Gun TV

Gun TV was an American shopping channel that allowed buyers to purchase firearms through the traditional home shopping television format. By coincidence and with some accompanying criticism, the network's launch announcement came out around the same time as the San Bernardino shootings occurred.[2][3][4]

The network mainly operated through a website live stream, along with an overnight over-the-air feed carried by networks such as the American Sports Network's 24/7 service, Tuff TV, Pursuit Channel and FightTV. However, the concept proved to be unsuccessful, and the network ended their operations on January 9, 2017, only nine months after their April 1, 2016 launch.[5] They continued to air hour-long paid programming blocks overnights on Pursuit Channel of a pre-announced model’s demonstration after that date until mid-April 2017, when the company’s social media accounts went dormant, with its website following soon after.

Gun TV
LaunchedApril 1, 2016[1]
ClosedJanuary 9, 2017
Owned bySocial Responsibility Network, LLC.
SloganLive Shopping. Fully Loaded.
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaNationwide (via cable TV)
HeadquartersCoachella Valley, California[1]

Business model

Unlike other shopping channels, Gun TV would not ship any products directly to customers in order to comply with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regulations; instead, the customer would pick up their purchase at the nearest federally licensed dealer, which completed the necessary background checks and paperwork.[1][4] The firearms were shipped to the dealer via Louisiana-based wholesaler Sports South.[1]

As it is illegal to fire a weapon inside a studio in California, Gun TV featured inactive weapons and unloaded firearms in the studio which are then combined with out-of-studio demonstrations of the firearms, with former law enforcement personnel, former members of the military and popular markspersons, such as ex-Olympic shooters and contestants from the History competitive shooting series Top Shot among those showing off the features of the displayed weaponry.[4]


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