Haya language

Haya (Oluhaya; Swahili: Kihaya) is a Niger–Congo language spoken by the Haya people of Tanzania, in the south and southwest coast of Lake Victoria. In 1991, the population of Haya speakers was estimated at 1,200,000 people [1].

Maho (2009) classifies JE221 Rashi as closest to Haya. It has no ISO code.

EthnicityHaya people
Native speakers
1.3 million (2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3hay


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Haya people

The Haya are an ethnic and linguistic tribe based in the Bukoba District, Muleba District and Karagwe District of Kagera Region in northwestern Tanzania, East Africa. In 1991 the Haya population was estimated to number 1,200,000. They speak the Haya language.

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