used in Data Warehousing projects to prepare the data for the generation of reports.

IBM Information Management System

IBM Information Management System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database and information management system with extensive transaction processing capabilities.

IBM RFID Information Center

The IBM RFID Information Center (RFIDIC) software solution is based on EPCglobal's Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) standard specification. RFID Information Center enables tracking of uniquely identifiable (serialized) product throughout the supply chain. Despite the name, the RFID Information Center is sensor agnostic, meaning it recognizes product serialized with RFID, barcode and/or 2D barcode. This IBM WebSphere middleware offering is a software product that falls within IBM's broader IBM Information Management Software line.


PureSystems is an IBM product line of factory pre-configured components and servers also being referred to as an "Expert Integrated System". The centrepiece of PureSystems is the IBM Flex System Manager in tandem with the so-called "Patterns of Expertise" for the automated configuration and management of PureSystems.

PureSystems can host four different operating systems (AIX, IBM i, Linux, Windows) and five hypervisors (Hyper-V, KVM, PowerVM, VMware, Xen) on two different instruction set architectures: Power ISA and x86. PureSystems is marketed as a converged system, which packages multiple information technology components into a single product.

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