Hybrid sport

A hybrid sport is one which combines two or more (often similar) sports in order to create a new sport, or to allow meaningful competition between players of those sports.

The most popular hybrid sport in terms of attendance and television viewers is international rules football.

A korfball match in the Netherlands between 'Trekvogels' and 'OZC'

Active sports

  • BASEketball - a fictional hybrid sport from the movie BASEketball which combines the game of basketball with baseball rules.
  • Bossaball - a hybrid sport combining elements of volleyball, association football, gymnastics, and Capoeira, played on the inflatable field with 2 trampolines at each side of the net. Allowing players per side to bounce high to spike or touch the ball and touch it with any part of the body, especially arms and hands
  • Korfball – several claims that it was developed as a hybrid of netball and basketball to enable play between teams of mixed gender. Despite the origins of korfball, today it does facilitate exactly that purpose.
  • Kronum – A hybrid of handball, soccer, basketball and rugby played on a circular field with four goals at each end.
  • Samoa Rules – A hybrid of rugby union and Australian rules football
  • Segway Rugpolocrosse - A field sport which combines elements of Segway polo, rugby, and lacrosse, played on the segway allowing players to run with it either in hands or in the netted racket of lacrosse stick, and contact, impede, and tackle each other with the player's body, lacrosse stick, and segway.
  • Slamball - a full-contact team hybrid sports which will combine elements of basketball, American football, ice hockey, acrobatics, and video games, played on the basketball court, surrounded by hockey-style plexiglass walls, with two sets of four trampolines at the front of net and boards around the edges of this court.

Vigoro - a hybrid of cricket and tennis


waterpolo - A hybrid of swimming and handball

Inactive sports

Australia international rules football team

This article concerns the men's team; for information on the Australian women's team, see Australia women's international rules football team.The Australia international rules football team is Australia's senior representative team in International rules football, a hybrid sport derived from Australian rules football and Gaelic football. The current team is solely made up of players from the Australian Football League.

Although Australian rules football is played around the world at an amateur level, Australia is considered far too strong to compete against at senior level. Hence, selection in the Australian international rules team is the only opportunity that Australian rules footballers have to represent their country. Until 2004 the majority of the men's Australian squad was composed of members of the All-Australian team, as well as other outstanding performers from the season. In 2005 the decision was made to select players best suited to the conditions of the hybrid game, which resulted in a younger, smaller and quicker team being selected. However this was reverted to the All-Australian model ahead of the 2014 series. For the 2013 Series only, the decision was made to select an all-Indigenous team, known as the Indigenous All Stars.Competing in the International Rules Series, the only team Australia plays against is the Ireland international rules football team. The series has been played intermittently since 1984. Australian under-age teams have been represented in the past, as well as a women's team in 2006. Australia last hosted the International Rules Series in 2014.

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade is a full-size luxury SUV engineered and manufactured by Cadillac. It was Cadillac's first major entry into the SUV market. The Escalade was introduced for the 1999 model year in response to competition from the Mercedes-Benz ML-Class and Lexus LX and to Ford's 1998 release of the Lincoln Navigator. The Escalade project went into production only ten months after it was approved. The Escalade is built in Arlington, Texas. The word "escalade" refers to a siege warfare tactic of scaling defensive walls or ramparts with the aid of ladders or siege towers.

The 1999 Escalade was nearly identical to the 1999 GMC Yukon Denali, but was redesigned for the 2002 model year to make its appearance fall more in line with Cadillac's "art and science" design theme. Escalade production was skipped for the 2001 model year. The Escalade ESV (based on the Chevrolet Suburban) and its former sibling the Escalade EXT (based on the Avalanche sport utility truck) were made in Silao, Mexico, before the 2007 redesign; the new Escalade ESV is sourced from Arlington, Texas.

As of 2015, the Cadillac Escalade is available in every country that Cadillac is available in. The Escalade ESV version is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia and the Middle East. It is Cadillac's largest luxury oriented, passenger- and load-carrying vehicle, which was a niche previously filled by the Cadillac Commercial Chassis.

Composite rules shinty–hurling

Composite rules shinty–hurling (Irish: Rialacha chomhréiteach sinteag-iomáint)—sometimes known simply as shinty–hurling—is a hybrid sport which was developed to facilitate international matches between shinty players and hurling players.

Shinty–hurling is one of few team sports in the world without any dedicated clubs or leagues. It is currently played by both men's and women's teams only in tournaments or once-off internationals. The women's form of the game is called shinty/camogie.

Scotland are the leading team in the sport, having won seventeen of many international series against Ireland to date.

Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is a mid-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Dodge. The first two generations were very similar in that both were based on the Dodge Dakota, both featured a body-on-frame construction and both were produced at the Newark Assembly Plant in Newark, Delaware.

The third-generation Durango is built on the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, features unibody construction, and has been assembled at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan, since mid-2010.


Iomain was a hybrid sport formed from shinty and hurling created in 2013.

Iomain is a Gaelic word, meaning "driving", and is one of the words traditionally used in Scotland to refer to Shinty and Irish dialect to Hurling.

It was argued that it might replace composite rules shinty–hurling in Scotland-Ireland internationals. Unlike composite rules, it was to use a single type of stick for both sides, and also one goal design.

The stick was made in the traditional shinty style with a much large club face as in hurling but a longer shinty shaft. The goals used were shinty goals. It was designed also to be similar to the ground hurling that was once prevalent in Ireland, but has been superseded by the aerial variety.

Iomain was played at Croke Park in October 2013 in a demonstration game. The match finished 5-0. [1] However, there has never been a repeat of the initial trial at Croke Park.

Lexus NX

The Lexus NX (Japanese: レクサス・NX, Rekusasu NX) is a compact luxury crossover SUV sold by Lexus, a luxury division of Toyota. It was introduced in late 2014 as an all-new, entry-level crossover model in Lexus' lineup, slotted below the mid-size RX crossover. The name NX stands for Nimble Crossover.

Mazda Tribute

The Mazda Tribute (Code J14) is a compact SUV made by Japanese automaker Mazda from 2000 to 2011. It was jointly developed with Ford Motor Company and based on the front-wheel drive Mazda 626 platform, which was in turn the basis for the similar Ford Escape on the CD2 platform. The Tribute was priced below the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner in Ford's CD2 SUV lineup.

The Tribute and Escape debuted in 2000, offering front or all wheel drive and a choice of a transversely mounted 2.0 L Ford Zetec 4-cylinder engine or 3.0 L Ford Duratec V6. Ford Escape was also sold as the Ford Maverick in Europe with a Ford 2.0 L I4 Zetec engine with manual transmission, or 3.0 L Duratec coupled to automatic transmission.

One main difference between the Tribute and the Ford Escape/Maverick is that the Tribute's suspension is tuned for a firmer ride than the Escape/Maverick, in order to correspond with Mazda's sporty image. As Mazda had offered "spiced up" models in other segments such as the Mazda 3 and CX-7, the utilitarian Tribute was replaced by the more aggressively styled Mazda CX-5 in North America.

Mercury Mariner

The Mercury Mariner is a compact crossover SUV that was introduced in 2005. It is a sibling of the Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape, although it is more upmarket than the other two. The Mariner is Mercury's first car-based SUV, and is slotted below the Mountaineer in the lineup. When Ford eliminated the Mercury brand, the Mariner ended production in October 2010.The Mariner was officially offered in the U.S., Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the U.A.E.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a mid-size luxury crossover sport utility vehicle produced by the German manufacturer Porsche since 2002, with North American sales beginning in 2003. It is the first V8-engined vehicle built by Porsche since 1995, when the Porsche 928 was discontinued. It is also Porsche's first off road variant vehicle since its Super and Junior tractors of the 1950s, and the first Porsche with four doors. Since 2008, all engines have featured direct injection technology.

The second-generation Cayenne (Type 92A) was unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March following an online reveal. The Cayenne shares its platform, body frame, doors and electronics with the similar Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7. The second generation received a facelift in 2014 with minor external changes, and introduced a new plug-in E-Hybrid version, with its public launch at the Paris Motor Show.

Roewe RX5

The Roewe RX5 is a compact crossover SUV that is manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer Roewe of SAIC Motor. On 9 June 2016, Alibaba officially unveiled the Roewe RX5, its first “Internet car” in collaboration with SAIC.Priced upwards of RMB 148,800 ($22,300) when deliveries started in August 2016.According to Roewe CEO Wang Jian, the new Internet technology will allow the joint venture to quickly adapt its cars to become self driving.

Saturn Vue

The Saturn VUE is a compact SUV that was sold and built by Saturn, and it was Saturn's best-selling model. It was the first vehicle to use the GM Theta platform when it was introduced in 2001 for the 2002 model year. The VUE was later facelifted for the 2006 model year. A second generation model was launched in 2007 for the 2008 model year as a rebadged Opel Antara. The VUE production in North America ended as GM wound down the Saturn brand during its 2009 reorganization.

Shinty/Hurling International Series

The Shinty/Hurling International Series is a sports competition played annually between the Ireland national hurling team (selected by the Gaelic Athletic Association) and Scotland national shinty team (selected by the Camanachd Association). The series is conducted according to the rules of Shinty/Hurling, which is a hybrid sport consisting of a mixture of rules from the Scottish sport of Shinty and the Irish sport of Hurling.

Matches are played at men's senior, men's under 21 and women's levels, with Scotland having had the most success in recent years, winning the last three senior series.

Subaru Hybrid Tourer

The Subaru Hybrid Tourer is a hybrid concept sport utility/grand touring vehicle designed and built by Subaru, unveiled at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The Hybrid Tourer included several signature Subaru design features, such as the use of a horizontally-opposed engine and all-wheel drive, and built on prior Subaru hybrid concepts such as the B9SC and B5-TPH by using a two-motor layout. The Hybrid Tourer was succeeded by the 2011 Advanced Tourer concept and the 2013-15 VIZIV diesel hybrid concept series.

Subaru VIZIV

The Subaru VIZIV is a series of hybrid concept sports SUVs designed and built by Subaru, the first of which was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The VIZIV series included several signature Subaru design features, such as the use of horizontally-opposed engines and all-wheel drive, and built on prior Subaru hybrid concepts such as the B9SC, B5-TPH, and Hybrid Tourer by using a three-motor layout. Since 2016, the VIZIV concept cars have previewed styling for upcoming production automobiles, and the hybrid powertrain has been dropped in favor of a conventional gasoline engine and all-wheel-drive.

Toyota FT-HS

The Toyota FT-HS is a hybrid sports car concept introduced at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. Calty Design Research designed the concept. FT-HS stands for Future Toyota Hybrid Sport.The goal of the rear wheel drive hybrid powertrain is to produce 400 hp (298 kW) and achieve 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in around 4 seconds. This is accomplished by combining a 3.5 L V6 and an electric motor in a manner similar to the Lexus GS450h. Unlike the GS (and virtually all other current hybrids), a production version of the FT-HS would make use of a capacitor system designed specifically for quick charging and increased performance. Since the debut of this concept, Toyota has exhibited such technology in the Supra HV-R race car.The 2+2 vehicle features a unique retractable roof similar to a targa top. The rear seats would be folded down when the roof is retracted, however.

In spite of the FT-HS being only a concept vehicle, Toyota's desired starting price for such a vehicle is stated to be in the mid $30,000 range.An August 2008 article from Automotive News indicated that a production version was no longer being considered. However, a January 2009 article from Edmunds Inside Line states that "the V6 Supra replacement is still in the pipeline and is set for an early 2011 debut". However, as of 2012 neither the FT-HS nor any Supra replacements have been put into production. However, many of the concept's styling cues were used in the production of the Toyota 86 series developed jointly by Toyota and Subaru.

Toyota Harrier

The Toyota Harrier (Japanese: トヨタ・ハリアー, Toyota Hariā) is a mid-size crossover SUV sold since December 1997 by Toyota in Japan, and was exclusive to Toyopet Store Japanese dealerships. In export markets, the Harrier was rebadged as the Lexus RX from March 1998. At this stage, Toyota had yet to retail the Lexus brand to its Japanese customers.

The second generation model debuted in February 2003, along with the export Lexus version. The third generation Lexus RX arrived in late 2008, while the Harrier continued on in second generation form unchanged. Lexus had by now made its debut in Japan as an independent marque, thus the third generation RX was sold in the domestic market in the same livery as its export counterpart.

Toyota refreshed the Harrier in 2013, when it morphed into an independent model line constructed on a separate platform from the Lexus RX but retaining a visual link with the RX.

The Harrier is named for the eastern marsh harrier, a bird of prey common to Hokkaidō and northern Honshū called the chuki in Japanese, and an emblem depicting the bird in stylized profile can be found on the grille.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander (Japanese: トヨタ・ハイランダー, Toyota Hairandā), also known as the Toyota Kluger (Japanese: トヨタ・クルーガー, Toyota Kurūgā), is a mid-size crossover SUV produced by Toyota. It is built on the same platform as used on the Toyota Camry.Announced in April 2000 at the New York International Auto Show and arriving in late 2000 in Japan and January 2001 in North America, the Highlander became one of the first car-based mid-size SUV or mid-size crossovers. The Highlander is the crossover counterpart to the more rugged, truck-based midsize 4Runner and became Toyota's best-selling SUV before being surpassed by the smaller RAV4 in 2006. In Japan, the Kluger is exclusive to dealership network called Toyota NETZ as a larger alternative to the RAV4.

Unable to use the Highlander name in Japan and Australia because of a trademarked Hyundai Terracan trim line, Toyota calls the vehicle the Toyota Kluger (pronounced Klu-ger) there. The name is derived from the German word klug, which means smart or clever ("Kluger" meaning "one who is smart").

Universal football

Universal football was the name given to a proposed hybrid sport of Australian rules football and rugby league, proposed at different times between 1908 and 1933 as a potential national football code to be played throughout Australia. The game was trialled, but it was never otherwise played in any regular competition.

Volkswagen CrossBlue

The Volkswagen CrossBlue is a concept diesel plug-in-hybrid mid size crossover SUV, intended to sit in the range of SUVs by Volkswagen, below the Volkswagen Touareg. The concept version of the car has six seats, but the production version that will be based on it will have a traditional seven seat layout.It is meant to replace the slow selling minivan, the Volkswagen Routan, and intended to be sold exclusively in the American and Canadian markets. However, Volkswagen of Australia is currently trying to convince Volkswagen executives to have the concept appear in Australian Auto Shows.In the American and Canadian markets, its targeted competitors are the Toyota Highlander, Toyota 4Runner, Ford Explorer, and Honda Pilot. On July 14, 2014, Volkswagen announced that the CrossBlue will be built at its factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The production version was announced with the name Atlas or Teramont for those manufactured in the USA and Chinese markets for those manufactured in China. Atlas will feature transverse mounted engines of four cylinders or Volkswagens narrow angle V6.

Hybrid sports

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