A huaico or huayco (from the Quechua wayqu, meaning "depth, valley") is an Andean term for the mudslide and flash flood caused by torrential rains occurring high in the mountains, especially during the weather phenomenon known as El Niño.

National forests such as the San Matías–San Carlos Protection Forest were created in Peru to protect vegetation, which reduces runoff, and prevent huaicos.

The indigenous Mapuche residents of Lo Barnechea, in present-day Santiago Province, Chile, were called Huaicoches in their Mapudungun language: Huaico (flash flood) and che (people).

Andean tinamou

The Andean tinamou (Nothoprocta pentlandii) is a tinamou, found commonly in high-altitude shrubland, in the Andes of South America.

Brushland tinamou

The brushland tinamou (Nothoprocta cinerascens) is a type of Tinamou commonly found in high-altitude dry shrubland in subtropical and tropical regions of southern South America.


Coroico is a town in Nor Yungas Province, in the La Paz Department of western Bolivia.

Darwin's nothura

The Darwin's nothura (Nothura darwinii) is a type of tinamou commonly found in high-altitude grassland in the southern Andes in South America.


Eudromia is a genus of birds in the tinamou family. This genus comprises two crested members of this South American family.

Francesco Mariotti

Francesco Mariotti (born 1943) is an artist and cultural activist. He was born in Bern, Switzerland. He has residences in Zürich, Switzerland and Punta Sal, Peru.

Huayco tinamou

The huayco tinamou (Rhynchotus maculicollis), also known as waypu (Quechua) (also spelled guaipo, huaipo, guaypo, waypo, a name which is also applied for other Tinamidae species), is a species of bird found on grassy mountain ridges in the Andes of Bolivia and Argentina.

Lesser nothura

The lesser nothura (Nothura minor) is a type of tinamou found in lowland dry grassland habitats in subtropical and tropical regions of southeastern South America.

Lo Barnechea

Lo Barnechea is a commune of Chile located in Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region. Most of the commune is mountainous and its inhabited areas are part of the northeasternmost section of Greater Santiago. It is home to some of Chile's fanciest neighborhoods (including La Dehesa]). The largest international school in Santiago, International School Nido de Aguilas is located in the commune as are all of the capital's ski centers.

The indigenous people of Lo Barnechea were called the Huaicoche in their Mapudungun language: Huayco, meaning flash flood, and che, for people.


Nothocercus is a genus of birds in the tinamou family. This genus comprises three species of this South American family.


Nothura is a genus of birds in the tinamou family. This genus comprises five members of this South American family.

Tinamous are paleognaths related to the flightless ratites. They are probably close in appearance to the flying ancestors of the ratites.


Nothurinae or aridland tinamous is one of two subfamilies of the Tinamidae family, the other being Tinaminae. It contains eighteen species in six genera.

The six genera are:

Rhynchotus (2 species)

Nothoprocta (6 species)

Nothura (5 species)

Taoniscus (monotypic) - dwarf tinamou

Eudromia (2 species)

Tinamotis (2 species)

Patagonian tinamou

The Patagonian tinamou (Tinamotis ingoufi) also known as Ingouf’s tinamou is a member of the most ancient group of bird families, the tinamous. This species is native to southern South America

Red-winged tinamou

The red-winged tinamou (Rhynchotus rufescens) is a medium-sized ground-living bird from central and eastern South America. Other common names for the species include perdiz grande, rufous tinamou, and ynambu.


Rhynchotus is a genus of birds in the tinamou family. This genus comprises two members of this South American family.

Rusty tinamou

The rusty tinamou or short-billed tinamou (Crypturellus brevirostris) is a type of tinamou commonly found in swamp forest in tropical regions of South America.

Santa Marta tinamou

The Santa Marta tinamou, Crypturellus erythropus idoneus, is a subspecies of tinamou that was recognized as a species by most authorities until 2006. It is found in northern South America.

Tepui tinamou

The tepui tinamou (Crypturellus ptaritepui) is a type of ground bird found in montane moist forest on tepuis, in southeastern Venezuela.


Tinamotis is a genus of birds in the tinamou family.


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