Hazrat Turabul Haq Dargah

Hazrat Sayed Shah Turabul Haq Sahab Dargah, is a tomb of great Sufi saint Hazrat Turabul Haq, also known as Turatpeer Baba who spent most of his last days in Parbhani.[1][2]

Hazrat Sayed Shah Turabul Haq Sahab Dargah
Parbhani dargah festival at night
Annual Parbhani Dargah Festival during night
Basic information
Geographic coordinates19°16′N 76°47′E / 19.27°N 76.78°E
DistrictParbhani district


Dargah is best known for its annual fair, which has history of 108 years, thousands of followers of all religions and faiths gather together between 2 February to 15 February each year.[3][4] In Parbhani this dargah is the symbol of unity between all religions. People from across the state visits the dargah.

Thousands of followers of dargah claim that their wish got fulfilled after visiting this dargah. Because of huge popularity of dargah in Maharashtra state, it is often called as "Ajmer Sharif of Maharashtra". Thousands of diseased persons visit this dargah in the hope of healthy life. It is estimated that nearly 5 lakh (half million) people visited dargah during 2015 festival season between 2 February to 15 February.[5]


Parbhani is in Marathwada region of Maharashtra, about 550 kilometres (340 mi) away from Mumbai, 200 kilometres (120 mi) away from Aurangabad and 345 kilometres (214 mi) from Hyderabad. Parbhani is well connected by roads and trains to cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Bhopal, New Delhi, Nagpur, Pune.
Nearest airport is to Parbhani is Aurangabad Airport And Nanded Airport


Shrine of hazarat shah turabul haq of parbhani

Shrine of Hazrat Turabul Haq

Parbhani dargah fest, lighing

Joy rides at the fair

People waiting for turn

People waiting for their turn to see holy shrine.

Kids plaza, Parbhani dargah fest

Kids enjoying in festival.

Parbhani festival still

Still from the fair

Parbhani festival people

Crowd during the fair

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