Hambletonian Stakes

The Hambletonian Stakes is a major American harness race, named in honor of Hambletonian 10, a foundation sire of the Standardbred horse breed, also known as the "Father of the American Trotter." The Hambletonian is held annually for three-year-old trotting Standardbreds. It is the first event in the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters. The Hambletonian is run at Meadowlands Racetrack on the first Saturday in August.[1]

Hambletonian Stakes
Triple Crown race
LocationMeadowlands Racetrack, East Rutherford, New Jersey,
 United States
Race typeHarness race for standardbred trotters
Race information
Distance1,609 meters (1 mile)
Purse$1,000,000 (2015)


The Hambletonian first took place at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY in 1926. The race switched from Syracuse to Lexington, KY for the 1927 and 1929 races, however, because of rainouts. Starting in 1930, Good Time Park in Goshen, NY hosted the race until 1956 with the exception of 1943. That year, The Hambletonian was raced at Empire City Race Track, which became Yonkers Raceway in 1950, because of wartime gas rationing. The Du Quoin State Fair in Du Quoin, IL gained the rights to host the race in 1957 and held on to it until 1980. Since 1981, the race has been at the Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford, NJ


Most wins by a driver
Most wins by a trainer

Ben White (1927, 1933, 1936, 1942, 1943)

Stanley Dancer (1965, 1968, 1972, 1975, 1983)

Stakes record

Hambletonian Stakes winners

2018 Atlanta Scott Zeron Rick Zeron Rick Zeron Crawford Fms,ON;Holland 1:50 4/5 $1,000,000
2017 Perfect Spirit Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt Srf Stable,Delray Beach,FL 1:52 3/5 $1,000,000
2016 Marion Marauder Scott Zeron Paula Wellwood Jean Wellwood, Devin Keeler 1:51 4/5 $1,000,000
2015 Pinkman Brian Sears Jimmy Takter Christina Takter, John & Jim Fielding, Joyce McClelland, Herb Liverman 1:51 0/0 $1,000,000
2014 Trixton Jimmy Takter Jimmy Takter Brixton Medical Ab (Bengt Agerup) & Christina Takter 1:50 3/5 $1,006,125
2013 Royalty For Life Brian Sears George Ducharme Al Ross, Chip Campbell, Jr., Paul Fountaine 1:52 1/5 $1,000,000
2012 Market Share Tim Tetrick Linda Toscano Richard S. Gutnick, T L P Stable, William J. Augustine 1:52 1/5 $1,500,000
2011 Broad Bahn George Brennan Noel Daley Fam Alber Horse Racing LLC (Leif Alber) 1:53 0/0 $1,500,000
2010 Muscle Massive Ronald Pierce Jimmy Takter Brixton Medical Ab (Bengt Agerup), Order By Stable (Stefan Balazsi), et al. 1:51 0/0 $1,500,000
2009 Muscle Hill Brian Sears Gregory B. Peck TLP Stable, Jerry Silva, Southwind Farm, Muscle Hill Racing LLC 1:50 1/5 $1,520,333
2008 Deweycheatumnhowe Ray Schnittker Ray Schnittker Schnittker, Iannazzo, Gewertz, Baldassare & Deweycheatumnhowe Stable 1:52 0/0 $1,500,000
2007 Donato Hanover Ronald Pierce Steve Elliott (Lessees) Steve Arnold, David Scharf, Golden Touch Stables 1:53 2/5 $1,500,000
2006 Glidemaster John Campbell Blair Burgess Robert Burgess, Karin-Olsson Burgess, Marsha Cohen, Brittany Farms 1:51 1/5 $1,500,000
2005 Vivid Photo Roger Hammer Roger Hammer Roger Hammer, Todd Schadel 1:52 3/5 $1,500,000
2004 Windsong's Legacy Trond Smedshammer Trond Smedshammer Ann Brannvoll, Ted Gewertz, Patricia Spinelli 1:54 1/5 $1,000,000
2003 Amigo Hall Michel Lachance Blair Burgess Walnut Hall Limited (Alan J. Leavitt), Robert Burgess, Karin Olsson-Burgess 1:54 0/0 $1,000,000
2002 Chip Chip Hooray Eric Ledford Charles Sylvester C. Sylvester, M. Prakas, Wingedfoot Farms, N. Goldman 1:53 3/5 $1,000,000
2001 Scarlet Knight Stefan Melander Stefan Melander Stefan Melander 1:53 4/5 $1,000,000
2000 Yankee Paco Trevor Ritchie Douglas McIntosh Harry Ivey & Dr. Tom Ivey 1:53 2/5 $1,000,000
1999 Self Possessed Michel Lachance Ron Gurfein Self Possessed Stable (D. Scharf, J. Silva, L. Domiano, G. Segal) 1:51 3/5 $1,000,000
1998 Muscles Yankee John Campbell Charles Sylvester Perretti Farms Inc, Irving G. Liverman & David French 1:52 2/5 $1,000,000
1997 Malabar Man Malvern C. Burroughs Jimmy Takter Malvern C. Burroughs 1:55 0/0 $1,000,000
1996 Continentalvictory Michel Lachance Ron Gurfein Continentalvictory Stable 1:52 1/5 $1,200,000
1995 Tagliabue John Campbell Jim Campbell Arlene & Jules J. Siegel 1:54 4/5 $1,200,000
1994 Victory Dream Michel Lachance Ron Gurfein FA Stable (Frank Antonacci) & Victory Dream Stable (Alan J. Leavitt, et al.) 1:54 1/5 $1,200,000
1993 American Winner Ronald Pierce Milton Smith Robert Key, John Glesmann 1:53 1/5 $1,200,000
1992 Alf Palema Mickey McNichol Per Eriksson Karl-Erik Bender, Per Eriksson 1:56 2/5 $1,288,000
1991 Giant Victory Jack Moiseyev Per Eriksson Jacqueline & Theodore Gewertz, Robins Racing Stable 1:54 4/5 $1,238,000
1990 Harmonious John Campbell Osvaldo Formia Lindy Racing Stable, Sal Garofalo 1:54 1/5 $1,346,000
1989 Park Avenue Joe (DH) Ron Waples Charles Sylvester Park Avenue Stable 2:00 2/5 $1,131,000
1989 Probe (DH) William Fahy Osvaldo Formia Lindy Farms 2:00 2/5
1988 Armbro Goal John Campbell Jan Johnson James R. Plate, Paul H. Ryan, Michael V. Caggiano 1:54 3/5 $1,156,800
1987 Mack Lobell John Campbell Charles Sylvester One More Time Stable (Louis P. Guida, et al.) & Fair Winds Farm (E. Mullen) 1:53 3/5 $1,046,300
1986 Nuclear Kosmos Ulf Thoresen Per Henriksen Lilla Henriksen, Geo. & Gary Hoffman, Stephen Sullivan 1:55 2/5 $1,172,082
1985 Prakas Bill O'Donnell Per Eriksson Hans G. Enggren, Iain L. Mackenzie, Carl J. Vizzi 1:54 3/5 $1,272,000
1984 Historic Freight Ben Webster Samuel "Skip" Lewis ABC Stables, Inc. 1:56 2/5 $1,219,000
1983 Duenna Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Clearview Stable 1:57 2/5 $1,000,000
1982 Speed Bowl Tommy Haughton Billy Haughton Pony Stable (B. Haughton, D. Miller, P. Soldner, F. Miller, M. Hempt, B. Brown) 1:56 4/5 $875,750
1981 Shiaway St. Pat Ray Remmen Ray Remmen Shiawassee Farm, Inc. 2:01 1/5 $838,000
1980 Burgomeister Billy Haughton Billy Haughton Peter Haughton 1:56 3/5 $293,570
1979 Legend Hanover George Sholty Ray Tripp Messenger Stable (Raymond Galt) 1:56 1/5 $300,000
1978 Speedy Somolli Howard Beissinger Howard Beissinger Ann Beissinger, Barbara Mumma, Alan J. Leavitt, William Rosenberg 1:55 0/0 $241,280
1977 Green Speed Billy Haughton Billy Haughton Beverly Lloyds 1:55 3/5 $284,310
1976 Steve Lobell Billy Haughton Billy Haughton Mill Island Stable (Richard Herman & Murray Siegel) 1:56 2/5 $263,524
1975 Bonefish Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Stanley F. & Rachel L. Dancer & A. M. Cuddy Stable 1:59 0/0 $232,192
1974 Christopher T. Billy Haughton Billy Haughton John L. Thro 1:58 3/5 $160,150
1973 Flirth Ralph N. Baldwin Ralph N. Baldwin Arden Homestead Stable (E. Roland Harriman & Elbridge T. Gerry, Sr.) 1:57 1/5 $144,710
1972 Super Bowl Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Rachel L. Dancer, Rose Hild Breeding Farm 1:56 2/5 $119,090
1971 Speedy Crown Howard Beissinger Howard Beissinger Crown Stable, Inc. (Frank & Thomas Antonacci) 1:57 2/5 $129,770
1970 Timothy T. John F. Simpson, Jr. John F. Simpson, Sr. John F. Simpson, Sr. 1:58 2/5 $143,630
1969 Lindy's Pride Howard Beissinger Howard Beissinger Lindy Farm, Inc. 1:57 3/5 $124,910
1968 Nevele Pride Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Nevele Acres, Louis Resnick 1:59 2/5 $116,190
1967 Speedy Streak Del Cameron Frank Ervin Clarence F. Gaines, John R. Gaines, Kenneth D. Owen 2:00 0/0 $122,650
1966 Kerry Way Frank Ervin Frank Ervin Gainesway Farm 1:58 4/5 $122,540
1965 Egyptian Candor Del Cameron Stanley Dancer Rachel L. Dancer 2:03 4/5 $122,245
1964 Ayres John F. Simpson, Sr. John F. Simpson, Sr. Charlotte Sheppard 1:56 4/5 $115,281
1963 Speedy Scott Ralph N. Baldwin Ralph N. Baldwin Castleton Farm 1:57 3/5 $115,549
1962 A. C.'s Viking Sanders Russell Sanders Russell Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Petersen 1:59 3/5 $116,612
1961 Harlan Dean Jimmy Arthur Delvin Miller Max C. Hempt, Delvin Miller, Ray Cleveland 1:58 2/5 $131,573
1960 Blaze Hanover Joe O'Brien Joe O'Brien S. A. Camp Farms 1:59 3/5 $147,481
1959 Diller Hanover Frank Ervin Ralph N. Baldwin Hall Stables (Howard M. Hall) 2:01 1/5 $125,283
1958 Emily's Pride Flave Nipe Fred Egan Castleton Farm & Walnut Hall Farm 1:59 4/5 $106,719
1957 Hickory Smoke John F. Simpson, Sr. John F. Simpson, Sr. Lawrence B. Sheppard & Archie Mudge 2:00 1/5 $111,126
1956 The Intruder Ned Bower Ned Bower Allwood Stable 2:01 2/5 $100,603
1955 Scott Frost Joe O'Brien Joe O'Brien S. A. Camp Farms 2:00 3/5 $86,863
1954 Newport Dream Del Cameron Del Cameron Octave Blake 2:02 4/5 $106,830
1953 Helicopter Harry M. Harvey Delvin Miller Armstrong Bros. 2:01 3/5 $117,117
1952 Sharp Note Bion Shively Bion Shively Clyde W. Clark 2:02 3/5 $87,637
1951 Mainliner Guy Crippen Guy Crippen Ralph H. Kroening 2:02 3/5 $95,263
1950 Lusty Song Delvin Miller Fay Fitzpatrick Hayes Fair Acres 2:02 0/0 $75,209
1949 Miss Tilly Fred Egan Fred Egan Charles W. Phellis 2:01 2/5 $69,791
1948 Demon Hanover Harrison R. Hoyt Harrison R. Hoyt Mr. & Mrs. Harrison R. Hoyt 2:02 0/0 $59,941
1947 Hoot Mon Scepter F. Palin Scepter F. Palin Castleton Farm 2:00 0/0 $46,267
1946 Chestertown Thomas S. Berry Harry P. Whitney Walter E. Smith 2:02 1/2 $50,995
1945 Titan Hanover Harry E. Pownall, Sr. Harry E. Pownall, Sr. Arden Homestead Stable (E. R. Harriman & E. T. Gerry, Sr.) 2:04 0/0 $50,196
1944 Yankee Maid Henry Thomas Henry Thomas Arch L. Derby 2:04 0/0 $33,577
1943 Volo Song Benjamin White Benjamin White William H. Strang, Jr. 2:02 1/2 $42,298
1942 The Ambassador Benjamin White Benjamin White William H. Strang, Jr. 2:04 0/0 $38,954
1941 Bill Gallon Lee Smith Lee Smith R. Horace Johnston 2:05 0/0 $38,729
1940 Spencer Scott Fred Egan Fred Egan Charles W. Phellis 2:02 0/0 $43,658
1939 Peter Astra Hugh M. "Doc" Parshall Hugh M. "Doc" Parshall Dr. Lowry M. Guilinger 2:04 1/4 $40,502
1938 Mc Lin Henry Thomas Henry Thomas Hanover Shoe Farms 2:02 1/4 $37,962
1937 Shirley Hanover Henry Thomas Henry Thomas Hanover Shoe Farms 2:01 1/2 $37,912
1936 Rosalind Benjamin White Benjamin White Gib White 2:01 3/4 $35,643
1935 Greyhound Scepter F. Palin Scepter F. Palin Edward J. Baker 2:02 1/4 $33,321
1934 Lord Jim Hugh M. "Doc" Parshall Hugh M. "Doc" Parshall Earl L. Mefford 2:02 3/4 $25,845
1933 Mary Reynolds Benjamin White Benjamin White William N. Reynolds 2:03 3/4 $40,459
1932 The Marchioness William Caton William Caton Mrs. Ralph Keeler 2:01 1/4 $49,489
1931 Calumet Butler Richard D. McMahon Richard D. McMahon Calumet Farm 2:03 1/4 $50,921
1930 Hanover's Bertha Tom Berry Tom Berry Hanover Shoe Farms 2:03 0/0 $56,859
1929 Walter Dear Walter Cox Walter Cox William H. Cane 2:02 3/4 $60,309
1928 Spencer William H. Leese William H. Leese David M. Look 2:02 1/2 $66,226
1927 Iosola's Worthy Marvin Childs Benjamin White E. J. Merkle 2:03 3/4 $54,694
1926 Guy McKinney Nathaniel D. Ray Nathaniel D. Ray Henry B. Rea 2:04 3/4 $73,451


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Breeders Crown

The Breeders Crown is an annual series of Harness races in the United States and Canada covering each of the sport's twelve traditional categories of age, gait and gender. The series was initiated by the Hambletonian Society, promoters of the Hambletonian Stakes, in 1984 to enhance the Standardbred breeding industry and to promote the sport of Harness racing by providing a lucrative high profile championship race in each of these categories. The annual races for 3-year-old trotting colts and geldings and 3-year-old pacing colts and geldings, are each part of the Grand Slam Prize in harness racing.

For its first 15 years, races were contested at tracks around North America. After a 1998 appearance at the then-new Colonial Downs near Richmond, Virginia, the series has rotated between The Meadowlands (near New York City), Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs (in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), and the Greater Toronto Area's two tracks, Woodbine Racetrack and Mohawk Racetrack. In 2017, the series will be contested at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino.

Cane Pace

The Cane Pace is a harness horse race for standardbred pacers run annually since 1955. The race was first run as the William H. Cane Futurity in 1955 at Yonkers Raceway in New York. In 1956 the race joined with the Little Brown Jug and the Messenger Stakes to become the first leg in the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers.

The Cane Pace of 2004 resulted in the only dead heat in the race's history and one where the two horses had the same trainer and owner.As of 2015, the Cane Pace is run at Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey as part of the undercard for the Hambletonian Stakes, the first leg of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters.

Del Cameron

Adelbert "Del" Cameron (1920-1979) was an American harness racing driver. Cameron was voted into the Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 1974.Del Cameron was born in Harvard, Massachusetts. Cameron along with his wife and two sons moved to Pinehurst, North Carolina in 1944 where he would spend winters training horses for over 30 years.Cameron drove three horses, Newport Dream in 1954, Egyptian Candor in 1965, and Speedy Streak in 1967 to victories in the Hambletonian Stakes, one of the three legs of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters. Newport Dream was lame with a mystery ailment in its left foreleg at the time of his Hambletonian win. In addition to his Hambletonian wins, Cameron drove Forbes Chief in 1947 and Tar Heel in 1951 to victories in the Little Brown Jug, one of the three legs of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers. Del Cameron won 1,358 races and more than $4.7 million in purses over his career.Harness racing driver/trainer and 2016 Hall of Fame inductee Bruce Nickells, worked two years for Cameron as a second trainer. Another Hall of Famer, Stanley Dancer, was given his first Hambletonian drive by Cameron in 1953. Cameron once said it took longer to train an owner than it did a horse.Cameron died of a heart attack in Wilmington, Delaware on May 25, 1979.

Du Quoin State Fairgrounds

The Du Quoin State Fairgrounds are located in the city of Du Quoin in Perry County, Illinois, United States. The fairgrounds are located along U.S. Route 51 north of Illinois Route 14. The facilities include the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds Racetrack, an oval track that has hosted AAA, USAC and ARCA races since 1948. The fairgrounds are also home to a horse racing track which hosted the Hambletonian Stakes from 1957 to 1980 and the World Trotting Derby from 1981 to 2009.The Du Quoin State Fairgrounds opened in 1923 under the leadership of horse breeder William R. Hayes. Hayes created the DuQuoin State Fair as a parallel event to the Illinois State Fair, which had banned gambling on horse races. To avoid competing for visitors, the Du Quoin State Fair began immediately after the Illinois State Fair closed; the Du Quoin fair traditionally ran through Labor Day weekend. The event was a financial success which attracted prominent entertainers and groups, many of whom also played the Illinois State Fair; the fair consequently became known as Illinois' "little State Fair" or "second State Fair".Du Quoin State Fairgrounds has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since July 1990. It is one of Perry County's two Registered Historic Places; the other, in Pinckneyville, is the Perry County Jail, now a museum.


Glidemaster is a Standardbred trotter who was named the 2006 United States Harness Horse of the Year by the U.S. Trotting Association. He is a 2003 brown stallion by Yankee Glide out of Cressida Hanover by Mr Lavec.

Green Speed

Green Speed (December 18, 1974 - June 27, 1983) was a Standardbred trotter owned by Mrs. Beverly Loyds and who was trained by Billy Haughton. Although not eligible for the Kentucky Futurity, the colt's racing success included wins in the other two legs of the 1977 U.S. Trotting Triple Crown, the Hambletonian Stakes and the Yonkers Trot. In that three-year-old campaign Green Speed finished the season holding thirteen world records including a record time of 1:55 3/5 which made him the then fastest three-year-old trotter in history. As a result, Green Speed was voted the 1977 American Harness Horse of the Year.In 2014 Green Speed was inducted into the United States Harness Racing Hall of Fame.

Greyhound (horse)

Greyhound was a grey Standardbred gelding by Guy Abbey out of Elizabeth by Peter the Great. Born in 1932, Greyhound was the outstanding trotting horse of his day and arguably the most outstanding in the history of the sport. He was nicknamed "The Great Grey Ghost" and "Silver-skinned Flyer." In 1935, he won the Hambletonian race and in 1938 he lowered the record time for trotting the mile to 1:55¼. This record stood until 1969.

Hambletonian Oaks

The Hambletonian Oaks is a premier harness racing event for three-year-old Standardbred female trotters first run in 1971. The race is operated by The Hambletonian Society, Inc. which also operates the Hambletonian Stakes for three-year-old for male horses and the Breeders Crown series.

Hanover's Bertha

Hanover's Bertha (1927-1944) was a Standardbred horse and harness racing champion bred by Alexander B. Coxe and foaled at Hanover Shoe Farms in Hanover, Pennsylvania. She won the 1930 Hambletonian Stakes at Good Time Park in Goshen, New York, as well as the Kentucky Futurity at The Red Mile in Lexington, Kentucky.Hanover's Bertha was the first winner to go on to foal another Hambletonian winner, 1937's Shirley Hanover. In 1957 Hanover's Bertha was inducted into the United States Harness Racing Hall of Fame.

Louis Effrat

Louis Effrat was a sports writer for The New York Times. He was born on February 21, 1910, in Manhattan and died on September 1, 1988. He was employed by The New York Times from 1927 to 1976.

Mr. Effrat covered the first televised sport event, a Columbia–Princeton baseball game, the second game of a doubleheader, played at Baker Field at Columbia University on May 17, 1939.

Lou Effrat was known as "The Guy With the Twist". He covered all major sports. In addition to being the swing man between the Dodgers, Giants and Yankees, he spent years as the beat writer covering first the Yankees and then the Giants.

In addition to his baseball writing he covered the Knicks and the football Giants.

In his later years he was the Harness Writer for the Times covering a number of Hambletonian Stakes. He was a member of the United States Harness Writers Association and voted into the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame in 1985.He retired to Florida with his wife, Alice, who died on May 19, 1997.

Mack Lobell

Mack Lobell (1984–2016) was a brown racing trotter by Mystic Park out of Matina Hanover by Speedy Count.

He won $3,917,594 during his career and was elected Harness Horse of the Year in 1987 and 1988. Among his many stakes victories were the Yonkers Trot, the Hambletonian, the Elitloppet (twice), the Breeders Crown events for three-year-old and for four-year-old trotters, and the International Trot. His best time of 1:52.1 for the mile was taken as a three-year-old in a race in Springfield, Illinois; this time set the world record for trotters. John Campbell described him as the best horse he has driven.

Meadowlands Sports Complex

The Meadowlands Sports Complex is a sports and entertainment complex located in East Rutherford, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States, owned and operated by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA).The complex currently consists of MetLife Stadium, which is home to the New York Giants and New York Jets of the National Football League; Meadowlands Racetrack, one of the more famous harness racing circuits in the sport and home of the annual Hambletonian Stakes; and the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, which is the Giants' practice facility.

The complex is also the home to the under-construction American Dream Meadowlands entertainment venue and the now-closed Meadowlands Arena, which served as a home for the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League, Seton Hall University's men's basketball team, and the team the arena was built for, the now-Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association.

Nevele Pride

Nevele Pride (1965 - February 19, 1993) was an American standardbred harness racehorse who set world records as fastest trotter on multiple occasions. Owned by Stanley Dancer, Nevele Pride won 57 races and was honored as Harness Horse of the Year in three consecutive years. The horse earned more than $870,000 during his racing career.

Nuncio (horse)

Nuncio (foaled in Hanover, Pennsylvania, 17 April 2011) is a dark racing trotter by Andover Hall out of Nicole Isabelle by Lindy Lane. Nuncio is owned and trained by Stefan Melander at Åby-Farm, Enköping, Sweden.

With Swedish driver Örjan Kihlström, Nuncio won the most prestigious harness race in Scandinavia, the Swedish Elitloppet at Solvalla, on the 29th day of May, 2016, carrying a 3 million Swedish kronor ($360.000) first prize purse.Furthermore, Nuncio has won several other races, most prominent of which are Kentucky Futurity (2014), Yonkers Trot (2014), Sprintermästaren (2015), the Swedish Breeders Crown (2015), Jubileumspokalen (2016) and Sundsvall Open Trot (2016). Nuncio was also a valiant runner-up at one of the greatest harness racing events in the world, the Hambletonian Stakes (2014).The combined earnings of the US-born stallion now exceeds 27 million Swedish kronor.

Ray Schnittker

Raymond W. "Ray" Schnittker (born February 11, 1958 in Buffalo, New York) is a driver, trainer and owner of Standardbred harness racing horses who is also a Director of the United States Trotting Association His successful horses includes Hambletonian Stakes winner Deweycheatumnhowe.In 2008, Ray Schnittker was voted the Dan Patch Trainer of the Year Award by the United States Harness Writers Association (USHWA).

Rosalind (harness horse)

Rosalind was a champion trotting mare who won the 1936 Hambletonian Stakes, set two world records (an individual filly-and-mare record of 1:56¾ in 1938 and a 1939 team mark of 1:58¼ with Greyhound) and was elected to the Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 1973. Foaled on May 5, 1933, she was sired by Scotland (1:59¼); her dam was Alma Lee (2:04¾), whose sire was Lee Worthy (2:02½). Scotland was sired by Peter Scott, who was sired by Peter The Great, who was sired by Pilot Medium, who was sired by Happy Medium, who was sired by Hambletonian 10. Alma Lee was also a great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Hambletonian 10.

Owned by Gib White and bred, trained and driven by his father, Ben White, Rosalind won six of ten races as a two-year-old. She won seven of eight starts at three, including the Hambletonian at Good Time Park in Goshen, New York. The filly's fastest mile in the race (the Hambletonian was contested in heats at the time, both of which she won) was 2:01¾, a stakes record. The following year, Rosalind won three of her four starts and set a world record of 1:56 3/4. As a six-year-old in 1939, she and Greyhound (both driven by Sep Palin) lowered the world team-to-pole (tandem) record to 1:59 at Syracuse and 1:58¼ at Indianapolis. Rosalind won twenty-four races during her career, finished second seven times and third once.

As a broodmare she gave birth to six fillies, the best-known of whom was Deanna (2:02¾). Rosalind died at age 17 of cancer at Hanover Shoe Farms in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and is buried there. She, Ben and Gib White were the subjects of Marguerite Henry's 1950 Born to Trot, illustrated by Wesley Dennis.

Stefan Melander

Bertil Stefan Melander (born 23 November 1957 in Spånga, Stockholm County) is a Swedish harness racing horse trainer and driver based at Åby-Farm in Enköping, Sweden.Among the horses he has trained are top trotters Scarlet Knight, Iceland, Gigant Neo and Nuncio. Together with these and other horses, Melander has won numerous major races, including Elitloppet (two times), Hambletonian Stakes (once) and Prix d'Amérique (once). When he won Hambletonian Stakes at Meadowlands Racetrack with Scarlet Knight in August 2001 Melander became the first horseman to bring a U.S.-breed trotter trained and developed in Europe to the U.S. and win the Hambletonian.

Tim Tetrick

Timothy A. "Tim" Tetrick, born November 22, 1981 in Flora, Illinois, is an American Harness Racing driver. Tim started driving Standardbreds at a very young age and on November 27, 2007 broke the record of number of wins (1,077) in a single year. Tim drove his 1,078th winner at Dover Downs in Delaware on the way to recording 1,189 wins that year.Tetrick won the 2012 Hambletonian Stakes with his horse Market Share. He won his 8,000th career race in March 2014. Tim Tetrick youngest to win 8,000 races He was voted Harness Tracks of America Driver of the Year for 2007, 2008, 2012, and 2013 by the US Harness Writers Association.

He underwent hip replacement surgery in early December, 2008 for a congenital hip problem, but was back competing by late January 2009.

Tetrick's colors are green and gold. He is also recognizable on the track by the bright yellow wheels on the sulky he drives. He has been a resident of Runnemede, New Jersey.

Windsong's Legacy

Windsong's Legacy was a Standardbred trotting horse who won the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters in 2004, capturing the Hambletonian, Yonkers Trot and Kentucky Futurity titles. The horse was trained and driven by Trond Smedshammer. He became the first trotter since Super Bowl in 1972 to win the Triple Crown. He died early in 2008 from heart failure at the age of seven, after siring three foal crops.

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