Hosseinieh Azam Zanjan Mosque

Hosseinieh Azam Zanjan Mosque (Persian: حسینیه اعظم زنجان‎) is one of the Shia Islam religious sites located in Zanjan.[1][2] This place dates back more than a century ago.[3] This Hoseyniyeh by two people named Mirza Muhammad Taqi and Haj Mirza Babai was dedicated and since was held there since then on the 8th of Muharram mourning a certain way.[4]

Hosseinieh Azam Zanjan Mosque
Zanjan Azam Hussainia by Mardetanha1827
AffiliationShia Islam
ProvinceZanjan Province
LocationIran Zanjan, Iran
TypeMosque, Hussainiya


Great Hoseyniyeh of Zanjan for the clique that each year is the eighth day of Muharram is famous. The clique moves from place simultaneously Great Hoseyniyeh starts and usually ends with the call to Maghrib Athan at the Imamzadeh of Ebarhim. The population of the cliqu, more than 500 thousand people.[5][6]


According to the documents Great Hoseyniyeh in just one year and in the way of clique has been offered nearly 13 thousand to 800 million tomans from the people dedicated to Great Hoseyniyeh.[7][8]

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