Heroes Against Hunger

Heroes Against Hunger is a 1986 all-star benefit comic book for African famine relief and recovery. Published by DC Comics in the form of a "comic jam," or exquisite corpse, the book starred Superman and Batman.[1] Spearheaded by Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson, all proceeds from the comic went to hunger relief in Africa.

Heroes Against Hunger
The cover of Heroes Against Hunger (DC Comics, 1986). Artwork by Neal Adams & Dick Giordano.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
Publication date1986
No. of issues1
Main character(s)Superman and Batman
Creative team
Created byJim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson
Written by
Editor(s)Robert Greenberger

Publication history

Heroes Against Hunger came about in response to the devastating 1983–85 famine in Ethiopia. The concept was nearly identical to the earlier benefit comic, Heroes for Hope, published by Marvel Comics in 1985 (which was also spearheaded by Wrightson and Starlin),[2] and was in the spirit of contemporaneous musical fund-raisers like Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?", USA for Africa's "We Are the World", and the Live Aid concerts.


In a story called "A Song of Pain and Sorrow!", Superman, Batman, and Lex Luthor try to curtail the Ethiopian famine. While there, they interact with Peace Corps member Lee Ann Layton. Their antagonist is a green-skinned, four-armed giant with a keyboard embedded on his chest called the Master. The Master feeds on entropy, so he is strengthened by the Ethiopian famine.


The story was plotted by Jim Starlin with a plot assist from Bernie Wrightson.[1] The editor was Robert Greenberger. Front cover penciled by Neal Adams, with inks by Dick Giordano; back cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. Logo design by Gaspar Saladino.

There were 100 contributors to the project. In addition to Starlin and Wrightson, a number of Heroes for Hope contributors also donated their creative labors to Heroes Against Hunger, including John Byrne, Howard Chaykin, John Costanza, Steve Englehart, Klaus Janson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Michael Kaluta, Steve Leialoha, Al Milgrom, Gray Morrow, Josef Rubinstein, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walt Simonson, and Alan Weiss.[3]

Page Writer Penciler Inker Letterer Colorist
1, 48 Jim Starlin George Pérez Kim DeMulder Helen Vesik Daina Grazanus
2-3 Cary Bates Paris Cullins Tony DeZuniga Carrie Spiegle Michele Wolfman
4–5 Elliot S. Maggin Denys Cowan Val Mayerik Carrie Spiegle Michele Wolfman
6-7 Paul Levitz Jan Duursema Alfredo Alcala Helen Vesik Gene D'Angelo
8–9 Mike W. Barr Keith Giffen Joe Staton Duncan Andrews Carl Gafford
10-11 Michael Fleisher Ross Andru Klaus Janson John Workman Carl Gafford
12-13 Bob Rozakis José Luis Garcia-Lopez Jerry Ordway Agustin Mas Anthony Tollin
14–15 Roy Thomas Carmine Infantino Murphy Anderson Milt Snapinn Tom Ziuko
16-17 J. M. DeMatteis Marshall Rogers Karl Kesel John Costanza George Roberts
18–19 Robert Bloch Bernie Wrightson Michael Kaluta Bob Lappan Anthony Tollin
20–21 Robert Loren Fleming Joe Brozowski Gray Morrow Bob Pinaha Gene D'Angelo
22–23 Marv Wolfman Sal Amendola Jim Aparo Albert DeGuzman Liz Berube
24-25 Tony Isabella Curt Swan John Byrne Todd Klein Nansi Hoolahan
26–27 Gerry Conway Barry Windsor-Smith Jeff Jones Todd Klein Tatjana Wood
28–29 Barbara Randall Ernie Colón Terry Austin Agustin Mas Nansi Hoolahan
30–31 Andy Helfer Walt Simonson Steve Leialoha John Workman Joe Orlando
32-33 Dan Mishkin Eduardo Barreto Romeo Tanghal Helen Vesik Liz Berube
34-35 Len Wein Dave Gibbons Bruce Patterson John Costanza George Roberts
36-37 Ed Hannigan Jack Kirby Al Milgrom Duncan Andrews Tom Ziuko
38–39 Mindy Newell Tony Salmons Tom Mandrake Bob Pinaha Joe Orlando
40-41 Steve Englehart Dan Jurgens Bill Wray Agustin Mas Adrienne Roy
42-43 Joey Cavalieri Joe Kubert Josef Rubinstein Andy Kubert Adrienne Roy
44-45 Paul Kupperberg David Ross Howard Chaykin Bob Lappan Bob LeRose
46-47 Doug Moench Jim Sherman Greg Theakston & Alan Weiss Todd Klein Bob LeRose

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Further reading

  • "Reviews: Heroes Against Hunger," Amazing Heroes #95 (May 15, 1986).
  • Monaco, Steve. "Sentimentality in the Mainstream," The Comics Journal #112 (Nov. 1986), pp. 52-58.



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Heroes for Hope

Heroes for Hope: Starring the X-Men is a 1985 Marvel comic book designed to raise awareness about hunger in Africa. Proceeds from the comic went to the American Friends Service Committee, to assist in their work on behalf of African famine relief and recovery. Published in the form of a "comic jam," or exquisite corpse, the book featured an all-star lineup of comics creators as well as a few notable authors from outside the comic book industry, such as Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, and Edward Bryant. It also saw a rare Alan Moore Marvel Comics credit outside his early Marvel UK work.

Heroes for Hope featured some memorable artist/writer and penciler/inker pairings, including Stan Lee and John Buscema; Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson; Moore and Richard Corben; Harlan Ellison, Frank Miller, and Bill Sienkiewicz; Mike Baron and Steve Rude, Howard Chaykin inked by Walt Simonson; and John Byrne and Terry Austin reuniting on the X-Men.

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