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A Rebel in Time

A Rebel in Time (also published as Rebel in Time) is a 1983 science fiction novel by Harry Harrison.

Bill, the Galactic Hero

Bill, the Galactic Hero is a satirical science fiction novel by American writer Harry Harrison, first published in 1965.

Harrison reports having been approached by a Vietnam veteran who described Bill as "the only book that's true about the military."

Harry Harrison (writer)

Harry Max Harrison (born Henry Maxwell Dempsey; March 12, 1925 – August 15, 2012) was an American science fiction author, known for his character The Stainless Steel Rat and for his novel Make Room! Make Room! (1966). The latter was the rough basis for the motion picture Soylent Green (1973). Harrison was (with Brian Aldiss) the co-president of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group.

Aldiss called him "a constant peer and great family friend". His friend Michael Carroll said, "Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean or Raiders of the Lost Ark, and picture them as science-fiction novels. They're rip-roaring adventures, but they're stories with a lot of heart." Novelist Christopher Priest wrote in an obituary,

Harrison was an extremely popular figure in the SF world, renowned for being amiable, outspoken and endlessly amusing. His quickfire, machine-gun delivery of words was a delight to hear, and a reward to unravel: he was funny and self-aware, he enjoyed reporting the follies of others, he distrusted generals, prime ministers and tax officials with sardonic and cruel wit, and above all he made plain his acute intelligence and astonishing range of moral, ethical and literary sensibilities.

King and Emperor

King and Emperor is the third (and concluding) novel in the Hammer and the Cross series. It was written by Harry Harrison and first published in 1996 by Tor Books.

Make Room! Make Room!

Make Room! Make Room! is a 1966 science fiction novel written by Harry Harrison exploring the consequences of unchecked population growth on society.

It was originally serialized in Impulse magazine.

Set in a future August 1999, the novel explores trends in the proportion of world resources used by the United States and other countries compared to population growth, depicting a world where the global population is seven billion, subject to overcrowding, resource shortages and a crumbling infrastructure. The plot jumps from character to character, recounting the lives of people in various walks of life in New York City (population around 35 million).

The novel was the basis of the 1973 science fiction movie Soylent Green, although the film changed much of the plot and theme and introduced cannibalism as a solution to feeding people.

One King's Way

One King's Way is the second part of the trilogy by Harry Harrison and John Holm that began with The Hammer and the Cross. The book was published in 1994.

One Step from Earth

One Step from Earth is a collection of science fiction stories by American writer Harry Harrison, published in 1970. The stories in the collection are tied together by the central theme of teleportation, or matter transmission as the author phrases it.

Peace (band)

Peace are an English indie rock quartet, formed in Worcester. The band consists of brothers Harry (vocals, guitar) and Sam Koisser (bass), Doug Castle (guitar) and Dom Boyce (drums). The band began to receive critical acclaim in early 2012 from publications such as The Guardian and NME, who compared them to The Maccabees, Foals, Wu Lyf and Vampire Weekend. They were considered part of the B-Town movement, along with other bands such as Swim Deep, Jaws and Superfood.

Their first single, "Follow Baby", was self-released in April 2012 in the form of 500 7" vinyl copies. The band then signed to Columbia Records & released their debut extended play, EP Delicious, on 7 September 2012. With their debut studio album, In Love, released on 25 March 2013, the band released their lead single "Wraith" on 13 January 2013. It was announced by the BBC on 9 December 2012 that Peace had been nominated for the Sound of 2013 poll.The band is not to be confused with the zamrock band The Peace, that was active in the 1970s or the CCM band, Peace, lead by Dan Peek during the 1990s.

Planet of the Damned

Planet of the Damned is a 1962 science fiction novel by American writer Harry Harrison. It was serialised in 1961 under the title Sense of Obligation and published under that name in 1967. It was nominated for the Hugo Award.

Prime Number (short story collection)

Prime Number published in 1970, is a collection of science fiction stories by American writer Harry Harrison.

Soylent Green

Soylent Green is a 1973 American dystopian thriller film directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Charlton Heston and Leigh Taylor-Young. Edward G. Robinson appears in his final film. Loosely based on the 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison, it combines both police procedural and science fiction genres; the investigation into the murder of a wealthy businessman and a dystopian future of dying oceans and year-round humidity due to the greenhouse effect, resulting in suffering from pollution, poverty, overpopulation, euthanasia and depleted resources.In 1973 it won the Nebula Award for Best Dramatic Presentation and the Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film.

Stars and Stripes trilogy

The Stars and Stripes Trilogy is a collection of three alternate history novels written by Harry Harrison.

The Stainless Steel Rat

James Bolivar diGriz, alias "Slippery Jim" and "The Stainless Steel Rat", is a fictional character and the antihero of a series of comic science fiction novels written by Harry Harrison.

To the Stars (trilogy)

The To the Stars trilogy is a series of science fiction novels by Harry Harrison, first published in 1980 (Homeworld) and 1981 (Wheelworld and Starworld). The three books were re-published in an omnibus edition in 1991.

Tunnel Through the Deeps

Tunnel Through the Deeps (also published as A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!) is a 1972 alternate history/science fiction novel by Harry Harrison. It was serialized in Analog magazine beginning in the April 1972 issue.

The title refers to the construction of a submerged floating-tube pontoon bridge/tunnel across the Atlantic Ocean in the novel.

Two Tales and Eight Tomorrows

Two Tales and Eight Tomorrows is a collection of science fiction stories by American writer Harry Harrison between 1958 and 1965. It was published in 1965.

Vendetta for the Saint

Vendetta for the Saint is a 1964 mystery novel featuring the character of Simon Templar, alias "The Saint". Vendetta for the Saint was the first full-length Saint novel published since The Saint Sees it Through, 18 years earlier. A television adaptation of the novel was released as a theatrical film, also entitled Vendetta for the Saint, in 1969.

War with the Robots

War with the Robots (pub: 1962) is a collection of science fiction stories, written by Harry Harrison in 1956-1961. The collection is tied together by a central theme of robots being able to do things better than humans.

The collection includes the short stories:

"Simulated Trainer"

"The Velvet Glove"

"Arm of the Law"

"The Robot Who Wanted to Know"

"I See You"

"The Repairman"

"Survival Planet"

"War with the Robots"

West of Eden

West of Eden is a 1984 science fiction novel by American writer Harry Harrison.

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