HBO Now is a subscription video on demand service operated by American premium cable and satellite television network HBO. Officially unveiled on March 9 and launched on April 7, 2015[1] the service allows subscribers on-demand access to HBO's library of original programs, films and other content on personal computers, smartphones, tablet devices and digital media players.[2]

Unlike HBO Go, HBO's online video on demand service for existing subscribers of the linear television channel, HBO Now is available as a standalone service and does not require a television subscription to use, targeting cord cutters who use competing services such as Netflix and Hulu. As of February 2018, HBO Now has 5 million subscribers.[3]

Type of site
Video on demand
Available inEnglish
FoundedOctober 15, 2014
HeadquartersNew York City, New York,
Area servedUnited States
Key peopleKevin Reilly
(CCO, WarnerMedia Direct-to-consumer.)
ServicesOTT streaming service
ParentWarnerMedia Entertainment
RegistrationMonthly subscription through authorized distributor required to access content
Users5 million paying subscribers (2018)
LaunchedApril 7, 2015[1]


On October 15, 2014, following a trial of a similar service in Nordic Europe, HBO announced plans to launch an online, subscription video on demand service in the United States in 2015. This new service would be geared towards cord cutters – consumers who primarily use online video services to view television programs rather than subscribe to cable or satellite television – and would not have to be purchased as part of a television subscription, therefore also making it a competitor to services such as Netflix. This contrasts with HBO's existing online video on demand service, HBO Go, which is only accessible to those who have subscribed to HBO through a television provider.[4][5]

On December 9, 2014, it was reported that HBO had outsourced development of the service's infrastructure to Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM), who also developed the infrastructures used by WatchESPN and WWE Network. The network was previously working on a new platform codenamed "Maui"; however HBO, especially after major outages of HBO Go that occurred during several recent season premieres of high-profile HBO series, felt that outsourcing the service to a third-party would bring lower risk to the project. Otto Berkes stepped down as the company's Chief Technical Officer following this move.[6]

The service was officially unveiled as HBO Now during an Apple press event on March 9, 2015.[7] It was also announced that Apple would be the service's exclusive launch partner, with the HBO Now app being exclusive to Apple TV and iOS devices for a three-month period following the service's launch.[8][2][9] HBO Now content can also be accessed on its website. HBO Now officially went live on April 7, 2015, to coincide with the April 12 premiere of the fifth season of Game of Thrones.[1] Apple keeps 15% of the monthly subscription fee from users who sign up from an iOS device.[10]

Following the end of the exclusivity period, HBO Now for Android and Amazon Kindle Fire was released on July 16, 2015.[11] HBO Now apps for Xbox 360 and Xbox One were released on April 21, 2016.[12] On September 15, Sony announced that HBO Now will be available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, which was later released on September 29, 2016 in anticipation for the series premiere of Westworld on October 2, and that anyone that subscribed to HBO on PlayStation Vue would be able to access HBO Now at no extra cost.[13][14]


HBO Now offers on-demand access to most of HBO's library of original series, but does not carry several past series such as Tales from the Crypt, Tenacious D, 1st & Ten, Da Ali G Show, or The Ricky Gervais Show.[15] The Larry Sanders Show and Arliss were initially unavailable but added in 2016 and 2018 respectively.[16][17] It also streams HBO's original films and documentaries, along with acquired films from its library through the cable channel's content partners (such as 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and HBO sister company Warner Bros. Pictures). Time Warner stated that at least 2,000 titles would be available upon the service's launch.[9]

Like with HBO Go, HBO Now strictly serves as a video on demand service and does not include access to near-real-time streams of HBO's linear channels – unlike similar (in particular, TV Everywhere) streaming services offered by other television networks.[9][18] HBO Now also does not include programming streams or content from sister premium service Cinemax, and Time Warner has indicated that it does not plan to launch a companion standalone service for that network in the near term.[19]


HBO Now is only available to customers in the United States, and certain U.S. territories. Due to regional rights restrictions, HBO cannot offer the service outside of the country, and its terms of use explicitly forbid the service from being used outside the United States. Users from outside the U.S. that are detected to have used services such as virtual private networks (VPN) to evade the geo-blocking to use HBO Now are subject to have their services terminated with no refund.[20][21]

In Canada, Bell Media owns the exclusive rights to HBO programming for its Crave pay TV service (formerly The Movie Network, and including the HBO Canada multiplex channel), the Crave streaming service (formerly CraveTV), and the French language Super Écran service. Although CraveTV carried some HBO library programming upon its launch in late 2014, at that point new HBO programming remained exclusive to Bell's linear pay channels. In November 2018, CraveTV and TMN combined operations as "Crave", with current HBO programming made available on a direct-to-consumer streaming basis in Canada (similar to HBO Now) for the first time.[22][23]

On April 1, 2015, as part of an agreement with Time Warner that renewed its carriage contract for the Turner Broadcasting System networks and gave its over-the-top television service Sling TV distribution rights to the linear HBO channel, Dish Network secured an option to become a distribution partner for HBO Now following the exclusivity period with Apple.[24][25] HBO content is also available as a premium add-on for Amazon Video, DirecTV Now, Hulu, PlayStation Vue for the same $14.99 price as HBO Now.[26]

The over-the-top service was launched in Latin America in June 2017, although under the name HBO Go.


Analysts predicted HBO Now had over one million paying subscribers on iOS platforms in July 2015.[27] In February 2016, Time Warner disclosed that HBO Now had over 800,000 paying subscribers, by February 2017 it had two million.[28][29] And a year later in February 2018, it has grown to five million.[3]


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Arliss (rendered in its logo as Arli$$) is an American sitcom about a sports agent. The series premiered on HBO in 1996 and ended in 2002. All episodes were available for streaming on HBO Now, HBO Go and HBO On Demand as of September 14, 2018.


In broadcast television, cord-cutting refers to the pattern of viewers, referred to as cord-cutters, cancelling their subscriptions to multichannel subscription television services available over cable, dropping pay television channels or reducing the number of hours of subscription TV viewed in response to competition from rival media available over the Internet such as Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, Philo, Sling TV and YouTube Premium. This Internet content is either free or significantly cheaper than the same content provided via cable.

As a market trend, a growing number of "cord cutters" do not pay for subscription television in favour of some combination of broadband Internet and IPTV, digital video recorders, digital terrestrial television and/or free-to-air satellite television broadcasts. A related group, the cord-nevers, have never used commercial cable for television service, relying on internet sources from the start. A number of purely internet television services, part of the wider IPTV concept, have emerged to cater to these groups.

GTA Teleguam

GTA Teleguam (GTA) is the principal telecommunications company in Guam, providing telephone, cellular, internet and television services to residents of the island. The firm is based in Tamuning.The majority owner of GTA Telegaum is the Japanese firm Advantage Partners LLP, through its private equity investment funds. Advantage completed the purchase of GTA in 2011 following approval of the deal by the United States Federal Communications Commission and the Guam Public Utilities Commission. The President and Chief Executive Officer of GTA is Robert W. Haulbrook, Jr.

GlobeCast World TV

GlobeCast World TV was a television via satellite service received in North America via the Galaxy 19 satellite, providing ethnic television and audio channels. It was a service by Globecast, a subsidiary of Orange. In North America, the satellite broadcasts dozens of Arabic and Asian channels.

The direct-to-home service was providing free-to-air and Nagravision-encrypted channels. The pay TV service was shut down at the end of 2013, but the free-to-air channels remain available on Galaxy 19. The brand World TV and the associated web site are now terminated.

In Europe, the GlobeCast World TV service was officially launched in June 2007, but was discontinued in 2008. It was received via Intelsat 905 satellite and was providing a bouquet of ethnic TV channels from India and Pakistan.

Also, in 2012 and 2013, Globecast operated MyGlobeTV, a set of Internet-delivered pay-TV ethnic packages to connected devices: Netgem Internet set-top-box, iOS and Android devices.


HBO is an American premium cable and satellite television network owned by AT&T's WarnerMedia. The programming featured on the network consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original television shows, along with made-for-cable movies, documentaries and occasional comedy and concert specials.

HBO is the oldest and longest continuously operating pay television service (basic or premium) in the United States, having been in operation since November 8, 1972. In 2016, HBO had an adjusted operating income of US$1.93 billion, compared to the US$1.88 billion it accrued in 2015. HBO has 130 million subscribers worldwide as of 2016. The network provides seven 24-hour multiplex channels, including HBO Comedy, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, and HBO Family. It launched the streaming service HBO Now in April 2015 and has over 2 million subscribers in the United States as of February 2017.

HBO Europe

HBO Europe is a premium television group of channels by HBO. It is available as a group of film channels and VOD operate in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova while VOD-only with original programming is available in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Portugal.

The first channel was launched by HBO and Sony Pictures in Hungary on September 28, 1991. This was followed by the launch in Czech Republic, in 1994. In 1995 Walt Disney entered in joint-venture. In Poland was launched in 1996, a launch in Slovakia in 1997, 1998 in Romania,1999 in Moldova, 2002 in Bulgaria, 2004 in Croatia and Slovenia 2006 in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and 2009 in Macedonia.

In 2010 Time Warner acquired from Sony and Disney all shares and became first fully owned subsidiary outside US.

HBO has been available in the Netherlands as well. It was a joint venture between Time Warner and cable company Ziggo. It launched on 9 February 2012 but closed on 31 December 2016. Ziggo has acquired the broadcasting licenses of HBO content for the Dutch market.

HBO Family (Asia)

HBO Family is a Southeast Asian pay television channel owned HBO Asia featuring Hollywood blockbuster movies.


HBO Go is a TV Everywhere service offered by the American premium cable network HBO. It allows HBO subscribers to stream video on demand selections of HBO content, including current and past series, films, specials, and sporting events, through either the HBO website, or apps on mobile devices, video game consoles, and digital media players. The service first launched on February 18, 2010.

MLB Advanced Media

MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) is a limited partnership of the club owners of Major League Baseball (MLB) based in New York City and is the Internet and interactive branch of the league.

Robert Bowman, president and CEO of MLBAM, indicated in May 2012 that MLBAM generates around $620 million a year in revenue. Forbes went as far as calling the company "the Biggest Media Company You've Never Heard Of".The company operates the official web site for the league and the thirty Major League Baseball club web sites via, which draws four million hits per day. The site offers news, standings, statistics, and schedules, and subscribers have access to live audio and video broadcasts of most games. The company also employs reporters, with one assigned to each team for the season and others serving more general beats. MLB Advanced Media also owns and operates and MLB Radio.

MLBAM also runs and/or owns the official web sites of Minor League Baseball, YES Network (the television broadcaster of the New York Yankees), SportsNet New York (the television broadcaster of the New York Mets). It has also provided the backend infrastructure for WWE Network, WatchESPN, ESPN3, HBO Now, and PGA Tour Live.MLBAM as of January 2018 also is involved with video game development, production and publication, they currently own the IP of the R.B.I. Baseball franchise and had produced and published R.B.I. Baseball 14, 15, 16 and 17 and developed, produced and published R.B.I. Baseball 18, as a result, the MLB is the only major sports league that is producing its own video game.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue (PS Vue) is an American over-the-top (OTT) Internet television service that is owned by the Sony Interactive Entertainment subdivision of the Sony Corporation of America division of Sony. Launching with a limited major-market rollout on March 18, 2015, the service – which is structured in the style of a multichannel video programming distributor – combines live TV (incorporating a lineup of various cable-originated television channels), on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR to stream television programs, movies, and sporting events directly to a PlayStation console or other supported device – including smart TVs, digital media players and apps – without a subscription to a cable or satellite television provider. Targeting cord cutters, PlayStation Vue is designed to complement subscription video-on-demand services. As of September 2018, the service had approximately 745,000 subscribers.

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Spectrum TV Stream is an American over-the-top internet television service owned by Charter Communications. The service – which is structured as a virtual multichannel video programming distributor – is only available to Charter Spectrum internet customers. It is designed as an alternative to other competing OTT skinny bundles for cord cutters, offering a selection of major cable channels and on-demand content that can be streamed through smart TVs, digital media players, and mobile apps.

The Red Woman

"The Red Woman" is the sixth season premiere episode of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 51st overall. The episode was written by series creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, and directed by Jeremy Podeswa.

The body of Jon Snow is discovered by Ser Davos Seaworth and loyal members of the Night's Watch protect his lifeless body; Melisandre has begun to lose her faith in the Lord of Light; Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy flee Winterfell, Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes seize control of Dorne; Jaime Lannister returns to King's Landing with the body of his dead daughter; and Daenerys Targaryen is taken prisoner by the khalasar of Khal Moro.

"The Red Woman" was positively received by critics who found the episode to be a satisfactory launching point for the season, and praising the scenes involving Sansa and Brienne, as well as the closing reveal with Melisandre, although the Dorne storyline was criticized once again for feeling too abrupt and deviating greatly from the books. For filming of the episode's closing reveal, the director used similar technique to the body double of Cersei Lannister in the previous episode. The episode title is an allusion to the epithet used to describe the Red Priestess Melisandre. In the United States, the episode premiere achieved a viewership of 7.94 million in its initial broadcast, and a same-day total including the streaming services HBO Go and HBO Now of 10.7 million viewers, a record for the series.

United States Satellite Broadcasting

United States Satellite Broadcasting was a Saint Paul, Minnesota-based satellite television company that ran from 1981 to 1999. It was absorbed into DirecTV in 1999.

Xfinity Instant TV

Xfinity Instant TV is an American over-the-top internet television service owned by Comcast. The service – which is structured as a virtual multichannel video programming distributor – is only available to Comcast Xfinity internet customers. It is designed as an alternative to other competing OTT skinny bundles for cord cutters, offering a selection of major cable channels and on-demand content that can be streamed through smart TVs, digital media players, and mobile apps.

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